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Waterproofing Board Games

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In this Christmas day miracle, Josh proofs a game board piece of water. Prerequisite classes:
Chit Protection 101:
Water Damage Previous Video 100:



  1. will this protect the tiles from… whats the word peeling? I got 7 wonders and my wonder tiles are beginning to peel? the images are starting to come off from the sides? I dont know if you understand me haha sorry about my english, will it work? Thanks you amazing video!

  2. For some unknown reason i want subway now. ;P …also 1:15 …enough said! XD

  3. So awkward. I love it. Care you gonna doe more "table talks" with that hairy man?

  4. To get the edges, stack all of your chips up, put em between two book end style blocks to hold them, then spray the sides. Faster than hand brushing sides individually.

  5. Wow, making love to the camera in that opening

  6. Nobody told me there would be science. Not sure how I feel about that.

    Also, if I tell all my friends about this show, then I won't be part of this little inclusive club. You guys will get huge and forget about us early adopters.

  7. I used glue in the past for the sides (without water). It was uhu white glue like this one. It said that it would make it waterproof so that moisture would not enter the cardboard from the sides. It was nice. It made them shiny and hard (good for games that have tiles like jigsaw puzzles) but… when I put all the pieces together in bags and left them there for a while they sticked (although I was drying them for weeks) to each other because some glue was on the top and the bottom. When I separated them, parts of the paper were ripped and they were damaged. Then I used spray varnish to cover the pieces from all sides so they don't get scratched and also cover the glue. This protected them and now they don't stick to each other. I also use gloss varnish with a paintbrush for the sides just like in the video. But it is soooo boring. 🙁
    Now I spray everything and use varnish with a brush only on the sides of tiles that are connected, like Descent, to make them a little more durable. Don't use glue! Spray on top and bottom and stack bigger pieces and spray the sides too. If you have tons of patience use a brush to apply varnish on the sides of small pieces. If you have glue that it says on the package that it is waterproof, you can use it for the sides, but apply too little (try not to brush it on top and bottom) and absolutely spray varnish all over them after it dries. Never use just glue!

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