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Upcoming Kickstarter & Gamefound & Backerkit Board Games for October 2022

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All the upcoming Kickstarters! This time for everything coming up in June. Or at least everything as of now.

Shelf Clutter –
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00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Shelf Clutter
01:00 – Wander: LaCluck’s Revenge
01:38 – ArchRavels Magic Socks
01:57 – Frozen Frontier
02:34 – Harrow County
03:15 – Biergarten
03:33 – The Stifling Dark
04:07 – We’re Sinking!
04:48 – Patriot
05:11 – In Dreams
05:37 – Wonderland’s War
06:12 – 14 Frantic Minutes
06:30 – Life of the Amazonia
06:45 – Mosaic: Wars & Disasters Expansion
07:28 – EOS Rise
08:08 – Trench Club: Legacy
08:23 – Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate
08:54 – Oceans: Legends of the Deep
09:30 – Super Snipers
09:54 – Barbarian Kingdoms
10:09 – Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood
11:14 – Destinies: Witchwood Expansion
11:53 – Pampero
12:15 – Varmints!
12:35 – The Queen’s Dilemma
13:12 – Aegean Sea
13:47 – Hidden Leaders Forgotten Legends
14:00 – Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game
14:35 – Artisans
15:04 – SAS – Rogue Regiment
15:34 – CoraQuest: Keep on Questing
15:53 – Fit to Print
16:12 – Trick Shot (Second Edition)
16:42 – Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
17:55 – Warcrow Adventures
18:21 – Hike It!
18:28 – From the Moon
18:35 – Copan: Dying City
19:05 – 20 Strong
19:50 – Wrapping Up

Shelf Clutter – –
Wander: LaCluck’s Revenge –
ArchRavels Magic Socks –
Frozen Frontier –
Harrow County –
Biergarten –
The Stifling Dark –
We’re Sinking! –
Patriot –
In Dreams –
Wonderland’s War –
14 Frantic Minutes –
Life of the Amazonia –
Mosaic: Wars & Disasters Expansion –
EOS Rise –
Trench Club: Legacy –
Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate –
Oceans: Legends of the Deep –
Super Snipers –
Barbarian Kingdoms –
Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood –
Destinies: Witchwood Expansion –
Pampero –
Varmints! –
The Queen’s Dilemma –
Aegean Sea –
Hidden Leaders Forgotten Legends –
Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game –
Artisans –
SAS – Rogue Regiment –
CoraQuest: Keep on Questing –
Fit to Print –
Trick Shot (Second Edition) –
Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Legends –
Warcrow Adventures –

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  1. 100% in on Spirit Island and Mosaic. A friend of mine has Oathsworn, so I am relying on him to get the expansion. The trick is to skim past all new games, so I don’t learn about them, which makes them easier to resist. That worked until I got to Copan. You had me at Encyclopedia. HOPEFULLY the month will turn out to be affordable.

  2. Still waiting for Slay the Spire campaign!

  3. I'm a bit frustrated that Mosaic is launching an expansion, while many of their backers haven't even gotten the base game, though based on their followers, I'm clearly a minority in this.

  4. Which game do you think is better Oathsworn or Tainted Grail Kings of Ruin as a campaign game?

  5. Really hoping Escape from Arkham Asylum comes out in October, the minis and the game looks fun!

  6. September wasn't bad for me. I only backed two campaigns, and they don't end until into October. A lot of campaigns, but a lot of very high prices kept me away.
    Currently most likely to back Harrow County, Wonderland's War (although scary of the price), and Mosaic Wars & Disasters.
    Watching Spirit Island, Queen's Dilemma, Destinies, Hidden Leaders, and Trick Shot.
    Scary amount of good ones for October.

  7. So excited for Oathsworn. There are quite a few others that look good, but most of my money is going to Oathsworn this month

  8. Wow, what a month! Thank you Alex. For me, other than (eventually) 20 Strong, I'll back Destinies Witchwood and Spirit Island Nature Incarnate. I already have Oathsworn and they said there won't be new gameplay content, so I should be fine with that! 🙂 I'll also pay attention to the Street Fighter V game…

  9. Between Barpig Lantern Festival, Spirit Island Nature Incarnate, and Queen's Dilemma, October is going to be an expensive month. Also, I hope you get a chance to try out the Spirit Island expansion content. It is a wonderful franchise.

  10. I really dislike the white background… it would be nice to have a bit of a faded bar the bottom so it makes it atleast easier to see the timestamps.

  11. Didn’t back much in September, but October is looking like a blood bath for my wallet

  12. Games I'm definitely backing: Oathsworn, Spirit Island (also Naturopolis)

    Games I really want to back: CoraQuest, 20 strong, Harrow County

    Games I want to back, but I think I have to pass on:
    Mosaic, Queens Dilemma

  13. One of the biggest gamefound failure is the Kingdom Come Deliverance, which had to close because of insufficient funds

  14. Suggestion for vid & genuine question: Should we be concerned re China's current economic issues, specifically regarding board game manufacturing? I assume no, if they do have any problems with the RMB they will just take payment in US $ (but not British £, UK politicians making it harder for me to back kickstarters since Brexit lol).

