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Upcoming Kickstarter & Gamefound Board Games for April 2022

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All the upcoming Kickstarters! This time for everything coming up in April. Or at least everything as of now.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:49 – Shelf Clutter
01:15 – Bonnie & Clyde
01:49 – Maul Peak
02:38 – Gamestormers
03:20 – Legacy of Thracks
03:47 – Maglev Metro Maps
04:12 – Quest Kids Big Bads
05:04 – Fujiyama
05:25 – Ajisai
05:57 – Far Cry Beyond
07:28 – Escape from Stalingrad Z
08:23 – The Dark Quarter
09:52 – The Paradox Initiative
10:57 – For Northwood
12:59 – Stellar Expedition
13:35 – Sleeping Gods
15:40 – Explorers of the Woodlands
16:20 – Lawyer Up S2
18:06 – Anunnaki
19:06 – The Artemis Project: Satellites & Commanders
19:42 – Dunhuang
20:57 – Waste Knights Beyond the Horizon
21:35 – Oranienburger Kanal
22:28 – Wayfarers of the South Tigris
23:29 – Anastyr
25:40 – Which Ones Will Cross A Million?
27:09 – Wrapping Up

Apr 2 – Bonnie & Clyde – 
Apr 5 – Maul Peak –
Apr 5 – Gamestormers – 
Apr 5 – Legacy of Thracks – 
Apr 5 – Maglev Metro Maps – 
Apr 5 – Quest Kids – 
Apr 6 – Ajisai –
Apr 6 – Fujiyama – 
Apr 11 – Far Cry Beyond – 
Apr 11 – Escape from Stalingrad Z – 
Apr 12 – The Dark Quarter – 
Apr 12 – The Paradox Initiative – 
Apr 12 – For Northwood – 
Apr 12 – Stellar Expedition – 
Apr 18 – Sleeping Gods – 
Apr 19 – Explorers of the Woodlands – 
Apr 19 – Lawyer Up S2 – 
Apr 26 – Anunnaki – 
Apr 26 – The Artemis Project: Satellites & Commanders – 
April 26 – Dunhuang – 
Apr 26 – Waste Knights Beyond the Horizon – 
Apr 27 – Oranienburger Kanal – 
April – Wayfarers of the South Tigris –
Apr – Anastyr – 

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  1. Hey Alex. Would be happy if you took a look at "DOUC IN DANGER – the card game", which should come to kickstarter in may 🙂 It's designed by a friend and I had the chance to play it a few times already. I'm not a lot into trick taking myself (I guess we are the same in that) but this is one, that I really enjoyed for some reason. If it's not on your radar yet, I hope it'll be. 🙂

  2. Anastyr looks really nice – I just need to find out more details on the gameplay.

  3. It's 1am in Sydney and I was ready to sleep aaaaaaaand thanks Alex 😀

  4. Ooh look at you, I like the new intro graphic.

  5. Escape from Stalingrad Z is so reminiscent of another popular video game ( Wolfenstien??? ) that I hope works well. Will be watching this one.
    FarCry – pass as it didn't grab me as a FarCry fan.
    The Dark Quarter has me very interested, I hope it will be expandable in the future.
    Wayfarers of the South Tigris – Instant back, I am one of those that loved all of Sham and Sam's games. All the expansions coming this year for all the West Kingdom Series will bump them all up a notch.
    Sleeping Gods & Distant Skies- Yes please, just don't hurt my wallet too much.

  6. Hopeully Sleeping Gods will offer the Kickstarter Version of the original game, that would be great

  7. High hopes for Dark Quarter. Shaping up to be Gabriel Knight, the board game 👌

  8. Any word from your friends at Gamefound as to when Ra will launch?

  9. I would love to hear your opinions on Party of 4: Fortunes Found in Dungeons Deep! A Kickstarter board game for only $1…

  10. An heavely "notify me on launch…" and then waiting the campaign seems a bit more relaxed April, at least for what I like

  11. I believe that they just announced Aldarra is coming back in April. Smaller package, cheaper price point, hopefully better reaction.

  12. Unsure why Maglev Metro Maps are coming to KS, rather than straight to retail like the game.
    Sleeping Gods, Dark Quarter, and Wayfarers of the South Tigris are the ones that stand out for me right now.

  13. I'm looking forward to Damask, April 27 on Gamefound.

  14. the pledge manager for marvel zombies is one of the only things im putting money on other than MAYBE sleeping gods from this vid.

  15. After just spending a lot of money to complete my collection of the West Kingdom Trilogy, I will skip "Wayfarer's of the South Tigris". If the game will turn out good, I can get it down the line, the new trilogy is just starting out.

  16. what kind of game is anastyr? is it a dungeon crawler?

  17. I'm getting a chance to play a prototype of anunnaki at a convention. Very excited to try it. Not played any of the designers previous games.

