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Wavelength…BUT WRESTLING! | No Holds Board

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DO YOU LIKE WRESTLING BOARD GAMES?! Well, how bout board games ABOUT wrestling? This is episode two of our brand new show, NO HOLDS BOARD! Hosted by Adam Blampied and featuring Oli Davis, Tempest, Sullivan Beau Brown, Luke Owen and Dan Layton!

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  1. Dan's face was priceless, when Adam started talking about Mania 19 being one of the all time best… I love this series and I wanna get myself a copy of Wavelength. Seems like a fun game

  2. Please keep these going to help fix my needs during the quizzlemania lulls!!!!!!!

  3. The fear horror and shock on dans face is amazing

  4. This makes me wish I understood wrestling or what they were talking about but this is fun to watch.

  5. "Oli and I once went to an independent show where in the opening match someone hit a canadian destroyer on the apron and it was a set up for a near-fall(?)" as someone with basically no wrestling knowledge, that sentence sound like some sort of secret code

  6. I actually would have been inclined to put the chair ever so slightly to the left. Yes it is fairly default but people are still sometimes coming up with new ways to utilise it.

  7. Luke says hello there
    General Kenobi intensifies

  8. How wrestling YouTube has tried to get Jarrett over is beyond me. It's like Video game YouTube trying to get the 32x over as being good.

    Jarrett is awful, he's never been any higher than mediocre. I don't even get the tounge-in-cheek use of him.

  9. Can confirm my new number one hobby is watching Dan's face while the List Men discuss his clue. I've replayed it so many times and it just KEEPS. ON. GIVING.

  10. But seriously….odd team had 4 chances and nwo 2000 had three chances

  11. Man this was so entertaining. Watched beginning to end. Thanks boiis

  12. I’ve never wanted to win a Yokozuna Action figure so badly in my life.

  13. Laurie was paid by Team Odd. He had two decisions and both of them were controversial to say the least.

  14. Dan "I forgot WM 19 is an all time great WM" Layton.

  15. Nothing says 'I haven't watched that one in a while' quite like Dan's defense partly being 'Matt Hardy was there' as justification for making it a bottom 10 Mania

  16. I still know nothing about wrestling but y’all are so entertaining I love these anyway!

  17. The moment Adam pops it over all the way on the best side for WM19 Dan's face shows true dispair 😂

  18. Oh dan… I still love you man, but oh Dan… haha

  19. i haven’t watched ina while but where has Lori, Pete and Andy been ? have i missed a few chapters????

  20. Dan is NEVER living down that hot take on Wrestlemania 19.

  21. Why didn’t nWo 2000 get another chance at the end?

  22. am I the only one who hears that move and thinks Petey Williams

  23. You could see Dan going thru the stages of despair

  24. Ok maybe I don't have as many friends to talk about wrestling with, but sicne when was WM19 a top 3 Wrestlemania?!?!

  25. Yall are having so much fun. I'd love to join you on these adventures. Never gonna happen I guess xD

  26. The best debut? It's gotta be Kane

  27. 14:00 *Sigh*… If I was in that room I would've slapped Dan in the back of the head…. SMFH….

  28. I literally can't love Dan Layton any more. We need more Dan!

  29. I did not realise how popular wrestling is as a sport. Am I the only one not knowing crap about this?😁

  30. Poor Dan knew in that moment “I’m going to get absolutely roasted by my friends and the comments alike.”
    It’s all in good fun. These videos are fantastic

  31. Random dice generator, where is the dice tower of destiny

  32. I get that wm19 had some good matches but I wouldn't even put it in my top 5. Maybe not even top 10. Maybe. While it had some good matches, it also had some absolute duds.

  33. Discussing CM Punks return promo, I get that some things are personal, and I'm aware that this is because of things I've had to go through in my life; but "I was never going to get healthy physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally staying in the same place that got me sick in the first place" is a quote that made me well up and has stuck with me until this day.

  34. I admit i was very lost on the rules of the game even when it was explained xD but a fun watch

  35. On the last one, least fun definitely has to be when the Mounty used a taser… Looks trash and adds nothing to the show

    Most fun has to be a bag of tacs, because it doesn't kill anyone but makes such a massive amount of spots possible

  36. is tempest nose permanently flat from wearing that mask? gotta be. someone get him a new one

  37. This was an incredibly fun watch. I'd love to see more of this for sure!!

  38. What's funny is that Dan's take on WrestleMania 19 isn't actually that far off. While a lot of marks love it, it was an unsuccessful Mania as far as buyrate goes. If anything it's an over rated Mania though it did have it's moments

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