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Upcoming Kickstarter & Gamefound Board Games for January 2023

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All the upcoming Kickstarters! This time for everything coming up in June. Or at least everything as of now.

Shelf Clutter –
Submit Your Game –

00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Shelf Clutter
01:04 – Hero Realms
01:27 – OrcQuest WarPath : Resurrection
02:00 – Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Legends
02:38 – The Last Doge
03:00 – Arborea
03:20 – AEGIS Combining Robots: Season 2
03:45 – COAL BARON
04:13 – Trolls & Princesses
04:37 – Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum
05:20 – Deep Shelf
05:50 – Huang
06:35 – Circadians: First Light – Specialists Expansion
06:57 – Zoo Vadis and Gussy Gorillas
07:27 – Andromeda’s Edge
08:20 – Once Upon a Line
08:55 – Ascension Tactics Inferno
09:20 – Marvel United: Multiverse
10:45 – Wrapping Up

Shelf Clutter – –
Hero Realms –
OrcQuest WarPath : Resurrection –
Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Legends –
The Last Doge –
Arborea –
AEGIS Combining Robots: Season 2 –
Trolls & Princesses –
Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum –
Deep Shelf –
Huang –
Circadians: First Light – Specialists Expansion –
Zoo Vadis and Gussy Gorillas –
Andromeda’s Edge –
Once Upon a Line –
Ascension Tactics Inferno –
Marvel United: Multiverse –

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  1. My wallet seems safe this month, assuming I can stay strong and resist Marvel United. Whew!

  2. I did play Ascension Tactics for the first time during the PAX Unplugged weekend! I really really liked it, so I am excited about Inferno!

  3. Playing Marvel United without the double wilds is already the right difficult. I think the equipments will make it too easy

  4. Hmm now that you say there will be equipment for Marvel United Multiverse, that sounds even more like something they might be retroactively adding to Marvel United og and X-Men.
    That could be very interesting.

  5. Scratch Off game? Like how you scratch off lottery tickets to see if you've won? So it's a legacy play through once and you're done sort of thing? (Talking about Butterflies)

  6. Can someone explain the appeal of Marvel United? It always felt extremely light weight for me.

  7. Andromeda's Edge, Arkham, Circadians and marvel United. Hooray

  8. Huang is about the only one I'm interested in here, since Y&Y goes for stupid money on the second hand market.

  9. Everyone and their brother/sister have been sick these past few weeks.

  10. Few intresting titles but lets try not to overspend a 2023 budget in January 😀

  11. I only have the base game + Asgard + Black Panther. Love playing it with my 7yo son. We usually remove all wild cards so it’s def. harder. I for sure need much more content. Missed the previous campaigns so I’ll all in this and be happy. Maybe I get the X-Men on retail or maybe the kickstarter + stretch goals on eBay.

  12. First of all wanna say thank you & your team, for incredible content you are creating guys 🙂 Just wanted to ask, if you already heard about board game Floe.

  13. Got the Amazon marvel united bundle and my 8 year old loves it. Interested in seeing what the kickstarter offers.

  14. SF:V has an announced launch date of February 21. This is a IP rental from BLG. Im not saying don’t support it, but just realize you’re helping support BLG’s bad behavior when you support it. As for Escape fromArkham, if you’ve never supported a Knight Models / Knight Games project, be prepared for a lot of frustration when it comes to communication. They might get better, but after several years of the same behavior, I wouldn’t count on it. All in for Andromeda’s Edge. Everything else is a pass.

  15. Really interested in learning more about Andromeda's Edge….but do I need it with ISS Vanguard on the way?

  16. No Set a Watch? I thought it would be January.

  17. aaiieee i saw AEGIS at pax west and been waiting for its kickstarter to finally come out

  18. Can you guess which title caught my eye on this list? 🙃

  19. Zoo Vadis is a reskin of Knizia's original Quo Vadis.

  20. I'm currently bled out of money because of DMD and CMON Comic Vol.2 and several Christmas discount offers … Campaigns in January will have a reduced chance of succeeding to scam money from me.

  21. Kolossal sent out an email a few weeks ago saying SF:V is launching February 21.

  22. I know your opinions on preferring Andromeda's Edge over Dwellings, but a comparison video would be cool.

  23. good to see you are getting better, alex. thank you for still posting. please rest up.

  24. Honorable mention Among Cultists or did I miss it?
    Great video 😊

  25. They have said ascension Inferno of a standalone expansion

  26. thank you very much without this Video I would have missed Marvel United Multiverse , I really wished I did for my wallet especially .I am going immediately order a new Kallax and I am dying to find out the heroes and villains that will be in it

  27. Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum has had an announced date of January 10th for several weeks now.

  28. Well, I'm happy to say that I'm starting 2023 with no interest in any Kickstarters… yet.

  29. I bought a heap of the X-Men stuff, and I don't need more Marvel United. I will keep telling myself this. 😀

  30. Recover good man… after 6 week I back a game OrcQuest WarPath : Resurrection… I hope to keep only one but Andromeda's Edge looks great

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