What is tile placement? + My top 10 tile placement games! | BOARD GAME 101 - cutlassboardgame.com

What is tile placement? + My top 10 tile placement games! | BOARD GAME 101

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Hey friends! Welcome back to another board game 101 mechanism video! Today we are chatting about tile placement. Another one of my favourite mechanisms. I often like the combination of worker placement and tile placement as well. I hope you all enjoy the video!

00:00 intro
01:34 What is tile placement?
03:22 #10
06:09 #9
08:09 #8
09:47 #7
11:39 #6
13:31 #5
15:05 #4
16:28 #3
18:54 #2
21:24 #1
23:48 tile placement games on my wishlist
26:45 outro

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  1. 2 of my favourites that aren't on your list are Akropolis and Heaven & Ale

  2. Amropolis was one that was a hit at this year’s Gen Con you may want to look into. 🙂

  3. If you enjoy Cascadia and Calico, I would suggest Overboss if you haven't tried it yet 😊

  4. I think you would really like Rajas of the Ganges and Keyflower. Both have worker placement and tile laying 👍🏻

  5. Cascadia is so good. I just solo it and loved it. super chill game. I really want to try castles of burgundy and tenpenny parks.

  6. Lovely list! I love Tile Placement. So many unique ways to do it. I would say my top 5 are: Kingdomino, Botanik, Living Forest (kind of a cheat xd), Cascadia & Calico.

  7. One thing that strikes me is that the game play reminds me a lot of Viticulture but set in a bee world. Haha! 🙂 Maybe that is a game night setup. First Honey Buzz, then Viticulture.

  8. My first experience of tile placement was Drive (Pepys, 1960). Up to 4 players attempt to travel between two houses, building the road as they go. Great fun for younger players, but the road signs are British. My 16 year old still loves it. In my teens I played Sorcerer's Cave (build the dungeon as you explore it and add characters to your party). I still have Mystic Wood, an Arthurian knight adventure exploring a wood built from tiles to complete quests while dealing with the wood's denizens.

  9. Sub Terra was one of my 1st games, (after buying Palm Island 1st, and Patchwork-like games, Cottage Garden, Indian summer, all Rosenberg games). 
    Sub Terra hard to win but so pleasant to play! I have the Annihilation expansion, in which you can poison the creatures' nests! That''s a satisfying sensation!^^ I must get it out soon!

    I have to check The Whatnot Cabinet, I already put it on my wish list after what you said.

    And I have to "study" the Honey Buzz case! ^^I've been intrigued by it for some time.

    Cascadia is brilliant, as well as Calico I love them the same way.

    I 'd like to quote :
    – Ark Nova (you'll love it!)
    – Betrayal at House on Hill (you build a spooky house with tiles. I hope the 2nd edition is prettier than the 1st. Those miniatures mein Gott!!!!! They were ugly!)
    – Coma Ward
    – Akropolis, 
    – Factory Funner (it makes my brain boil !!!!🤯),
    – Azul of course, 
    – Savannah Park
    They are all fantastic and so good to play!

    Funnily enough for a cat lover like me (10 rescued stray cats 😳, among them 5 two-weeks babies 🫠 at the moment at home!!!! I'm trying to find cat rescue associations but they are all overwhelmed unfortunately….) well : I didn't try the Isle of Cats yet !!!!
    I don't know Caverna either. But I like Rosenberg's game too!

    Thanks for the video and the good advice! Have a nice gaming week!

  10. We love The Whatnot Cabinet and Cascadia. I play both solo as well. Have you tried The Night Cage yet?

  11. Thanks so much for the shoutout for Tenpenny Parks!! It's an honor to be this high on your list!

  12. TenPenny Park reminds me of The Grand Carnival! Have you checked that one out yet? I have Project L, and its a lot of fun! I played it with my stepsister, and then asked for it for her birthday.

  13. Great list! My City was an absolute blast! One of my favorite board game experiences so far. Really looking forward to My Island! Paris and Botanik are both excellent two player games, and if you like Barenpark and Miyabi, you may enjoy Llamaland as well. 🙂

  14. I love the use of chonky to describe the box size of Caverna.
    A few others have mentioned it, but Small Islands is a good one you should check out. Building out a map style game with an interesting control and limit on ending rounds. It also has a solo mode

  15. LOL I was wondering where Isle of Cats was! 😂 I ADORE honey buzz, and actually just finished a game of Land Vs Sea today. I’ve been wanting to try Cascadia & Paris!

  16. 16:59 Really? I prefer Calico, BECAUSE it is a tighter, more restricting, constraining game. I like the challenge of trying to find that one tile which is a green, striped tile to put down in this one particular space on my quilt – because that would pay off by giving me 15 points… but will it come out? And even if it does, will you take it before I am able to?

  17. 27:11 Citrus looks like a good game. It is not a polyomino game (I would much rather just play Tetris), and it is quite competitive.

  18. Have u compared Agricola to Caverna? Curious to see which u would like better

  19. I love Honey Buzz! I was thought you had another Uwe Rosenberg game which is New York Zoo. I am sure I have seen that one on another one of your videos? Can’t wait to see your solo plays for August. I am really keen to see more solo videos. It is really hard to find solo game reviewers that are female. Not to diss the male reviews but they seem to often be the same dungeon, adventure games and I like the diversity in your game reviews. I also have Ark Nova and Tenpenny Park on my Wishlist.

