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Upcoming Kickstarter & Gamefound Board Games for March 2022

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All the upcoming Kickstarters! This time for everything coming up in December. Or at least everything as of now.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – Shelf Clutter
02:16 – Illeterati
03:31 – Western Legends Big Box
05:47 – Alice in Wordland
06:14 – Library Labyrinth
06:46 – Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint 
09:56 – Solar 175
10:35 – Small Samurai Empires
10:54 – Far Cry Beyond
12:38 – Route East
13:20 – Maul Peak
14:04 – Cthulhu Island
14:35 – Warpgate Beyond
15:25 – Drive Thru Games
17:48 – The Fog 
18:12 – Hamlet
19:04 – Motor City
20:00 – Small City Deluxe
20:45 – Tiwanaku
21:59 – Tamashii: Chronicle of Ascend
23:42 – Oak
25:01 – Malhya
25:47 – Quodd Heroes
27:14 – Ryozen
28:35 – Microdojo: Loyalty & Deceipt
29:07 – Jurassic World: Legacy of Isla Nubar
31:10 – Kingdoms: Rise and Fall Dorian
31:41 – Mercurial
32:35 – Tidal Blades: Rise of the Unfolders
34:22 – Batman Season 3
35:11 – Encyclopedia
37:41 – Nightmare Cathedral
38:27 – Age of Rome
38:58 – The Artemis Project: Satellites & Commanders
39:19 – Geeknson Archie Game Table
39:57 – The League of Dungeonners
40:11 – The Bad Karmas
42:36 – Silicon Valley
43:01 – Wayfarers of the South Tigris
43:38 – The Dark Quarter
44:13 – Beyond Humanity: Astrominers 
44:35 – Keresis
45:00 – Wrapping Up

Illeterati – March 1st –
Western Legends Big Box – March 1st –
Spring & Autumn – March 1st –
Alice in Wordland – March 1st –
Library Labyrinth – March 1st –
Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint – March 1st –
Solar 175 – March 1st –
Small Samurai Empires – March 3rd –
Far Cry Beyond – March 7th –
Route East – March 8th –
Maul Peak – March 8th –
Cthulhu Island – March 8th –
Warpgate Beyond – March 8th –
Drive Thru Games – March 8th –
The Fog – March 8th –
Hamlet – March 8th –
Motor City – March 8th –
Small City Deluxe – March 8th –
Tiwanuku – March 9th –
Tamashii: Chronicles of Ascend – March 14th –
Oak – March 14th –
Malhya: Lands of Legends – March 15th –
Quodd Heroes – March 15th –
Ryozen – March 16th –
Micro Dojo – March 16th –
Jurassic World – March 22nd –
Kingdoms Rise & Fall: Dorian – March 22nd –
Mercurial – March 22nd –
Tidal Blades – March 22nd –
Barman Monolith – March 23rd –
Encyclopedia – March 24th –
Nightmare Cathedral – March 29th –
Age of Rome – March 29th –
Artemis Project: Leaders & Commanders – March 29th –
GeeknSon – March –
League of Dungeoneers – March –
Bad Karmas – March –
Silicon Valley – March –
Wayfarers of the South Tigris – March/April –
The Dark Quarter – March/April –
Beyond Humanities: Astrominders – March/April –
Keresis – March/April –

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  1. Hello Alex, when is your review of Encyclopaedia being posted, and do you know if it still being kickstarted this Month? Thank you. Museum the favourite game of my wife and just managed to get Pictura which we are playing now (managed to get on Ebay as we missed it only gotten into supporting kickstarters last year and building a board game collection). Thanks again for the interesting videos, love the conversational style.

