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Upcoming Kickstarter & Gamefound Board Games for April 2023

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All the upcoming Kickstarters! This time for everything coming up in June. Or at least everything as of now.

Shelf Clutter –
Submit Your Game –

00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Shelf Clutter
01:05 – WSBG
02:40 – Vedur
03:00 – Terminus
03:30 – Nova Roma
03:55 – Project L Reprint
04:25 – Mindbug Beyond
05:20 – Zombicide: White Death
06:30 – Santorini Co-op & Deluxe
07:10 – Roll-With-It Fantasy Boxed Set
07:20 – Dungeons & Lasers
07:45 – Fractured Sky
08:10 – Thorgal: The Board Game
09:15 – They Live: The Card Game
09:30 – Pioneer Rails
09:45 – Kingdoms of Akandia
10:05 – Weirdwood Manor
10:45 – Teotihuacan: City of Gods Deluxe Master Set
11:35 – Fighters of Europe
11:55 – Cysmic
12:35 – Antares Kingdoms
13:15 – Endeavor: Deep Sea
14:10 – Guards Of Atlantis II: Tabletop MOBA
15:00 – Classic Rally
15:35 – Picks of the Month

Shelf Clutter – –
Vedur –
Terminus –
Nova Roma –
Project L Reprint –
Mindbug Beyond –
Zombicide: White Death –
Santorini Co-op & Deluxe –
Roll-With-It Fantasy Boxed Set –
Dungeons & Lasers –
Fractured Sky –
Thorgal: The Board Game –
They Live: The Card Game –
Pioneer Rails –
Kingdoms of Akandia –
Weirdwood Manor –
Teotihuacan: City of Gods Deluxe Master Set –
Fighters of Europe –
Cysmic –
Antares Kingdoms –
Endeavor: Deep Sea –
Guards Of Atlantis II: Tabletop MOBA –
Classic Rally –

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  1. What is this Crown Battles everyone's talking about?

  2. Can you show your condensed cmon he-man so we can see how you do it

  3. AHAHAHAHAHA… I'll start april 6th…. april 21st, never mind, april 26th…. 😂😂😂😂
    Just cracked here at the office…. my business partner looking puzzled at me for laughing this hard for no apparent reason.

  4. Why aren't you talking about Robinson Crusoe? Why aren't you talking about Robinson Crusoe? There! Your clarification is now justified! 😂🤪

  5. Veeeery interested in Guards of Atlantis and already have nearly all of Rum and Bones. Any changes in your opinion on the two systems since filming your "Play this, not that"?

  6. I'm gonna blame you for all the games I backed in April, just wish I could also charge you for them 😜🐦

  7. Just a thought. (And I do subscribe to Shelfclutter.) Why not have a list of the games that didn't make the cut?

  8. I want to go all in on a zombicide but I'm worried it will be as easy as 2nd edition was. I'm most excited for fractured sky for sure.

  9. I believe Boardcubator said in their newsletter that the new Project L expansion should fit in the big box. I'm excited to know more about it too!

  10. Excited for Thorgal (don't know the IP though) based soley on the story book…but at the same time don't know how many lifestyle games I can handle xD

  11. Just found this channel. Looking forward to watching more videos!

  12. Does CMON have a history of offering backers a chance to catch up. Example Marvel United X-Men let folks grab all of Marvel United. Would White Death offer backers a chance to catch up on Black Plague and Green Horde with a super all-in that spans them all?

  13. Most excited for Santorini, Fractured Sky and Guards for Atlantis!
    Excellent video as always!

  14. Lol, they actually called a table top game a MOBA. What's next a MMORPG board game? Does the O stand for offline now?

  15. Not happy about silly animals in "Zombicide White Death". I thought that it was supposed to be a sequel to "Black Plague", which was more serious if I remember correctly.

  16. TerrorScape I believe launches on April 4th. Can’t wait for that one as well!

  17. I super excited to see Endeavor: Deep Sea is your pick of the month. I have and LOVE Endeavor: Age of Sail and excited to see this new version of the game. Looking forward to any content you put out on it!

  18. I'm interested in fractured sky and weirdwood manor

  19. I love watching Alex attempt to remind himself that he can't justify more Zombicide as he justifies having just ONE more Zombicide . . . 😆

  20. Dammit, there are too many desirable games in April!

  21. March was lax for me on the crowdfunding side, so I am ready for April haha Shelf control and saving myself for Elder Scrolls and D.E.I made a big difference.

  22. So many good games this month. Project L is a definite back for me, all the others I will wait and see.

    Ambassadors (previous backers) get the new expansion free in project L as well (applied as a credit in the PM) so I’m very excited to support them again.

  23. I've been putting off buying Santorini knowing the Pantheon edition would show up eventually. Now it's finally coming to crowdfunding!

  24. The first three months didn't have much interesting for me. I only backed Andromeda's Edge and Scholars of the South Tigris.
    April alone has at least FIVE that are almost certain backs.

  25. On the fence on Fractured Sky. It looks fantastic but I’m not sure there is enough there. Also loved "How many do you need? Just one more is the answer."

  26. Maladum ends in a few days. thats my pledge for April.

  27. You buoyed my spirits with your discussion of Endeavor Deep Sea!

  28. Packed month. I will probably back Project L and Santorini. Never played Endeavor, so I'll wait for the coverage to see if I'm interested.

  29. Based on this list, it looks like a weak crowdfunding month.

  30. That ending went of the deep end, fun but pointless endeavor 😏

  31. You and I both know that we both would back a Ninja or Pirate Zombicide. Just don't give them any ideas to take our money.

  32. I will probably back Nova Roma. I either own or have played/enjoyed all of Stan's games. They're always really solid designs.

  33. I have been following Endeavor, not sold on the art work.
    White Death, as much as I enjoy the fantasy them, anthropomorphized animals may be a line I cannot cross. Although it may be one my 10 year old son drags me across.

  34. All in for zombicide❤😊 always my favourite kickstarters. Weirdwood manor and thorgal will get a look too

  35. Another quite safe month.. there's few intresting ones, but nothing of 'must haves'

  36. You forgot Terrorscape, launching on April 4th from Ice Makes. It is a horror themed hidden management game.

  37. Guards of Atlantis II and Andromeda's Edge are my only two kickstarters this year.


  39. I absolutely love watching your videos, I don’t usually comment but I am about 7 minutes in and couldn’t stop smiling at you talking about shelf control and then pushing out the time when that will start due to what games are launching 😂

    Love your content. Don’t think I can make it to the convention you are hosting this year but I hope it goes well and you can have another next year.

  40. Any plan to cover terrorscape? Doing well at the moment!

  41. Taiwan Night Market looks definitely looks like one to check out

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