  15. Also I am sorry to see Kingdom Come: Deliverance cancel. I was backing it and it looked very innovative, the next step from Destinies.

  16. Man! And I thought September was rough! October is going to be a doozy!

  17. Is Wander somehow similar to Monkey Island? LaCluck's Revenge is a pretty obvious reference.

  18. If you had to choose one. Which would it be: oathsworn or tainted grail?

  19. So far there isn't anything really compelling for me to back in October. I'm sure there will be many more that aren't known right now, but taking a month off would be good.

  20. Appreciate the call-out for The Stifling Dark! We will indeed be launching on Kickstarter on 10/4. Best of luck to all our fellow designers launching in October!

  21. Wasn't Slay the Spire also supposed to launch at October?

  22. Oathsworn has been a lot of fun for our group, a lot of work went into that game and spirit island is always a must back.

    Quite a few good campaigns for October. I would also like to mention I heard an expansion for Aqua Garden is coming out this month which I will be backing if true. Need those nice light family games to balance out the heavy stuff.

  23. Excited to back Oathsworn. Decided to skip tainted grail(2) and sleeping gods(2) for it. But I figure those will be easier to get retail down the line if I actually have the time for them.

  24. It looks like they Kingdom Come: Deliverance just canceled their game and shut down the company. Are you going to make a video about it? I'd love to hear your opinion on their reasonings.

  25. Sounds like Rina is still building your kitchen 🙂

  26. Oh man! So many huge campaigns in pledge manager, active campaign, and upcoming! Sleeping God's, ISS Vanguard, Tainted Grail, Oathsworn, etc. I want them all with all the stuff.

  27. Thanks for the great video. There is also Race to the Raft, which will be on Kickstarter from October 18th. Thats the sequel to the Isle of cats by Frank West, a cooperative social puzzle board game for 1 – 4 players. Guess I'll be backing it on day one. October will be pretty damn expensive. Essen Spiel and lots of new campaigns…

  28. I am waiting for Escape from New York, coming from Pendragin in 18 days.

  29. I’m for sure backing Wonderland’s War. Maybe backing Horrow County, strongly inclined to back the Spirit Island expansion (one of my favorites of all time, but I still haven’t fully explored the base game!). I think I’ll wait for the retail versions of Fit to Print and the Hidden Leaders Forgotten Legends expansion. I’m also preordering the Wingspan Nesting Box with Wingspan Asia, but that’s in November, if I’m not mistaken. 🫠😩 💸

  30. Spirit Island Incarnate for me for now. I’m proud of myself.

  31. Times are tuff – lots of us are backing less – especially if not USD — these big relaunch campaigns are sucking up the cash – some of the companies need to get innovative – why back Kingdom Come D – when you can get Destinies 2, TG2 . Oathsworn reprint etc – with so much stuff – I'm slowing down . back less back better – set notifications on markets new and 2nd hand . Passed on lots in Sept – won't take up Etherfields for $139 in PM for ISS Vanguard etc

  32. Oof, tough month… It’s gonna test my shelf control hard, for sure. I can already see a bunch I’m interested in. We’ll see!
    Thanks for covering, Alex! 😁

  33. Eos Rise , Destinies expansion and Oathsworn Update pack (if there is one) is all im looking at.. Possibly 'Hike It' as well. – gotta figure out how much of Dungeon Universalis im willing to back as i backed 'League of Dungeoneers" months ago. Although You did forget to mention 'Set a Watch' .

  34. You did not mention the October 11th campaign from Diemension Games for Return to Deep Madness.

  35. Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate I'm excited but knowing the company the shipping for EU will be crazy… I will wait the retail most probably.

  36. Yup, the CoraQuest expansion kickstarter is still going ahead. Last week of October is the plan

  37. 11:03 Wait, how is Kickstarter letting them launch a second printing, when it isn't a new game? I thought they had a thing about that??

  38. Wow, this month gonna be insane. Spirit Island, Pampero, Copan, Zoo Tycoon 😵

  39. Speed round! I’m interested in a few more this month. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I need to get better about selling games.

  40. I am looking forward to Slay the Spire boardgame, but they have not announced a launch date on KS yet. Not sure if it was worth mentioning in your video or whenther it will be on your next months video.

  41. Darn! Normally I love watching your videos, but this one I should have skipped! Too many interesting Kickstarters (Wonderland's War, Spirit Island, …)! I need a 2nd job! 😉

  42. Currently none of these games instantly grab me. We will see how that changes when they launch

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