  18. Nice intro. After February/March run (Kingdoms Forlorn a is costly) I'm happy to say there's nothing intresting for me except Dark Quarters. 😛

  19. I completely agree about Gamefound being a superior platform for board game crowdfunding. KS really needs to make some changes, because I much prefer almost everything about Gamefound EXCEPT the emailed updates. Just show me the entire post in the email update, don't make me visit the site.

  20. You don't like Garphill games?
    You have lost all credibility! 😛

  21. As always great info! Sleeping gods and Anastyr seem like some great upcoming games.

  22. I am going full deluxe for Sleeping Gods. I missed the first campaign and bought my copy at retail and I have enjoyed it way more than I would have expected. I do not care what price they ask, I'd give Ryan one of my kidney if he'd ask for it… ok maybe not… but I will buy that one for sure.

    I have also really enjoyed Garphill Games as a whole lately. I have bought a bunch of Shem's games this past few months and everytime it has been a hit with everyone I have played them with. Raidsers of Scythia, Paladins of WK and Circadians are all in my top 10 favorite game ever and I don't see this next one as anything less from what I've seen. Depending on if they offer anything special for their KS campaign or not I might skip it, but I will 100% buy the game at some point.

  23. Interesting that Lucky Duck is back on KS after at least 2 campaign on GF.

  24. I wonder if the few concerns players of Sleeping Gods have had been addressed. I'm kinda waiting for a second print to purchase it.

  25. I have loved every game of Lawyer Up I have ever played but I wish I played it more than 5 times or got off the 1st case

  26. Maybe it's only me but I find a Bonnie & Clyde game where you play as Bonnie & Clyde incredibly poor taste. Those guys were ruthless murderers who killed for the thrill of it. You wouldn't make a Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy game where you play as the murderer and try to get away from the police neither.
    Fictional stuff like Dead By Daylight is totally alright but Bonnie & Clyde murdered real people and that was not that long ago…

  27. I actually really like when a reviewer enjoys a game that others have torn down, because it reminds me never to buy something based on one reviewer's opinion. Just because they didn't like it doesn't mean I won't and vice versa. So having two conflicting opinions on a game is a luxury and gives me a better impression of the game then I otherwise would have gotten.

  28. The Dark Quarter is the only one I'm currently expecting to back. I want Anastyr so bad based off the artwork, but I just have to see more on it. On the one hand a side scrolling game isn't like anything else in my collection, but on the other I'm not convinced it's something I would want to table.. yet.
    I'm probably wrong to skip Sleeping Gods, but I don't love the art and I gotta draw the line somewhere for the sake of my budget.

  29. I’m looking forward to Wayfarers, I liked the gameplay video they put up for it. From seeing the insert the game has in the unboxing video, looks like it has room set aside for expansions to it.

    Also really looking forward to the Dark Quarter.

  30. makes me sad that I have 0 trust in Mythic games. Their games are so pretty. I just dont trust their playtesting and rulebooks. I see 0 excuse for the rulebooks especially. Its unfortunate to try to save somewhere like that.

  31. Wow, I think there is maybe one thing here I was aware of. Hopefully this means it will be a quiet month for me 🙂

  32. Forget Funforge….. they left a sour taste in a lot of folks mouths with their ineptness in delivering Namiji which still hasn't been fully shipped.

  33. Dude, I just sold paladins of the west kingdoms. It was good but I dont see the masterpiece most others see. Played all the others, my favourite is architects for the cool stealing workers mechanic.

    The games are clever with mechanics but all of them are top 100 bgg, I just dont get it. What am I missing on Garphill games as well.

  34. Dark Quarter and Anastyr are very much drawing me in. Will have to see how the value is if I just wait til retail. More and more is arriving so it is becoming much easier to want to wait for retail for me…

  35. The instructions for Escape from Stalingrad Z are available from the manufacturer.

  36. I will probably grab wayfarers just not sure if Kickstarter or retail yet. I don’t think anything is likely to put my game fund in danger.

  37. The Dark Quarter looks very interesting, Anunnaki and Wayfarers of the South Tigris as well. Patiently waiting for Sleeping Gods & Distant Skies.
    Lawyer Up was a huge disappointment for my husband and me, so avoiding that new kickstarter. It looked so good on the surface, but ultimately was very soulless and tiresome.

  38. I think I have that same Garphill curse. I always want to like their games, I like the art on them, but all the ones I have played so far have let me down. I'm also a huge dice placement fan, so maybe this will be the one!

  39. I'm really looking for Wayferers, looks lieka very good twist in the Shem line. Very intereted to know which "West Kingdom" game is your favourite

  40. I'm sure The Dark Quarter will do fine, though I also wonder how much it will suffer for artwork planted firmly within the Uncanny Valley.

  41. Anyone looking to back Anastyr should look at Mythic"s track record to see they have a number projects still to fulfill. Some projects over a year that still haven't entered production without any real updates. Should be a big red flag.

  42. Garphil games is a one trick poiny, they just bump that one trick around to get the most mileage. Without the Micos art to support their company would be nothing.

  43. Skulk Hollow and Maul Peak are not really abstract games. They are more of a one vs. many light skirmish game.

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