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Upcoming Kickstarter & Gamefound Board Games for June 2023

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All the upcoming Kickstarters! This time for everything coming up in June. Or at least everything as of now.

LevelUp Retreat –
Shelf Clutter –
Submit Your Game –

00:00 – Introduction
00:10 – Shelf Clutter
00:45 – Gamefound Disclaimer
01:20 – The Lab
01:55 – Into The Godsgrave
02:28 – Assassin’s Creed
02:55 – Conquest Princess
03:30 – French Quarter
04:03 – The Damned
04:20 – No Exit
04:50 – WSBG Sponsor Spot
06:38 – Micro Architects
07:00 – Biohack
07:15 – Find The Fun
07:50 – I C E Limited
08:45 – AEG Expansions
09:13 – Roll on the Range
09:35 – Third Crusade & Kartini
10:00 – Witchcraft!
10:32 – Quatro City
10:50 – Nestlings
11:15 – Faeries & Magical Creatures
11:55 – S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
13:23 – Phantom Epoch
13:50 – Firefly
14:48 – Castellans of Valeria
15:00 – Thiefdom
15:40 – Cook King The Game
15:55 – Innovation Ultimate
16:55 – Solar Titans
17:23 – Paragons: Age Of Champions
18:02 – Inventions: Evolution of Ideas
18:33 – Thorgal: The Roleplaying Game
18:58 – Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game
20:15 – Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind
20:35 – Scarface 1920: Bloody Business
21:00 – Tanares Adventures
22:20 – Cyclades Legendary Edition
22:55 – Philharmonix
23:25 – Shipwrights of the North Sea
15:50 – Picks of the Month

Shelf Clutter – –
The Lab –
Into The Godsgrave –
Assassin’s Creed –
Conquest Princess –
French Quarter –
The Damned –
No Exit –
Micro Architects –
Biohack –
Find The Fun –
I C E Limited –
AEG Expansions-
Roll on the Range –
Third Crusade & Kartini – bit.ly/436fln3
Witchcraft! – –
Quatro City – bit.ly/3q9KFCI
Nestlings –
Faeries & Magical Creatures – bit.ly/43zPDqR
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. –
Phantom Epoch –
Firefly –
Castellans of Valeria – bit.ly/45GVUTI
Thiefdom –
Cook King – bit.ly/43xkFQ1
Innovation Ultimate – bit.ly/42edawC
Solar Titans –
Paragons: Age Of Champions – bit.ly/3oChiZl
Inventions: Evolution of Ideas –
Thorgal –
Gloomhaven –
Eldfall Chronicles –
Scarface 1920 –
Tanares Adventures – bit.ly/42v5TIZ
Cyclades – bit.ly/42abBzL
Philharmonix –
Shipwrights of the North Sea – bit.ly/43cMFIZ

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  1. How much would you estimate the Gloomhaven All-In pledge will be?

  2. I saw you skim over Paragons: Age of Champions and I wanted to add a little to it since I’ve been following it since the Kickstarter. If you love TCGs for the deck-building, strategy and beautiful artwork, this is the game for you. There are no boosters (though the designer has hopes for expansions as long as it garners a player base) and both players have a fair chance. One of my favorite parts is how inexpensive this TCG-like game is where I can feel like I’m playing a TCG, but not paying the price of a TCG. The company, Authocracy, cares about their players and they’re getting ready to ship out the first batch from their KS campaign. If anyone is remotely interested in TCG, I’d highly recommend checking out Paragons. It feels like a nostalgic mix of RPG and TCG elements combined to give a fun gaming experience.

  3. Cyclades and Into the Godsgrave im all in. I dont own Cyclades so that is perfect for me!

  4. I think this will be a light month for me, thankfully 🙏😂

  5. Nothing there for me, my wallet breaths a sigh of relief.

  6. Sorry, I know it's going to be big, but I refuse to believe that 55 million people have signed up for Gloomhaven: RPG 😉

  7. Hey! Keep an eye out for my campaign launching on June 13 for Kraken Skulls from Chris Couch Games. I submitted to Shelf Clutter a while back. Hope you’ll check it out in your back or not to back rundowns :). Thx for all the coverage you do, love your channel man.

  8. Tanares Adventures :/ still waiting for most of my stuff here in Germany. Only received the Tanares Adventures box back in February or smth

  9. Thanks. Will be checking out Cyclades, Tanares Adventures, and Into the Godsgrave. 🙂 For some reason I'm just not grabbed by the hype for STALKER. I'll wait to hear more on that one before getting excited. Have a great one!

  10. It's a small campaign, but Chroma Mix is launching in under 2 hours!

  11. Stalker looks interesting. I like the direction of the having the option to play a campaign or do one off scenarios sort of like TMB. Only thing holding me back is the AR Dragon game looks neat and I’m trying to bring my crowdfunding to 2-3 projects a year

  12. Shipwrights is not, and never has been, good. 🙂

  13. Wow, June is brutal. So many good ones.
    These are almost certain backs: Shipwrights Redux (which I think will also have Explorers big box), Inventions, and Cyclades.
    Very interested in: Innovation Ultimate, Scarface 1920, and Thiefdom.
    And probably will watch the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. campaign, but not sure it's for me.

  14. Well.. Stalker is a sure back for me, and then I sense struggles between Scarface and Cyclades.
    Looking forward to booth coverges😉

  15. No interest in Stalker, but I am looking forward to Dragon Eclipse

  16. just need cyclades. been waiting for the new version for awhile. thanks alex!

