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Upcoming Kickstarter & Gamefound Board Games for November 2021

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All the upcoming Kickstarters! This time for everything coming up in November. Or at least everything as of now.

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:57 – Shelf Clutter
0:01:30 – Monsterpocalypse (forgot this)
0:01:48 – Skyrim
0:02:42 – Jiangnan: Life of Gentry
0:03:11 – Trinity of Reign
0:03:55 – Titania Ascending
0:04:45 – Yashima & Ninja Dice
0:06:03 – Infinity Death Match: Tag Raid
0:06:58 – Wild Realms
0:07:30 – Star Fighters: Rapid Fire
0:08:17 – Gartenbau
0:09:07 – Hegemony: Lead Your Class To Victory
0:10:47 – Ancient Blood: The Order of the Vampire Hunters
0:12:10 – Megapulse
0:13:20 – Clash of Deck
0:14:27 – Hamlet
0:15:40 – Honey Buzz: Fall Flavors
0:16:43 – Resurgence
0:18:38 – Weather Machine
0:20:19 – Esopya
0:20:51 – Sammu-ramat & Derrocar
0:21:40 – Hero Realms: Dungeons
0:22:16 – Valeria Lineup
0:23:44 – Pathfinder Arena
0:24:30 – Rampart: Modular Terrain
0:25:05 – Obscure War
0:25:32 – Harakiri: Blades of Honor
0:26:12 – Rome: Total War
0:27:14 – Passengers
0:27:46 – Call to Adventure: Epic Origins
0:27:56 – Closing Up

Nov 2 – Monsterpocalypse –
Nov 2 – Elder Scrolls Skyrim – 
Nov 2 – Jiangnan – 
Nov 2 – Trinity of Reign –
Nov 2 – Titania Ascending – 
Nov 2 – Retro Reboot – 
Nov 3 – TagRaid –
Nov 4 – Wild Realms – 
Nov 8 – Star Fighter –  9 – Gartenbau – 
Nov 9 – Hegemony: Lead your Class to Victory – 
Nov 9 – The Order of Vampire Hunters –
Nov 9 – Megapulse – 
Nov 9 – Clash of Decks Season 2 – 
Nov 9 – Hamlet – 
Nov 9 – Honey Buzz Fall Flavors – 
Nov 10 –  Resurgence – 
Nov 11 – Weather Machine – 
Nov 15 – Esopya – 
Nov 16 – Sammu-ramat & Derrocar – 
Nov 16 – Hero Realms – 
Nov 16 – Valeriaverse –
Nov 23 – Pathfinder Arena –
Nov 23 – Rampart Terrain Archon – 
Nov 26 – Obscure War – 
Nov 30 – Harakari – 
Nov 30 – Rome Total War – 
Nov – Passengers – 
Nov – Call to Adventure Epic Origins – 

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  1. Honey Buzz and Weather Mashine definetely. Thank you for the list, i really appreciate these as i can plan ahead – also for the shoutout to ShelfClutter. Am gonna check out that channel.

  2. Dang so many interesting games coming, I'm a sucker for co-op/solo and skirmish games; Megapulse looks like something I and kids will like too. Nov & Dec is going to be expensive once I add in my Keisel custom guitar and the new Warcry… can never have too many hobbies right?

  3. Alex – Do you record your game ratings anywhere? Curious after your talk about Weather Machine.

  4. Not such a interesting month from what it looks right now, but that is fine October was brutal!
    Megapulse and Weather Machine look promising. Still waiting for more info on Slay the Spire and Sankokushin.

  5. I think there are too many games with Valeria in the title. It’s hard to differentiate the products from each other.

  6. I think I can resist everything except Honey Buzz, modular variety in Honey Buzz sounds fantastic!

  7. We are super happy to be on the list with Harakiri: Blades of Honor, as Alex said we will be showing more and more information as the release date gets closer. Thanks for adding us here 🙂

  8. I’m most excited for the Honey Buzz expansion.

  9. Thanks for the video! Any idea what Warpgate: Beyond will launch on Gamefound?

  10. I'm usually very "go with the flow" and I don't stress the games I can't afford. I've accepted that I can't get them all, but this video gave me anxiety lol

  11. Every time I hear about Hamlet I'm disappointed again to learn that it's not about the Shakespeare play lol

  12. I excited for elder scrolls. But I’m a little worried, I bought part 4 for the computer a years ago and was really looking forward to it. But didn’t enjoy it because it was too much of a sandbox without a clear direction for me, I’m worried I will have the same problems with the board game.

