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We turned $100 into a board game table

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We DIY a board game table using parts from Ikea! And other places! We buy the $100 Ingo table from Ikea, which is technically a kids table, and make a bunch of cuts to create the board game recessed arena surface that can hold Tabletop Chits and cards. We buy some particle board from Ikea, and hardware is from Ikea and Ace Hardware! This entire process took about 2.5 days to woodwork with 1.5 people, but the final product has African Mahogany rails and seats 4. Neoprene, cupholders, and other accessories could be on the way. We fit Hellapagos, Proliferation, and Ticket to Ride USA no problem, and we’re sure Catan could easily fit. However, some of the bigger games on BGG may not fit, like Gloomhaven, Twilight Imperium 4, or Star Wars Rebellion. Although this process is inexpensive, we ran into many issues along the way, so see how Pranav gets us out of the messes!

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Table of Contents:
Intro – (0:00)
Ikea Shopping – (1:28)
Workshop Day 1 – (4:46)
Workshop Day 2 – (12:47)
Completed Table – (17:31)
Final Thoughts – (19:59)

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  1. "A game table for $100!" Then procedes to spend 100 on the table "a little bit more money for materials"

  2. May u should learn some woodworking skills and stuff before do such videos and teach ppl wrong/false unprofessional stuff which isnt good, I dont mean that offensive or anything else. I'm working in a carpentry and my heart and ears bleeding 😀 for example the use of the saws or the drill sometimes

  3. 0:12 "We bought a table for 100 Dollar from IKEA, put in a little bit more money for materials"… WTF? That's Instant dislike for the dumbest fucking click bait I have seen in a while.

  4. 4 people, assuming 1 behind the camera, 1 cutting the boards, and 2 others but neither of them can catch the boards on the other side to stop them from falling?

  5. Very fun work, one recommendation that you may have thought of that I would make is on your leaves on the table top, maybe screw in some rubber feet at the corners so that it’s easier to slot perfectly over the game top and that way there’s no way that the Table top will slip when you’re having dinner, the last thing you want is for somebody to be eating and then they lean in the whole thing is pushed over onto the floor.

    The other thought I have is, while it looks like using the rails is working just fine, Maybe there’s some kind of a cup or dish or something else that you can get a bunch of, preferably plastic ones, and then screw in some kind of a post so that you can drop it along the rail and it will hold in place, and that way you can have a space to put your pieces where they won’t get knocked off of the rail if you aren’t paying attention.and you could probably do something similar with cupholders or whatever you wanted to do.

    But nice build, very fun.

  6. Okay hear me out: You drill blind holes into the side rails, match marking the tabletop. Drill short blind holes into the tabletop, slightly smaller than the holes in the side rails, and glue dowels into these. Boom, now you've got alignment pins.

  7. "I came, I saw, I messed up." Would have been so much better if he finished it, "So now I have to saw again."

  8. I think i'll try this too! Just thinking about leaving the gap between the armrests and the underconstruction to slide in some cup holders or stuff like that. Also i like the idea of led's as someone mentioned, 'cause everyone knows that led's make everything better 😀

  9. Rabbit the mahogany and make the topper inset if you want it more waterproof-ish

  10. So you turned $100 + another $100 or so into a board game table …

  11. Great little side adventure from you guys – loving seeing your buds included in the videos!

  12. One of your best videos. DIY even gives me ideas about modding my current Ikea table which has 2 built in foldable leafs. Thank you.

  13. You know how some tables are like a bucket /a box on the underside? So, just flip the table over, and move the legs to where the table top would be, and BAM you have a board game table. Buy the same table again just for the top and BAM BAM you get a table topper too.

  14. I know you didn't use the original ledge but painters tape at the cut line where you accidentally had to much would have fixed the chipping issue when cutting with the circular saw. Great Video I watched from beginning to end.

  15. I made a table like this last summer. The table I got is solid wood and I got it for free.
    It came out great. Cost me about €100 cause I used quality paint and laquer. Gaming mat was €12 and led strips were free.
    My table is bigger tho.
    Good video.

  16. But if you are modding it wht not making it from scratch?!

  17. I so wish I had the tools available (as well as the working space), I'd immediately do the same project (just a bit bigger)! Well done guys!