  17. Phantom Division (reimplementation of Seal Team Flix) has just announced a launch for the 19th of June, pending Gamefound approval

  18. Do you think Scarface will address how poorly the insert was designed for the deluxe components? Such a great looking insert. Such a shame it didn’t work with the upgraded bits.

  19. Stalker is a maybe, like the less overused theme and what is shown looks good, but don't have a big connection to the IP and honestly already have too much of this sort of game, even if it is one-shotable.
    I got a clear yes on the Cyclades but a no on the Kickstarter; got Kemet: Blood and Sand for like 50 bucks in retail and have not missed the bigger minis, expansions or any other KS goodies since I got it, so I see no reason to not do the same with Cyclades instead of spending 100+ € on it.
    Tanares is a real hard one. The game looks extremely good, but I have not gotten mine yet, since V-Games seems to ship out about a package a day for the whole of europe… Also, I'm a bit bummed that they seem to plan to sell the game all-in for less than even the best available price ever was for existing backers, even when getting every Early Bird etc., which just sucks. Also, the prices for returning backers are hefty, I'm down almost 1000 $ for the BG All-In, Add-Ons,RPG, Tax and Shipping already, have only gotten one box so far and am pretty hesitent to drop more on it before I had a chance to test it. But getting managable storage is almost a chance I don't wanna pass in case I love the game… hard choice, but I think I'll pass.
    Assassin's Creed is a game system I really want, but the KS is just too expensive imo. I can get the standee version with pretty much all the base game content for 100ish, so I think I'll go with that, if anything, and see if the standee version of the expansion will be priced more reasonably in retail down the road.
    Scarface also looks cool, but is much to expensive in retail and on KS for the sort of game it is, considering I also have Blood Rage, Rising Sun, Ankh and Kemet and soon Cyclades on the shelf as competition.
    Rest is an easy pass for me, so hopefully I'll stay at 0 backs, despite the strong month.

  20. Conquest Princess, Firefly (I missed it first time around), AEG Expansions and Shipwrights Redux look like a good month's worth of projects to back.

  21. Oh boy…this is going to be a month of $1 pledges to spread things put and see what i realky want.

    STALKER and Cyclades are probably the closest to guratees, with Gloomhaven (possibly for the minis and/or also Frosthaven reprint) close behind, and Scarface coming 3/4.

    I passed on Scarface originally but it sounds great and now i want in.

  22. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is an insta-back for me. I'm here for it. Take my money please Awaken Realms

  23. Man. This month is going to hurt. I'm absolutely getting Biohack and the Assassin's Creed expansion (halfway through the core box retail edition and loving it), but I'm also keeping an eye on another 4-5 you mentioned. Hopefully I'll talk myself out of a few. 😄

  24. Very curious about ICE and Cyclades. Not sure have the budget for Firefly.

  25. ?Really? Are you sure Quattro City is repeating its campaign? I have the puzzle and have seen no information that they are repeating it. Is this true?

  26. GH 2nd edition is part of that BackerKit campaign. :O

  27. So many in this month that interest me.
    Stalker, French Quarter, Witchcraft, Tanares

  28. Odd that Garphill Games tries to redo Shipwrights. A crowdfunding campaign with the name of fairly bad game should be expected to not do that well.

  29. I'm think about skipping "Cyclades Legendary Edition". I'd like to try the original Cyclades, but the new one will likely have too many changes to be interesting for me.
    Also, it looks a lot like cash-grabbing and not like a truthful reprint.

  30. As tempting as it is, I think Im gonna have to hard pass on anything that describes itself as a campaign game from now on xD
    There are just so many 100 hour experiences, and I already have a large backlog of them.

  31. Firefly update #6 – Many people have been asking us when the project launches, and we can officially announce that the project will go live on Tuesday the 13th of June – not long to wait now!

  32. Any cool looking Hidden Movement games coming out in the future that we know about?

    I know about Halloween from trick or treat studios and The Stifling Dark which I’m hyped for.

  33. What more games, BGA or steam, for checking out games

  34. As usual for your videos Alex, the day after it's put up there's a big update on a campaign (Gloomhaven campaign now includes a 2nd Ed version of Gloomhaven) 😀

  35. So 55 "million" people are watching the Gloomhaven campaign huh? I think they wish that was true 😀

  36. No League of Dungeoneers in your Big Campaign Game Showdown video?

  37. there's nothing for me to back alex =/ maybe firefly but im wary about backing a reprint of an old board game based on a movie. Licensed products like that tend to be awful. But plenty of time to wait and see!

  38. I'm really excited to see you managed to acquire a prototype copy of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I'll certainly be waiting to see your unboxing, gameplay, and review since I know I can depend on your honest opinion (Gamefound employee or not). I do have to admit to being very concerned with the huge possibility of FOMO being a major player with this one. Tic, tic, tic…

  39. Surprised you haven't covered Metal Gear Solid by CMON or a play this not that vs Assassin's Creed

  40. 😆55 million people following Gloomhaven…

  41. Oof… A good amount of goodness. Tough decisions for June. Excited to watch some coverage, if nothing else!

  42. Finding out Reversed Front got cancelled before it even began is just my luck…. 😢

  43. The fact there is a firefly 10th anniversary edition coming suddenly made me feel very old!

  44. Thanks for the time codes for each game. Appreciate being able to find the info I’m interested so easily.

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