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Upcoming Wargames + Giveway | June 2024 | New Releases | Board Games

Zilla Blitz
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In our June 2024 Upcoming Wargames video, I look at upcoming board wargames (historical games, board games) and new releases, and giveaway a $50 store credit from our sponsor Noble Knight Games. I overview various games and talk about exciting elements of the design.

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00:00 Introduction
00:25 Announcements
02:45 Newly Released 1
05:25 Newly Released 2
06:47 Newly Released 3
08:08 Newly Released 4
09:00 Last Call 1
10:50 Last Call 2
13:46 Last Call 3
16:41 Last Call 4
17:54 Crowdfunding 1
21:01 Crowdfunding 2
22:18 Crowdfunding 3
24:18 Pre-Order 1
25:36 Newly Discovered 1
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32:58 Giveaway

Game Links
Army of the Potomac
(Rebel Fury):

Franklin 1864

Tank Clash

Operation Barclay

Pole Position

Pipe Creek

A Rock of Chickamauga
Kickstarter: (coming soon)
BGG: (not yet)

’85 Afghanistan
Noble Knight:
Solo Expansion – Noble Knight:

Wargames According to Mark

Hunt for Blackbeard

Coast Watchers

Forward Defense ’85

Kursk: Rotmistrov’s Offensive

A Gest of Robin Hood
Noble Knight: (not yet)

I, Napoleon

Steel Platoons
Designer Interview:

The Last Gamble

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This video produced by Zilla Blitz.

Upcoming Wargames + Giveway | June 2024 | New Releases | Board Games


  1. #nobleknight Thanks for the great content. First I have heard of I Napoleon. I will have to pick it up. My first game was AH Afrika Korps. My older brother had it and wanted a live opponent. Of course he wanted to be Rommel. He wiped the floor with me on the first try. On the second, I had figured it out and the allies bottled Rommel up around Tobruk and as the reinforcements began to arrive he admitted defeat. I had caught the bug.

  2. My first wargame was Memoir'44, a good introduction in the hobby #nobleknight
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Remember the little people as you become hugely famous ….!!

  4. The first wargame I played was Memoir ‘44, but early in my journey down the wargame rabbit hole I found myself playing a North Korea focused matrix game with a small group, including Volko. It took me almost a year to realize that the random nice guy who helped me role-play as China was the creator of half the wargames I owned at the time.

    He’s continued to be a nice guy since, and I’m really looking forward to his two new games. #nobleknight

  5. First time watching. Good content. Will return. For the entry – #nobleknight – first wargame was American Heritage Game of the Civil War (1961) played Xmas of 1962.

  6. Hi Mike, the Pipe Creek game was the most intriguing, love the potential Gettysburg" what if" scenarios carried forward in a very comprehensive manner. Also will try to follow Steel Platoon (love the tank top down views on the counter view) #nobleknight The first wargame I ever played was the original AH Bismarck (1962) that my older brother taught to me (He was 10 years older than me, and I was less then 10 yrs old). Can't remember the rules, but I did the equivalent of flipping the board, when he revealed cards showing a search zone pattern of A through D, which meant, no matter what, he found the Bismarck and I had to fight.

  7. I always look forward to these video's for what is coming down the pike
    My first game was AH's D-Day in 1963 in seventh grade.
    Followed on with Stalingrad that I played til it died. I still have the corpse

  8. As usual, great summaries of new games for the game community. Wish I’d known about this weekend’s game convention a bit earlier.

  9. I look forward to your updates to know the future upcoming games. Which i always know to look out for.
    Memoir 44

  10. #nobleknight
    One of the first war-ish games I played as a kid was Risk. All my siblings and I would play it frequently, still have a soft spot in my heart for it haha

  11. Does Axis & Allies count? That would probably be my first wargame, though I was never any good at it haha.

  12. Thanks for the news! I found Point Blank: V is for Victory on your channel and I love it. I'm anxiously awaiting the expansion Winter Victory. My first wargame was Steve Jackson's OGRE. I found it in Game Towne in San Diego as a kid and I played the heck out of it. That led me to a ton of MicroGames, miniature wargaming, and more. Sometimes I go looking for my childhood at #nobleknight .

  13. Great overview, as usual!! Always enjoyable! #noble knight 1st edition Anzio by AH!

  14. Does Axis & Allies count? That would probably be my first wargame, though I was never any good at it haha.

  15. I remember playing RISK as a kid (if that can be classified as a wargame) I had great fun with it. We did not have many games available in the 90s in Serbia. Cheers #nobleknight

  16. #nobleknight The first wargame I played is technically Risk, but I feel like Twilight Struggle is the real answer. After playing TS I saw that I could potentially enjoy historical wargames and very quickly they became my favorite genre of board games. I prefer hex n' counter wargames like Mark Simonitch's ZOC bond series, or the Battles of the American Revolution series nowadays. Also, Chris Moeller's Burning Banners is amazing!

  17. #nobleknight
    War At Sea – Avalon Hill

    A man after my own heart. I loved Midway as well (I may buy it again). It was the 3rd wargame I ever bought, with Victory in the Pacific being #2. Great video.

  18. #nobleknight
    First unofficial war game was little plastic army men fighting each other in my driveway. First official war game when getting into the hobby was probably Memoir '44

  19. #nobleknight my first wargame was New France 1760. Which I purchased at the fortress of Louisbourg during a visit.

  20. #nobleknight
    The first wargame I played was AH's Blitzkrieg, the first and only Red vs Blue sandbox like game. Thanks for all your videos.

  21. #nobleknight
    My dad bought my first game for me, Tactics II in 1972 for $5.
    I got Midway soon after and yes, it's really good and has held up incredibly well in it's own right.

  22. Who downvotes this!? Great value, thank you!

  23. #nobleknight my first wargame was ASL, which was quite a cliff to climb. Wasn't for me. First operational wargame I owned was The Battle for Normandy by Danny Holte.

  24. I have recently discovered your channel and I'm enjoying the content, especially the beginner wargame recommendations. Your coverage of Lanzerath Ridge really piqued my interest. The first war game I played was Axis & Allies as a kid. Thanks for the videos! #nobleknight

  25. Good update, thanks. I'm intrigued by Coast Watchers, I must admit. I'll have to decide soon whether or not to pull that trigger. The inclusion of a solitaire mode bumps it up quite a bit for me, as I don't have a regular wargaming buddy. As for first wargame, I'm not sure, but the first one I really remember enjoying was Avalon Hill's PanzerBlitz. It was just really exciting to me to play at that detailed tactical level, where the different individual units had different characteristic and roles based on real combat. I enjoyed the follow-up Panzer Leader, too. That was during the big rise of Avalon Hill. Thanks again for the update. #nobleknight

  26. Great update Zilla! Thank you


    Battle of the Bulge AH – didnt realize what I had, but played it like crazy

  27. My first wargame. AH: rise and decline of the third reich. Really didnt know what I was getting into, but slowly figured it out. this was long before internet, Utube and bgg. Actually played PBM. What a great game. Thanks for the channel.

  28. Great summary/update as always.
    My first wargame: Field Marshall by Jedko games here in Australia… company no longer around but I still have the boxed game.

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