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What I Bought at the UKGE 2024 – Lots of New Board Games!

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I talk through all of the new board games I picked up at the UKGE 2024




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Rankings correct at time of recording.

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  1. To actually review Blue Moon Legends, I believe many hours of play are required, with so many nuances and variations coming out of the box, at least that's my experience. So, looking forward to seeing your review in June next year 😜

  2. I am super keen to hear your thoughts on Carson City and Blue Moon Legends. I acquired both of those last week!

  3. You are going heavy on the knizia train. I can't wait to see you thoughts about Blue Moon Legends, Cascadero and Zoo Vadis as I am a Knizia fanboy.

    As for Through the Desert, I already played my all play copy a few times and I have to say I am disappointed with the camels quality (in comparison with the zman copy) and a missing hole on the map's printing. Also 2 of the 4 expansions aren't that good. I love the salt/bazaar expansion and I think it creates a very simple pick up and delivery system that works and gives more competition. The new watering hole tiles are also good and creates a lot of tempo plays with the third camel that players can use whenever they want once they get the tile. The objective expansion I think is just ok or bad because it favors people who are already doing well on a certain aspect so it's kinda like a double reward and I don't like that. The djin is expansion is terrible because it has too much luck involved and it punishes one player that is trying to do a certain strategy like enclosing areas (there is a djin that says people can't enclose areas), so it just breaks the strategies of the game. Overall, I love Through the desert so much that I enjoy having those 2 expansions I liked so I guess I am happy to have this edition but not totally satisfied with the production.

  4. Claim it! is a really nice dice game, love it at 2-players. Along with Gang of Dice its my favourite dice game.

    Ah, I want R-Eco. Not easy to get hold of.

  5. That look s like an exciting haul! Definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts on Blue Moon and Cascadero.

  6. Terra Pyramides (such bad Latin!) has such a wonky rule book; oddly, examples in the module rule books clarify the written text of the main rulebook, so make sure you read everything! It would be great to have a review on it as there is nothing in English out yet. It has a bit of Renature DNA in it for sure, but it would be wonderful to hear some detailed analysis from you!

  7. Interesting how your girlfriend is going for cute and you are a "the beiger the better" type. What games do your tastes overlap?

  8. Awesome haul, Dan! Looking forward to all of these; especially Terra Pyramides.

  9. Only a handful of games this year then Dan ! Looks like you did well at the bring and buy, and glad to hear it was much more organised this year

  10. Definitely looking forward to hear your review and preference between TTD and Cascadero. Also curious to hear your thoughts on Harmonies

  11. Welcome back Mille Fiori! I'm curious about your review of Cascadero, as well as Misty Vale and Blue Moon 🙂

  12. Isle Express is a very cool compact and interactive game. I really enjoy it quite a bit. Perfect traveling game.

  13. R-Eco is nice, but you should check out the differences between official Rules, Z-Man rules in contrast to the discussed and proposed Variant-Rules on BBG. There are some really good improvements regarding player count and set up.
    Still a good game with cool game arc, even with standard rules.

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