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Upcoming March 2022 Board Games (1st half)

Tantrum House
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Kevin looks at upcoming Board Games March 2022 Kickstarter and Gamefound.

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Mar 1 Big Box Western Legends
Mar 1 Behext
March 1 Solar 175
March 1 Worldbreakers
March 1 World Explosion
March 8 Motor City
March 8 Hamlet
March 8 Hydroracers
March 8 Maul Peak
March 8 Route East
March 8 The Fog: Escape from Paradise
March 9 Tiwanaku
March 14 Oak
March 15 Malhya
March 15 Darkest Doom
mid-March Oranienburger Kanal
March Erune
March Maglev Metro Expansions?
March expansion to Materia Prima
March 25th Anniversary City of Chaos
March Earth Under Siege
March Expansion for Waste Knights
March Dark Quarter
March Dunhuang


  1. Thank you for the mention! <3 We're excited for Route East to hit Kickstarter soon!

  2. Small City Deluxe Edition will be out on March 8

  3. Looking forward to seeing Solar 175. I haven’t backed anything since the expansion to Everdell. Waiting for Tang Garden expansion to launch. The Silk Road Game might be interesting as well.

  4. Is Erune a reprint or an expansion or something? We're waiting on delivery now of Erune from 3 years ago. It's currently undergoing shipping.

  5. Thanks again; London Necropolis Railway from Daniel Newman (collab between New Mill Industries and Spielworxx) will be on Kickstarter on 15 March. Dunhuang: Pearl on the Silkroad will be on Kickstarter on the second half of March.

  6. Too darn many interesting looking games. I wasn't aware of all of these, thanks Kevin, my old crowdfunding informant 😉
    But you missed Tamashii: Chronicles of Ascent on gamefound on march 15th, and League of Dungeoneers, which hits Kickstarter on the 1st (or maybe Feb' 28?).

  7. Tiwanaku was previously Pachamama, a campaign that didn't meet funding goals so they retooled, renamed and are trying again to fund.

  8. On the “all at once” or “next two weeks” dilemma, my suggestion is split the difference: The advantage of covering two weeks at a time is more manageable video-length wise. But a month a time has it’s strengths as well – specifically, it gives people a sense of what’s coming down the pipe to manage backing choices. There has been more than one month where I back a game or two, and regret that I’ve spent my budget when something more interesting pops up later. My suggestion is: only discuss the first half of the month, but include a list of the next two weeks with logs to BGG. And this could be done every time – when you post the second half of the month discussion video, that can include links to the first two weeks of the next month.

  9. The Flood from Bedouin Games is supposed to launch March 1 on Kickstarter and Tamashi (formerly Gaijin) from Awaken Realms Lite is supposed to launch March 15 on Gamefound. I'm most interested in Hamlet and I need to learn more about Tamashi.

  10. So many good games launching! I just backed Earth last week, looking at Ahau this week, but Oak, Hamlet and Tiwanaku are also looking good in March. And I hadn't heard about Route East yet, another interesting game. Choices will have to be made…

  11. Link to Western Legends for a notification on launch?

  12. I'm really exited about the launch of Worldbreakers! We've put in a lot of thought in the theme, mechanics, historical accuracy and representation. The art is 100% finished and it is beautiful! Can't wait for you all to see it =D

  13. Worldbreakers is excellent! It's the one I'm most excited about! You can already play it on TTS or Tabletopia and it is excellent. One of the best card dueling games to come out in a very long time!

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