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Upcoming Kickstarter & Gamefound Board Games for July 2022

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All the upcoming Kickstarters! This time for everything coming up in June. Or at least everything as of now.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:47 – Shelf Clutter
01:51 – Flick Fleet: Xeno Wars
02:28 – Mini Express Map Pack Expansions
03:15 – Amun-Re
04:42 – Royal Hospital
05:42 – Moon
07:18 – Taverns & Dragons
08:14 – Leviathan Wilds
09:11 – Deluxe Hanafuda Deck & The 100 Torii: Diverging Paths
09:55 – Project Ironwood
11:13 – Star Realms Legacy
11:45 – Pathfinder: Revolution
12:19 – Moonrakers Titan
13:40 – Burncycle
15:30 – Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters
16:00 – Nexus! Arena Combat System
16:46 – Davy Jones Locker
17:19 – Return to Dark Tower
18:14 – Majesty of Dragons
19:37 – Among Cultists
20:23 – Wrapping Up

Shelf Clutter – –
Flick Fleet: Xeno Wars –
Mini Express Map Pack Expansions –
Amun-Re –
Royal Hospital –
Moon –
Taverns & Dragons –
Leviathan Wilds –
Deluxe Hanafuda Deck & The 100 Torii: Diverging Paths –
Project Ironwood –
Star Realms Legacy –
Pathfinder: Revolution –
Moonrakers Titan –
Burncycle –
Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters –
Nexus! Arena Combat System –
Davy Jones Locker –
Return to Dark Tower –
Majesty of Dragons –
Among Cultists –

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  1. Fact check: Statement about crowdfunding @5:56 is inaccurate since this video title has “Upcoming Kickstarter and Gamefound…” NOT crowdfunding. 🤥🤥 Pinocchios

  2. I like pathfinder but I know absolutely nothing about Revolution. What kind of game is it?

  3. Caution on Star Realms, last KS is approaching 2 years late with no solid reason why.

  4. How is life now that you’re FT content creating? You’ve been putting out good videos. Love the coverage of Origins. Keep up the good work, Alex!

  5. My Pick of the month: Silver Coin. This is THE REAL WITCHER boardgame. Had the honor to playtest. Dont miss it!

  6. With Dice Throne back on Kickstarter, any chance you could do a review for Dice Throne Adventures in the next month or two? I’m thinking about adding it to my pledge, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

  7. Hey Alex, what about Euthia making a comeback?

  8. I'm definitely getting the expansion for Return to Dark Tower. I'm really enjoying that game.

  9. Thank you for introducing a fun board game.

  10. YOOOOOO – I just called in for work on call and now I get to listen to some good stuff on the drive in

  11. What up!

    Also Dragons & Taverns people did The Last Bottle of Rum?

  12. 2 days ago.. Dice Throne drop a teaser Christmas in July. Any chance you know anything more?

  13. Is it me or I don't see something super nice/appealing? I see a lot of possible interesting game but not something like: must have

  14. Coffee time with Alex…this makes my day! 🙂

  15. You missed Euthia relaunching July 26, although maybe you had it recorded before the annoucement

  16. Hanafuda is a deck of cards similar, but not, to a traditional set of cards. I believe there's usually some sort of flower motif for the 'suits' and usually gorgeous art. Nintendo was making hanafuda decks back in the 1800's when they were first founded. I actually own a Nintendo set, but have never played with them.

  17. Looking forward to more coverage of Leviathan Wilds

  18. Thank you for the mention Alex!
    Super exciting times ahead for us 😁

  19. Moonrakers digital?? did you just spoil something that Austin will be mad about? 🙂 Teasing. Thanks for the round up. Looking forward to the all-in on Moonrakers, as it's the last game this year I'm allowed to buy (I should really stop taking gaming challenge advice from someone who talks about tables for a living, squeak!). It will be interesting to see how backerkit does. i like that we're getting more competitors to KS and developers now have options.

  20. You are 100% correct. Silver Coin does have solo and co-opt.

    Really excited for it. Really feels like youbare tracking, learning and choosing when and where to engage a monster matters!

