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Upcoming Kickstarter & Gamefound Board Games for June 2022

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All the upcoming Kickstarters! This time for everything coming up in June. Or at least everything as of now.

Shelf Clutter –
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00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Shelf Clutter
01:33 – Sunnygeeks Gaming Table
02:12 – Runescape Kingdoms
02:35 – The Amulet of Thrayax
03:00 – Space Lane Trader
03:21 – Amygdala
04:12 – Clash of Galliformes
04:45 – Tsuro Deluxe
05:28 – Bretwalda
05:58 – Septima

Maybe June Campaigns?
08:30 – Aeon’s End Past & Future
09:16 – Sea of Legends: Vengance of the Empires
09:40 – Pioneer Rails
10:02 – Quodd Heroes
10:27 – Spectre The board Game
11:00 – Thorngate Dungeon
11:33 – Umbrella Academy
12:01 – Amun-Re
12:33 – Drop Bears
12:50 – From The Moon
13:23 – Dungeon Universalis
13:33 – Tarverns & Dragons
13:58 – Dealers in Hope
14:30 – Among Cultists
14:52 – Officinia Monstrorum
15:30 – The Queen’s Dillema
15:45 – Cyberpunk 2077
16:25 – Wrapping Up

Shelf Clutter –  – 
Runescape Kingdoms – 
Amulet of Thrayax – 
Space Lane Trader –  – 
Clash of Galliformes – 
Tsuro Deluxe – 
Bretwalda – 
Septima – 
Silver Coin – 
Aeons End Past and Future – 
Oceans Legends of the Deep – 
Sea of Legends –  Rails – 
Quodd Heroes – 
Spectre – 
Thorngate Tower – 
Thorngate Dungeon – 
Umbrella Academy – 
Amun-Re – 
Drop Bears – 
From the Moon – 
Dungeon Universalis – 
Taverns & Dragons – 
Dealers in Hope – 
Among Cultists – 
Queen’s Dilemma – 
Cyberpunk 2077 – 

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  1. You need to slow down. I get anxiety and exhausted listening to just a few seconds.

  2. Are you going to cover brethwalda before the campaign ends? Love the esthetic of the game

  3. The umbrella academy card game was one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Literally felt unplayable.

  4. I'm glad that 2022 seems to be taking a break from throwing enticing games on Crowdfunding.

  5. I was hoping to see something about An Age Contrived. Excited for that one.

  6. Hey Alex, I see trickerion on your shelf in the background. What did you rate it and does it get to the table? I've been eyeing it recently and just wanted to know your thoughts! Thanks again for another informative video, by the way!

  7. Septima looks like what I was hoping Oak would be. Here's to hoping!
    = )

  8. So… I respect that you are primarily (but not exclusively) a KS and GF channel. But I don’t know of anyone who covers retail/pre-order releases. (Caveat – retail may be hard since release dates differ across the world.). But… it is worth mentioning something like Viticulture World alongside the June campaigns. (Caveat two – if memory serves, you covered VW on the channel.). Anyway, would it be a significant increase ion research time to include releases either here or in news of the week?

  9. My bank account will be fairly safe this month. Runescape is the extent of my interest.

  10. They announced Amun-Re is going to GameFound "mid-June", I can't wait! It is one of the few campaigns I am backing this year. I hope you can get some preview content for it. I'm also waiting for more information on Andromeda's Edge. From the Moon has a cover to at least get my attention. Thank you for the heads up!

  11. Thank you Alex! You sound like you have a cold or are losing your voice. Hang in there and get some rest if so!

  12. After the last few months, my wallet needs a light month! Definitely backing Septima though, been waiting for that one. Tsuro Deluxe is $350?! Interesting, but I for one and completely content playing the regular version. With all the games coming out these days, I can't afford to deluxify EVERY game. Thanks as always Alex, you are awesome! Have a great day!

  13. So it’s becoming a board game? Not a card?

  14. I wish I could afford a game table. But the resting for your wrists might not be ideal for my arthritis. Also it would need to be deep enough for Warhammer. I'm a Vampire Counts collector.

  15. Septima and Drop Bears are ones I'll be watching, and Cyberpunk 2077 is all but a certain back (at a dollar), but not sure about any of the others. Will have to see.

  16. everyone I know who has played Tsuro and Indigo prefers indigo, FWIW

  17. It'll be interesting to see how the next CMON campaign does after the MZ shipping debacle

  18. I'm not surprised at all that so many publishers are delaying their campaigns, either short-term or long-term. Manufacturing and shipping is crazy bad right now. I've seen so many turn to PnP campaigns, which I'm quite liking as it lowers the cost and provides games more quickly to backers.

  19. Aeon's end: that spinoff was Astro Knights.
    And it really annoys me that they are launching another KS when many backers STILL haven't recieved their pledge from last Aeons KS (US and ROW regions, mainly). This is about 5 months delay from the update that said 'last packages are being sent to you'. Lack of communication from IB&C is astounding (though they we're available every day and hour to comment on Astro KS page when that ran, and full radio silence on Aeons page at same time).
    KS page is full of comments just saying "we know shipping situation is bad, don't blame for that, just please communicate and update us".
    That's not a company I wish to support in the future. Such a dissonance between great products and bad buisness ethics.
    So disappointing

  20. I would add company of heroes 2nd edition to the list for june. That"s what there site mentions. Can't wait for this one since i missed the 1st.

  21. I'd buy the deluxe tsuro just to replace my friend's copy

  22. This is the first of these I've ever watched that didn't put something on my radar. My waller is safe!

  23. dang, already got the game theory table backed

  24. Let's hope Quodd Heroes 2nd Ed does happen soon… But hey, if The Everrain can deliver, QH can happen too 😀

  25. Thank god june is light, I dropped way too much cash in may.

  26. Good time to save some money :-). Most people like me already have enough games a while….at least for the summer. 🙂

  27. Bretwalda has my interest.. area control with unique mechs is my Jam!!!

  28. Wow. I don’t know if I’ll back anything in June. Yeesh. 😳 I needed a light month though.

  29. Umbrella Academy is destined to be a trainwreck.

  30. Any thoughts on Arcs, Alex? I like the look of it, but will likely wait until retail given that they're not delivering until the end of 2023. I figure I'd rather spend my $ on Root now and wait on Arcs.

  31. Friendly Shippinng to Brazil?

  32. Wow, Quodd heroes! It’s the oldest game on my shelf of shame. Kickstarted first time around and haven’t gotten it to the table. I got overwhelmed and then lost interest, but always told myself I’d get back to it.

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