  2. Hi Alex, would love to hear your thoughts on the current everdell Kickstarter… it’s starting to feel very suspicious based off the complete lack of update transparency. There seems to be some serious warning signs that starling is winding down

  3. There's a new Munchkin on Kickstarter as well. Probably wasn't out when you made this video though

  4. Oh wow – that is way too many good games for a single month!

  5. As for Kickstarters just arrived, had a play of MOB big Apple, fun little game but don't know if it stays because of replayibility.
    Thank you Alex for your content, you still have credits from your last comment 😜

  6. "Factory 42 – For the Greater Good", 2nd edition goes on Gamefound tomorrow. They released a statement today about Ukraine. A promo pack for Ukraine will be available and No Russian backers will be accepted. Read their update. I understand the expression and explanation. It's worth a coverage or a discussion.
    So agree with you about FarCry. Slap the IP on and make millions. Sad.
    Earth Under Siege with Stealth mechanics looks very interesting. ( Wish FarCry had some )

  7. You can’t possibly imagine the relief I felt when not a single one of these games excited me. It’s a good sign! I hope I’m over my KS teenage years

  8. *stroking beard wisely* someone's been playing their tainted grail… noice

  9. I'm pretty sure that I'll continue calling the game Pachamama.

  10. Thanks for the shoutout Alex. To add further excitement to your plate, Illiterati is played in timed rounds and has an awesome solo experience. Word.

  11. Nothing about Factory 42? Wasn't mentioned in the Feb Episode either. Not interested?

  12. im going to save money this month for sure. 🤣 tamashii is the only one i see that MIGHT appeal to me.

  13. I'm super excited about League of Dungeoneers. I saw the preview on Dungeon Dive and I cant wait for it. You should check it out.

  14. 13:25 Sadly enough, I feel the same about Skulk Hollow. Really wanted to love it, but either the game is over too fast or drags on forever. I might try tabling it again with different players, but as of right now, I'd much rather play Santorini, Raptor, or Dice Throne.

  15. cool, no interesting game for me in march. my wallet and wife appreciate it. 😀

  16. Good news… not immediately interested or pulled in by anything. Have had really good "shelf control" as I didn't back anything for 3 months (Nov – Jan). But February (launches) will likely put a big dent in things. Already backed Mind MGMT Deluxe edition, will almost certainly pick up the new Unsettled content, and am very interested in 51st State Ultimate edition and Tindaya. Will probably have to decide between either 51st State or Tindaya unless I lose all remaining control!

  17. Only Tamagashi is currently of interest to me

  18. I might be safe will have to look into encyclopedia otherwise I should be ok this month

  19. Did SitDown post as to why they changed the name and funding platform of their game?

  20. I only back 1-2 games per month, but it looks like I might be backing more this month. OMG, I don't have shelf space.

    Illeterati was a big surprise to me. But if the value is there, I'll be backing it. We just played Paperback yesterday, and I really enjoy it, but I think this may surpass it.
    Tiwaniku I have to reevaluate, but it's a maybe.
    Malhya I am very interested.
    Jurassic World I am very interested, but I may exert shelf control.
    Mercurial I am very interested.
    Tidal Blades is an almost sure back.
    Encyclopedia is an almost sure back.
    Bad Karmas I am interested but will likely exert shelf control.
    Silicon Valley I am very interested.
    Wayfarers of the South Tigris I am very interested but will wait for retail.
    The Dark Quarter is a very high probability back just based on Van Ryder + Lucky Duck alone.

  21. Hey nice presentation of new games , i really like that " age of rome" game , looks good , i followed them in IG and i realllyyy liked the art style etc , you mentioned that you don't have much info for now….any ETA on that? would love to get more details.. cheers

  22. Hi Alex. Would appreciate your steer, given your direct experience with both – If you could only back one, which would you recommend – Earth under Siege or Resident Evil? Thank you!