    Lots of moving parts and mechanics. Hope it is awesome

  21. 9:19 – Alex, a Hanafuda deck is a classic Japanese card deck that has depictions of plants, animals, one man, and man made objects on the face and used to play multiple classic Japanese card games such as Koi-Koi or Hachi-Hachi. Basically it is the Japanese version of a deck of western playing cards we use to play Hearts, Spades, Bridge, Poker, Go Fish … etc., but for the cultural games they grew up with in the East.

  22. Moonrakers is an back for me have the base game, love it, Project Ironwood is incredibly intriguing, and Silver Coin looks interesting.

  23. Alex, man breathe. that was fast. I was afraid I get a heart attack just by listening. love your videos. daily watcher here. I like listening to these while driving, cooking, relaxing whatever. so maybe slow it down 10 percent? 😉 my brain has to translate stuff from English too. greetings from Germany

  24. Moon, Taverns & Dragons, Leviathan Wilds are the ones I'll be looking into more.

    I'll be quite curious just what kind of game table you get for $400, so I'll check it out.

    Hope you get some more sleep soon!

  25. We mightnt have the same taste in games but I was un enthused by streets. Can take or leave it. But really enjoyed moon….and yes I would say it is drafting

  26. This video has me thinking it'll be cheaper month for me. Then i remember there is more Dice Throne coming July 5th, but Dice Throne and Return to Dark Tower are both really tempting and might get some money.

  27. I too really like Ark Nova, but like you, it doesn't replace Terraforming Mars for me. So, you are not fully alone. However, solo mode Ark Nova for me does far outpace Terraforming Mars' solo mode, which I absolutely hate.

  28. And, yet, the video title is "Upcoming Kickstarter & Gamefound Board Games…" 😛

  29. Do you have a link to that reviewer that was "medium" on burncycle? Was hoping to see a link in your Description but didn't see it there.

  30. Dice Throne: Christmas in July!
    You might have filmed this before it was announced.

  31. Played dark tower for the 1st time yesterday. Fun game, the ipad wasn't overly distracting as i initially feared when i backed it.

  32. Thanks… and sweet dreams (although by now you'll be awake again).

  33. Man kickstarters app is really killing the platform for me.

  34. Do you put any coffee in your glass of cream??🤣

  35. Hey Alex, 5:16 – "it has a sequence of play"…love it! 😀
    Any booboos you make are absolutely forgivable when wearing that Tee my friend – "it was Agatha all along!" 🤣

  36. I recently got cloudspire too and I'm enjoying it. I would love to see a WHOLE review about it done Boardgameco.

  37. Nexus Arena: “let’s use Kickstarter as a preorder system for our company” 😑 Seems like the very thing Kickstarter was trying to push away when they revised their rules around Kickstarting

  38. Im looking forward to Merchants Cove big box/expansion, Moonrakers, and Moon!

  39. Silver Coin is the one I am waiting for. I have been following the project ever since I saw the game at the Essen Spiel and tried it out. Thank you for another look ahead for us Alex!

  40. I love star realms, but i won't touch a wise wizard games kickstarter again. Their handling of the Sorcerer expansion has been nothing short of absolute dogshit. It was slated for DELIVERY in July 2021 and as of right now they're still DESIGNING IT. Absolutely ridiculous.

  41. Hanafuda is the old Japanese card game Nintendo used to make pre-NES, I believe.

  42. SU&SD also panned burncycle, for reasons that don't bother me. I'm actually enjoying burncycle more than TMB right now. I don't expect it to stay that way forever, but for now I find the gameplay more interesting and challenging.

  43. "You are losing your touch Alex, you didn't suck me into anything!!! I am invincible!!!" he said as Alex introduced Return to Dark Tower and shattered his savings while shredding any hope that his children would ever attend college…

  44. Hanafuda cards are a traditional kind of cards in Japanese culture and Koi Koi is a traditional game that uses them.

  45. Hyped for more Burncycle content. Really wasn't expecting more so soon!

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