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Weekly Board Game News! Expansion Explosion of Dune, Oath, Clank, White Castle, & Expeditions!!

Liege of Games
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Your weekly news round-up, happenings from the past week, the upcoming week ahead, and everything else in between. Especially a plus if I just find it interesting in general. We’re hot and heavy with expansions this week all at once!

Dune: War for Arrakis (The CMON preorder part 2)
White Castle
Clank Catacombs

Plus Level 99 announced their next upcoming crowdfunding project and they’re still trying to make right the system that D&D as well as Shadowrun couldn’t perfect at this point, but now with Pathfinder and Paizo.

Plus see the pinned comment or the community poll question about Liege of Game…T-shirts???

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Time Stamp:
00:00 – Leder’s Oath Gets Expanded
01:43 – Clank Catacombs Gets Bigger
03:35 – Expeditions Expansion News
05:39 – Knizia Duelers + Bitewing in June
07:28 – Level 99’s next project: Spooky Something
08:27 – Unstoppable Deck Building w/Renegade Studios
10:38 – Make Tea Not Burgers: More White Castle
13:20 – Dune: War for Arrakis Reprint/Expansion News
18:18 – New Dice Tower Essentials Game
19:32 – Pathfinder Mixed with Dragonfire/Shadowcross
21:58 – Upcoming Crowdfunding
– Yonder
– Feudum
– Masters of Eternia Battlegrounds
– World of Kilforth
– Hannibal and Hamilcar
26:03 – The Hotness


  1. What would you want to see on a t-shirt from me? I tend to be simplistic/minimalisticEven just the channel name or something straightforward but wearable in the sense that it's not going to be cringe worth either!

  2. I have an aquarium channel and when I got into boardgames, I tried to do a review on there. People freaked out. A year later ended up just starting my own board game channel over 1000 subscribers now.

  3. Gamefound doesn't require companies running campaigns to include something new in each campaign. So preorders/reprints are totally allowed. Whereas on Kickstarter, if a company wants to do that, they have to include something new (small expansion, new promos, soundtrack, artbook, etc) in order to run a campaign.

  4. So dune… the original ‘Exclusives’ weren’t exclusives at all then…

  5. About increasing player count in expansion. I think there is a difference between increasing the player count with new components that would only be used at that new player count and creating a new board for a new faction for example and saying that you can now play up to x players.

    Expeditions expansion is adding I believe 2 new Mechs and maybe 2 new characters and a companion combo which doesn't feel the same as having a new color tokens to fit the extra player.

    Just my 2 cents. One bothers me more than the other. The other is totally fine with me.

  6. The folks who made Crimson Scales, the fan expansion for Gloomhaven, are launching Rove, their own game this month on Kickstarter.

  7. I found this channel through a paid preview of a Street Fighter board game that helped me make an informed decision. Paid reviews and previews are fine as long as their unbiased. I trust that they would be; they always have been before.

  8. He-Man is a good ip. Lots of folks in their 35-45s with money and love for it.

  9. That has got to be the most overused joke regarding board games and burgers!!!!!

  10. Wow, that is weird! Pay to not give an opinion! Is that because the games are getting worse – and they don’t want you to know how bad their game is??

  11. question if you have time. do you like exceed better than battlecon? I love battlecon but havent made the jump to exceed yet.

  12. If You click it You loose 10%!

  13. Guess its He-Man because CMON knows that the 40-year old kids got the most money

  14. I get the oddness of paid for non-opinions, but the core conflict of interest is being paid for opinions, which puts pressure on those opinions to be positive (or at least not negative).

    Not giving an opinion and getting paid for it, still retains a genuine risk of conflict of interest, especially where that person still wants to also offer up reviews. Will a negative review stop those paid gigs coming in? Possibly.

    I do like how The dice tower delegates the paid previews to Mark Streed, putting a degree of distance between their large reviewing team and their paid previewer. It doesn't remove the conflict of interest (Dice Tower inc. still has that), but the separation of roles is a good compromise.

  15. you should get paid for your time. period. if people are bothered by it, then maybe reviews arent for them.

    i dont care at all what your opinion is. you let me know it exists, i look it up, watch some playthroughs, read a rulebook maybe, make my own decisions. what i need from you tbh, is how does the insert work, whats the component quality, does it hold sleeved cards, how bad is the setup in practice, stuff like that. seeing gameplay is generally easy to find. that information regarding setup etc, not so much.

    in any case, regardless of how you structure your content, you should get paid for it if it brings eyes and sales to a publisher. period. full stop. they benefit from your time, so should you.

    thats my opinion. anyone saying otherwise doesnt respect your time. also my opinion.

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