Viticulture, Last Light & A huge pile of games (Keep or Cull) -

Viticulture, Last Light & A huge pile of games (Keep or Cull)

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Hello everyone 😀

It’s time for another Keep or Cull video, and this is the biggest one in a long time! 18 more games has been played, and we are giving them all the paddle treatment!

We hope you’ll enjoy 😀
Thank you so much for being here!

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  1. Oh, I love Viticulture. I notice Americans seem to enjoy it more than non-Americans. Does it have to do with the luck of the draw of those visitor cards? I think so. I have the Moor Visitors expansion cards and I think it improves the game. I kind of like not knowing what kind of visitor cards I will get, not knowing if only winemaking will make me the winner. In our last game, my daughter was way behind. Everyone thought we had at least one more turn, but at her turn, she had a visitor card she kept for awhile that gave her points, combined with a wine order gave her a winning score that season! Lots of groans and disbelief at the table. I love that about the game!!

  2. Viticulture is my number two game. Not leaving my collection. Fox Experiment was a big hit with my group. I’m happily keeping that one, too. 😁

  3. I played Exploding Kittens once and got two eliminations in my first two turns. Lasted 1 minute. Can't say I loved it.

  4. I was a big fan of your channel but increasingly your tendency is to avoid any specific criticism of a game. You "cull" games but consistently say, "this game was fun but I have played it and don't need to play it again. I think these days viewers want comments that are more thoughtful and help separate good games from those that fall short because of specific issues.

  5. I just came here to tell you how wrong you are about Viticulture. Now feel free to continue your day as you see fit while I continue to be Viticulturaly relevant.

  6. You will enjoy Viticulture more with Tuscany.

  7. Marvel Remix is a better version of Fantasy Realms

  8. Nice episode and I can relate to a lot of what you say on most games I know, as usual… But I'm with Sunniva on Delta, it is nothing spectacular or super new but it's visually beautiful if you like this steampunk style, it has great components (maybe because I have like a super deluxe version but so do you), very neat mecanisms, it's fairly easy to teach and it doesn't overstay its welcome.

    Viticulture with Tuscany or with the World expansion for cooperative plays are more interesting, but I agree there are often games I'd play rather than this one (and also, for sure the winter/summer cards are almost too powerful, and it can get very long at 4 or more players).

  9. Watching you dump Viticulture made me happy 😊
    I've never rated it as a good game.
    (But if you want to sell me the Fox Experiment . . . 😄)

  10. You probably knew there would be blowback regarding Viticulture. I agree that it's a perfectly good game… That I don't need to play again. I think Brewcrafters, also a not-perfect game, did a better job giving people more agency and diverse choices for their beverage-making facilities. It also results in every player having vastly different tableaus by the end of the game.
    Steve could make all his points by brewing cheap/fast beer, while Cindy made hers by specializing in hoppy beer, and Horatio made his points by building an on-site brewpub that served a big variety of innovative choices.

  11. I'm curious with what you do with all your culled games, do you donate them? Sell them? (Hoping you don't just throw them away…)

  12. I am also culling Viticulture. It's good for introducing people to worker placement, but I am done with it. I want heavier, or at least tighter games. So many games that do it better have come out since it did.

  13. Ever play isle of skye? Gives me the nestolgia of carcassone but with a much more exciting score system. May not be as easy for younger players though.

  14. Very Nice List…. Viticulture will have a Forever Spot in my collection for sure! Simply Fun and Nostalgic for me! 🙂 Thanks for introducing some new games for me to look at!!!

  15. Viticulture is great in my opininon, but it gets better with the Rhine Valley cards because it forces you to make more wine instead of getting VP from the cards. That was actually one of the few games I had ever even heard of.

  16. Thank you because I won't have to buy all these games.

  17. I just culled viticulture, I really loved it when I started the hobby and the production is great but I’ve a bunch of worker placement games I’d pick over it.

  18. I wanted to like Ahau so much… But again for the same reasons you've mentioned, definitely going to get out of my collection…

  19. Hello, I liked Fantasy Realms a lot, but the expansión doesnt add to the enjoyment

  20. Viticulture never hit the spot for me. It made me think that i didnt like worker-placement games but Lords of Waterdeep changed my mind. It does a lot of the same stuff with more interaction, better theme and an easier ruleset.

  21. KoT Dark Edition is the best!!! ❤ The dice and energy bolts are great. Will probably keep in our collection forever.

  22. Love the face Sunniva is making 🤨while Johannes waxes eloquent about the virtues of Town Center! 🤣

  23. Keep carcassonne but cull viticulture???? I strongly disagree

  24. If you liked Fantasy Realms for the mechanism alone then check out a game called Featherlight. Similar kind of scoring with ever-changing conditions.

  25. I played Last Light, and while I liked the actual mechanisms quite a bit I never wanted to get it because I think the production actually hurt the playability for me. I really honestly wish the planets were not giant plastic planets, I would much prefer cardboard planets and plastic ships. I think the big planets on stands hurt visibility and increased setup. I still liked the game so I considered getting it but was horrified to see the retail version still has the plastic planets but has cardboard ships.

  26. I adore Coffee Rush, played it 8 times already since Essen and have fun with it each time. And it has gone over well with the people I have introduced it to as well. Gives me Overcooked vibes, just with a barista theme instead. Surprised to hear you guys hated it so much.

    As for Viticulture, it probably would have headed for a cull for me had it not been for the Viticulture World expansion (and I don't even tend to like co-ops, but the co-op version was just vastly better than the competitive was).

  27. Sunniva’s face during Town Center was priceless 😅

  28. I never thought a game would take up more table space than Feast for Odin. Until I played Fox Experiment.

  29. I never liked Viticulture, and I never understood all the love. Congratulations on seeing the light.

  30. I never liked Viticulture. 😬
    But Scythe is really a good game.

  31. I keep debating culling Viticulture. I like it, but whoever gets the best cards always wins. I have quite a few games that do WP better but the family likes this theme. Maybe I need to finally grab the Rhine Valley cards that is supposed to help with the randomness.

  32. It's beautiful that you love each other and share a common passion. I genuinely envy you in a positive way 🙂

  33. Johannes is a culling savage this episode, I am loving it!

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