WatchMojo Board Game, Available Now! -

WatchMojo Board Game, Available Now!
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We’re excited to announce that The WatchMojo Game () is here and available now on Amazon! Canada and UK now in stock!

Available in other regions soon!

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today YOU’RE counting down your top picks! The WatchMojo Game is a social card game that pits your ranking skills against those of your friends and family. Each round has a designated Ranker, who picks a list topic, while other players submit their best entries. You score points when your picks are ranked in the top 3 … but lose points for picks that come in at #10! Bring your super powers to the table and fight for your pick to be at the top! Disagree with the list? Be sure to let everyone know, loudly and at length! It’s all the ‘fun’ of the comment section, but in real life! 😉

Just don’t blame us for all the arguments.

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  1. H.E. Pennypacker wealthy industrialist says:

    Now YouTube channels are coming out with board games wtf😂I’m sure all the teenage fans are gonna ask their parents to buy it for them. Jk lol😂

  2. Do ya thing! Next I guarantee watch mojo will have a TV channel in 5 years or have a documentary about them on Netflix.

  3. Monokuma, Principal of Hope’s Peak Academy!!! says:

    This is actually really interesting and I’ll definitely be buying it!

  4. Top 10 things watchmojo made videos about but didn’t research

  5. Why are you fucking with your subscribers? Seriously.

  6. Another cards against humanity ripoff, of course

  7. Top 10 Dumbest Things that WatchMojo has done.

  8. Needle = nano chip = slavery 2030 agenda – dont talk about was is important

  9. That Chris Pratt part was something personal, huh? 😂

  10. Omgggg why isn’t this in the US right away? I neeeed this! This is awesome!

  11. How can we get a calendar of Rebecca and watch Mojo

  12. This is the first new idea you guys had since 2006. Seriously though, I just added this to my amazon wish list because I can always use new games to play with friends.

  13. Wow you guys are now up there with answer the internet and hot ones congratulations

  14. Not gonna lie this looks pretty fun, & I definitely check this game out.

  15. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio says:

    love your intro.. keep it up

  16. Seems super fun for family’s amazing board game idea

  17. hello friend i am indian ❤️❤️
    indian subscribe you

  18. I like to play board games but I have no one to play them with nowadays you're honestly better off not even making a board game and just making an app that is your board game or whatever most people don't like board games though that's

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