  13. You are selling me on hegemony. I love economics and politics. Sounds perfect for me

  14. Puuh, November will be cheaper. No new games in which I'm interested.

  15. "I don't do collectable" I understand what you meant and every parent should head that warning as well as most adults. However, you do discus the "market value" of a KS backed campaign in the sense that these KS exclusives/promos often included are in some form a "collectable" situation that helps the choice offset the shipping costs if the game is well rated after release. What we first thought were never again released KS Exclusives over time for many producers became oh did we say KS exclusive? We didn't mean just that campaign but any and all future campaigns we could decide to offer catch up KS exclusive opportunities. There are publishers (CMON Cough) that haven't quite been so kind in terms of offering 2nd chances to KS exclusives (the TIME machine fiasco not withstanding) that help fan the flames of the free market value of the rare and hard to find KS exclusive releases. While you may not intentionally do "collectable" the net effect of most of your all-in KS/Gamefound campaign support has no doubt dropped a few collectables into your Kallax. Either that or you've been selling all your KS exclusives to your top Patreon supporters; NOT. 🙂 Well that and you probably should have ordered the ARES Games War of the rings limited edition series a few years ago so at the very least you could make Quack happy with a holiday gift or just sell them and finance a complete rehab of your studio.

  16. I was really looking forward to the Elder Scrolls board game until I read about the track record of Modiphius Entertainment and their previous Kickstarters. Between the art and the initial cost, I definitely will steer clear of this one now.

  17. I think you left out the deluxe version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. [Facepalm]. Oh wait I don't know when that campaign started. Maybe you covered it already. LOL.

  18. I want to congratulate you…you managed to speak like, 5 minutes about a game without saying a single thing about the game, really, beyond the fact it was designed by someone accomplished :). What the heck is Weather Machine about anyway? lol

  19. Strange no Slay the Spire.

    Will you make a Witcher 3 vs Skyrim Video?

  20. "Skyrim the Board Game" looks pretty bad so far. Which is good, saves money! 😀

  21. Right now probably the Valeria set as I like RnW and trick takers but we will see.

  22. For Weather Machine, out of 44 ratings, 3 people said it's based on expectation. Vital has a large play test group that anyone can join so I don't think the ratings are messed up based on people who haven't played it. I think most of the ratings are people that play tested.

  23. I tend to rate Lacerda games 5 and below. 😛

  24. Happy to see nothing that I want for a change.

  25. Seems like I get a month off agonizing over any projects

  26. Are you going too review Ankh and Kemet (blood and sand)? I am eagerly waiting for these 😬

  27. Whew! Only 2 that I have really any interest in looking into further — Hegemony and Resurgence — and I think I likely have enough willpower to avoid those!

  28. There is a chance I escape this month unscathed

  29. Revolutionary (and reasonable) idea for ratings on BGG — wait until you’ve actually played the game before rating it.

  30. oh man!
    this and KoAs video as rekindled my almost out KS flame.
    so many potemtially great games on the horizon!
    great vdeo and thanks for the info as always!

  31. How come those games have such high ranking on BGG (Weather Machine)? Makes me think like BGG is irrelevant now.

  32. Skyrim and Harakiri seem the most interesting to me. I'm looking forward to more content on those 2.

  33. Daily magic games has many many non Valeria games. They just don't fund as well and we never hear of them

  34. Just watching this video now at 9:25pm EST and it looks like the Kickstarter preview "Notifiy me" page is down for Star Fighters: Rapid Fire – Error 404? 🙁 – Keep up the good work as always Alex!!! 😀

  35. Is there any info on the skyrim game from Chip Theory?

  36. On 'Call to Adventure: Epic Origins'
    Brotherwise GamesCreator 1 day ago

    The launch date is November 16 at 6 am PST/9 am EST

  37. A bit late notice. But I’ll be in Cleveland for the second time in my life tomorrow! Got a FLGS to shout out/recommend in the area? 😀

  38. How many cups of coffee did you drink before shooting this video?

  39. A few I'm interested but luckily I'm pretty okay … don't hoard boardgames in an appartment … it isn't pretty :p
    I am curious after Rome:Total War though …. because I saw the prototype at Essen and … well it was nothing like I would imagine a Total War board game would be.
    It looked surprisingly similar to the Europa Universalis one located nearby, now I do imagine they will have different focusses but for me Total War is about the big skirmishes, if I just want to conquer a map there are other games (like EU or CK), so I was a bit dissapointed by it; But like I said it was a prototype so maybe there will be some surprises along the way

  40. I've played all of The Elder Scrolls games since the first one, as they were released, and consider Skyrim one of my favorites, and I'll likely be giving the board game a miss. The art is lazy and uninspired, and the price point is way too high for what the game appears to be.

  41. The kickstarter phone app doesn't seem to work very well lately. Quite a few people seem unable to complete their pledge with it, might be a topic worth touching on to gauge how widespread it is.

  42. I'd love a review of Petrichor, your previous mentions are all over the map (you weren't going to back it, then you did back it, then you said you shouldn't have backed it, and here you said "know and like"). It's been on my radar for a long time but haven't pulled the trigger.

  43. Thank you, Alex, for including Hegemony: Lead your Class to Victory in the list! We are excited about your upcoming video about our game! 🙂

  44. Where's Slay The Spire? Spill the beans Alex… plz.

  45. Looking into Hegemony for sure. Great concept!
    Was intrigued by Weather machine – after reading the rules and watching the Gaming Rules video I am not sure if I need this Lacerda… shelf space is very limited….

  46. I dont understand why they are doing the Clash of Deck Season 2 so soon when barely anyone has the game yet…..

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