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What Board Games Are Like Now

Sir Matteus
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i actually really love Shut Up and Sit Down


  1. The instructions are in a fictional language that you can learn over a 2 year online class.

  2. I didn't expect to actually laugh, but I did. This is amazing and 1,000% accurate.

  3. Where's my 300 3D printed unique minis that MUST be painted or they're impossible to distinguish from one another?

  4. Hang on hang on back up a sec…
    …my soul has inches?

  5. There are maybe six or seven moments in this that are just transcendentally perfect

  6. Dear Mr Matteus,

    This is, by far, the GREATEST thing that I have had the pleasure to watch during this year of 2021!
    Thank you for this early christmas gift, I will cherish it forever!

    Many thank & Well wishes,
    A New Sub to your channel!

  7. I really didn't understand your review. Putting a pear in few camera shots should help for the next time…

  8. it took me a whole minute to realize this is a SUSD parody

  9. I do want to say that I quickly became addicted to buying board games, but just as quickly learned I wasn't having any "fun" spending 50.00 on them. Many of them are needlessly complex, and take so much time to learn. Add that to needing three additional friends who WANT to learn a complicated, 3 hour board game and it became clear that this wasn't going to happen.

    Our group started getting into Microgames, games like Secret Hitler, Coup and Loveletter, where learning the game takes about five minutes, and ending the game takes just as long. These are the kinds of games that big groups want to play, and I'm surprised there aren't more of them

  10. Board games then:
    "Please refer to pages 47 to 51 of the manual for instructions on how to move cavalry, and remember that the 11 exceptions to these rules can be found at the back of the manual. Cavalry are the pieces of cardboard with a horse symbol."

    Board games now:
    "What does this over-detailed barbarian miniature do?"
    "Move around and throw dice."
    "Oh. And what does this fist-sized dragon miniature do?"
    "Move around twice as fast, and throw 3 times as many dice."

  11. 3:03 you are calling me out aren't you? This hurts, you know.

  12. I hope that board game didn't cost as much as a chair

  13. the first game to work for 4 players who are into it and 1 half player who is on their phone and vaguely paying attention.

  14. “This game looks fun. I’ll buy it!
    Now onto the real challenge, finding friends to play this board game with”

  15. My god. This is spot on. Need more "hallacious" and "burying the lead"

  16. Best video seriously. The internet is gonna be down hill from here. I also picked up a little NPI in here too? Awesome. Thanks for the video!

  17. There's going to be a point where some hipster douchebag dudebro is going to spend an hour and half trying to I explain a boardgame to someone and they're just going to say something along the lines of "at this point we should probably just play an actual TTRPG" and the world is going to fucking explode.

  18. You took near 4 minutes to make a 30 second joke but nailing the overhead camera angle and the insane stoop makes it worth it.

  19. SUSD obnoxiousness continues to affect the hobby's media creators. I actually hate SUSD. I wish this wasn't done ironically, but with poisonous satirical intent.

  20. I was having a rough day and YouTube recommended this to me. I could not stop laughing. Thank you so much for making this!!!!! (Also, I feel really called out right now…)

  21. Holy shit, my man, this is work of utter genius. Amazing work.

  22. This game takes place in Ebberon? Pass… twice. Haha

  23. This game takes place in Ebberon? Pass… twice. Haha

  24. If Quinton Smith doesn't see this video, I'm going to scream for the rest of my life.

  25. I have that same Deck of Many Things 😂

  26. why did it take me so long to realize this is a SUSD parody…

  27. Geez between this and the Lore video I feel aggressively targeted

  28. This is awesome…right down to all the freaking little furniture/clutter/knick-knacks/plants/glasses of day old drinks/elderly left strewn about

  29. Tbf if someone made a board game out of Khorvaire it would just be about connecting the lightning rail network after the last war

  30. Had to come back and enjoy this again. This is a masterpiece! Thank you

  31. i dunno i find that newer board games arent that bad (depending on what you play) but stuff like old arkham horror is way worse than the new stuff

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