  23. Great projects – plz pay more attention to the FOG. I was able to playtest and Do a footage. It Was a great experience. Will definitivly be a Pick of mine👍

  24. Hey Alex, if you get the opportunity, I think Hellenica: Story of Greece is worth your time. The civilization building is really good as you open up abilities for your civilization and your units, there's always more choices you want to take advantage of than you have resources for, table presence is awesome with the buildings, individual turns are quick so down time is very low, the automa is wonderfully done, streamlined and quick so you can add in as many NPCs as you want, and winning conditions are based on public and private objectives so you don't have player elimination issues … which is nice for a game that can play up to 7 players. I will say however, that in my experience, the game has not been quite as short as the publisher states, but that could be a factor of experience, etc.
    I haven't noticed much difference with the upcoming game Spring and Autumn, Story of China, but I'll wait and see when the Kickstarter arrives this week.

  25. I do hope you include and look at Rook City (Sentenials of the Multiverse)

  26. So when kickstarting a game takes the wrong direction are we investing in a company or are we betting on lamehorse in the race when kickstarter are not fulfilling?

  27. Slow down and use more punctuation between ideas please. These would be so much more enjoyable.

  28. But a person taking too much time is not the game's fault. That is the eprson's fault. Does not mean the gameis not smooth.

  29. 22:15 in Japanese all of the vowels are pronounced the same. For an ‘A’ they are all pronounced like a smaller case ‘a’. The I is pronounced like the letter ‘E’.



  30. I'm intrigued by Encyclopedia but seeing it come from Holy Grail Games has me hesitant as I haven't enjoyed their other games and have been shocked at how delayed Museum Deluxe Edition is for what amounts to a bigger box and a few smaller expansions and game updates.

    Looking forward to seeing your coverage of the game. Wondering how complex does the game feels?

  31. Oak looks cool, but yeah, Game Brewer is going to have all eyes on them from here on out. We still don't know how Hippocrates turned out or that Palaces game. Unfortunate as Gugong and some of their other games were amazing quality.

    I am excited for Tidal Blades, but leery of Druid City games as they have yet to fulfill a campaign anywhere resembling on time, and this is before Covid. I will say however, that the games at the end are high quality. So I will probably end up backing and then not being surprised when it takes almost 2 years to fulfill.

  32. I have more issues with the 4K video after I upload it. It takes hours before its ready and I do not want to release my video too early and everyone watching the 480p version…

  33. The Igor variant of Abomination: Heir of Frankenstein makes the game much shorter. Fantastic game is you like the macabre art.

  34. So many of these look good, I am going to have to pick and choose which ones look the most interesting to me.

  35. For info "La boîte de jeux" just got bought by Hachette edition – "H edition"
    For information Hachette was historically a French book company from 1826 and they started recently going into board game
    They bought "sorry we are French" who made Iki
    So they old style book company is coming in strong in the board game market

  36. Hi, do you have more information about the Age of Rome?? Looks like really cool game that I hope will be available soon for us

  37. Had the joy of making overview videos on both The Fog and Kingdoms rise and fall. Quite different games but good In their own way! 😀 Looking forward for them to launch!

  38. Owh I'm interested in checking out Encyclopedia! For the rest I'm pretty good this month … last month was bad enough. I do hope to hear a bit more about the situation between Druid City and Skybound games because i was really hoping badly that a reprint for Wonderland Wars would be announced as I passed on the previous KS as it was in a KS heavy month for me … and missed the late pledge :/
    My fault but getting my grubby hands on a deluxe copy in europe is nigh impossible now 🙁

  39. If you're getting annoyed with saying "…Kickstarters and Gamefounds…" try changing it to "crowdfunding". This will also cover if any new site gains popularity later. 🙂

  40. Age of Rome looks awesome. I can't wait to play that. The spinning board and the artwork look great.

  41. Interested to see the Age of Rome on KS!

  42. after a dull 2021 earthUS and tidal blades 2 are looking really enticing. i could already convince myself to not go for kingdoms forlorn and am halfway there to also skip tamashii (world is just too abstract to finally fill my need for a cyberpunk game). but i gotta check out that encyclopedia game now!

  43. Seems nobody is talking about autobahn. I hope people notice when it goes live.

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