  18. You can buy cup holders that clamp to a normal table

  19. Hyyyy! Im sorry to be a downer, but please, please sensor your swearing. Especially the F-bombs. – It ruins immersion in the video- You risk losing monitisation!!! – Can be fun or funny until you just keep doing it and it loses all entertainment value- You can actually add a layer of humour and fun to vids by being creative with how you do it 😉- A lot of people are sensitive to the F-bomb (not necessarily other, less bad swears) so you're potentially upsetting lots of viewers and even losing some :-(- loss of monitisation risk! I said it twice because it's that important 😜😂Anyway, other-than-that little upset, a funformative vidyo all-around! ❤ Looking-forward to 4.0 hehe

  20. Correction, war of the ring is the standard of fitting on a board game table 🙃

  21. Would definitely get a mat felt to complete it.

  22. The hardest part of DIY is finding a friend with all that tools 😀

  23. What is the ideal internal dimensions needed for "larger games" really? I play a lot of Marvel United with the (in my opinion) much needed 90cm diameter round playmat. …so would a square (or rectangular) inner surface with at least 1m w + l do? I would love the big brother IKEA version created from you guys! 🙂

  24. You'd want a miter saw to cut 45s on the arm rests.
    You'd want a plywood blade or other high tooth count saw for your circular saw. Also, only have 1/8" ticking through and using masking tape to prevent chipping of plywood. It's not the saws fault, it's the blade and blade depth.
    Instead of the metal brackets, should have just run the side through the table sides to cut the grooves for the game bottom portion. There are dual blades for tablesaws just for this, or could do a router (saw is quicker).
    You can get instructions online for tables, and then just modify those designs. IKEA quality is really hit or miss, and I found all their tables a bit small to do this with as I'd want 6' x 4' minimum.

  25. its always easier to see how to use the materials after the DIY, but one idea, use the 20$ board you got as the topper instead, and the OG table top peice as the bottom. LOVE how it turned out!!

  26. "There are solutions to this . . . I'm trying to think of them . . . " sums up every woodworking project I've ever done.

  27. Really appreciate how you guys keep going back to the board game table project to improve it in different ways 👍

  28. Love watching DIY board game table builds! 🪚 I've been getting more comfortable with woodworking and general DIY skills lately but I still feel like when the time comes I'd rather just splurge (nothing crazy, mind you!) on a top-tier quality table instead of trying to make one on my own… but we'll see! Love the finished product you all made! Thanks for sharing, guys! (Also, the old saying "measure twice, cut once" comes to mind as I watch this!) 🤣

  29. Love how Pranav is becoming a more regular in Shelfside. Love his energy!!!

  30. I have zero motivation to do this myself, but this was really fun to watch.

  31. the measure once cut thrice energy is strong here 😂

  32. What game were you guys playing the second time?

  33. Nice!

    If you don't find a neoprene mat that's the right size or just don't want to use one, my daughter and I found success and fun with fabric instead. Simply wrap some batting (a fabric used for padding) followed by velour or felt (for a less luxurious but more affordable option alternative). Simply attach the fabric with spray on fabric glue, wrap around the edges, and staple from underneath.

    We used that method to make a topper instead and enjoyed it. Well… Until a night when I had drank a bit of umm… Water! Yeah, got to stay hydrated. Anyways, it didn't get put away properly and the cats tore it up like a scratching post. So, yeah. Make sure you make it inaccessible to animals. (Don't feel too sorry for us. We had fun building it together and my wife gave me a really nice neoprene mat as a gift for Christmas).

    Also, you could probably add cup holders with a hole saw and cup holder inserts. The inserts can be found online and stores that sell products for RVs, boats, and/or semis. If you already have a hole saw, that addition should only cost about $10-20 while preventing spills.

  34. Petitioning to have Pranav build a board gaming house in Shelfside’s next video 🔨🧱

  35. This channel is very quickly becoming one of my favourite board game content sources – you guys convinced me to buy Takenoko, great stuff keep it up ❤

  36. Pranavs Protips™: "Don't drill directly into your legs."

  37. That was great to watch!! Love how cheap it is!! I'm going to wait until v37 releases and buy from you guys for $200!! 😁 I want the adult sized table, though. So, $300.

  38. Hey great job guys that looks great! I need to do that soon.

  39. Why didn’t you put some felt down in the arena area?

  40. Inflation is crazy that table was 50 bucks when I bought it like 4 years ago

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