  20. Love the look of Tenpenny Parks! Have you played Funfair? Have Funfair in our collection and was wondering if it played different enough to have both?

  21. I've never even heard of Whatnot Cabinet, but it looks neat! Tile placement is always a hit at my house (Doolin), and some of our favorites are Calico, Honey Buzz, and Azul.

  22. Great list of games! I really enjoy Castles of Burgundy and Cascadia. My City is great too!

    Thanks for posting about Tenpenny Parks! So glad to hear you are enjoying it.

  23. Ive been really enjoying Between Two Cities! A nice lil twist on tile placement!

  24. Thank you, I really enjoyed the list. I was waiting to see when Carcassonne would be mentioned, so a little surprised it didn't get mentioned. It's so good with the Traders and Builders expansion. Much older than most of the games on your list, but I never really tire of it.

  25. I’m enjoying your video from Japan,thank you! If you want a simple and fun tile placement game,I'll definitely recommend Alice's Garden!

  26. My favorite tile placement game is Tigris & Euphrates – an old classic by Reiner Knizia. And Takenoko is fun with kids. I've wanted Honey Buzz for quite a while. It looks so sun and cute.

  27. A couple to try are Overboss, Explorers of the North Sea and Mine Craft: Builders and Biomes.

  28. If you love Caverna, you definitely need to give A Feast For Odin a play…and I highly recommend My City. I think you two will love it.

  29. Just discovered your channel some days ago. I like, I suscribe!! Keep the good work!

  30. Great video as always! I was so curious to see where/if 'Cascadia' would land on the list! So glad you're liking it. I'm definitely going to add 'Sub Terra' to the wish list! And I'll definitely need to try 'Castles of Burgundy' and 'Caverna' – Those are two that I've not thought much about because the artwork doesn't draw me in but I hear great things!

  31. Tile Placement is one of my favorite mechanisms as well! I like it most combined with route-building. My favorite is Curious Cargo at the moment. It leans medium-heavy, but it’s so fun!

  32. Would you suggest caverna as an introductory to Uwe games. The games always sound interesting and then I get intimidated by the all the pieces and shy away from getting one. Thanks and keep up the good work

  33. I played Cascadia for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed it (added it to my never-ending wishlist). I have played Kingdomino on BGA, but my physical copy should be arriving tomorrow. I have a feeling it will be a go-to filler or relaxing game. I also like Castles of Burgundy, but never enough to buy it. It's just so…ugly xD. And not even the new deluxe version appeals to me. But great gameplay mechanics.

  34. Jenna, good list you did there. My game group enjoys tile placement. Though I tend to get my butt kicked each time we play Sub Terra. We play Whatnot Cabinet about every 2 weeks.

  35. I was excited to see the title of this video, because I LOVE tile placement games! Cascadia is a favorite of mine, but I have not tried it solo yet. I'll have to soon! Very excited for Planet Unknown and Clank! Catacombs, too!

  36. LOVE cascadia! I play it solo more than any other games in my shelf right now

  37. Planet Unknown has quickly become my number one Tile/Polyomino game of the year. I think you will love it. It plays well at 6 as actions are simultaneous. To play at 2 players, use a variant that rolls a dice between every player to turn the SUSAN.

  38. Isle of Cats is fun. Cascadia is one of our favorites. Easy to teach and hit the table. Obsession is amazing. Didn’t really think I would like the theme. Never watched Downton Abbey but we started after playing this game. Really love it. So gets you in the mode…tea…Downton Abbey music in the background. So good. Great list.

  39. I love tile placement! Overboss is a favorite solo of mine. It has two solo versions a score case and a campaign. I also really like Takenoko, Suburbia, God's Love Dinosaurs (100% does not get enough love), Hall of the Mountain King, and The Night Cage (for spooky season)

  40. Definitely have to try Feast for Odin. Great for solo too.

  41. 1:20 Jenna, I would like to see one of these videos on Engine-Building and/or Tableau-Building!

  42. I love a good tile placement game. For now I've got Honey buzz, Carcassonne and Cascadia. But I've got some new ones on my radar right now. Such as Miyagi and Tenpenny parks.

  43. New subscriber! I really enjoy your content and friendly approach to your channel! Thank you!

    Tile placement isn't my favorite game mechanism but I do enjoy it and I'm always on the lookout for something interesting and fun.

    I also appreciate the timestamps, it's a nice touch!

  44. Planet Unknown is terrific! I would love to hear what you think about Small Islands as well.

  45. Highly recommend Feast for Odin and Glen More II Chronicles.

  46. Can’t forget the classic Carcassonne! It’s simple to learn but surprisingly very strategic and hard to master. Planet Unknown is also great and it’s easy to learn.

  47. Haven't played a ton of these but here's some I like.

    1. A Feast for Odin. (My favorite Uwe game)
    2. Land vs Sea (carcassonne vibes but much better 1v1)
    3. Carcassonne (with expansions) (Great variability with the big box versions)
    4. Small Islands
    5. Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure

    I have tried to get a hold of Sub Terra to no avail. Also hoping to play Cascadia soon. I'm waiting for the new version of Castles of Burgundy before playing.

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