What is tile placement? + My top 10 tile placement games! | BOARD GAME 101 - cutlassboardgame.com

What is tile placement? + My top 10 tile placement games! | BOARD GAME 101

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Hey friends! Welcome back to another board game 101 mechanism video! Today we are chatting about tile placement. Another one of my favourite mechanisms. I often like the combination of worker placement and tile placement as well. I hope you all enjoy the video!

00:00 intro
01:34 What is tile placement?
03:22 #10
06:09 #9
08:09 #8
09:47 #7
11:39 #6
13:31 #5
15:05 #4
16:28 #3
18:54 #2
21:24 #1
23:48 tile placement games on my wishlist
26:45 outro

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  1. Considering how much you love tile placement and layering … You should look into Paris city of lights , spelt in French.. it's a great two player..

  2. Could you do a boardgame 101 about the difference between "light," "medium," and, I presume, "heavy" games? I hear the terms a lot and I'm not sure I understand. Does it have to do with rules complexity? Length of play? Number of minis or size of the board? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Nice list. Whistle Mountain is another great and unique take on worker placement and tile laying.

  4. Tile placement is always cool. Yeah Galaxy Trucker is always good fun. I have (from you list) 10, 9, 3, 2 and 1. You should put the titles next to the order in the comments. Good games! Very cr-unchy. Did I say that right? 😂 You had your hair cut. Nice hair do Jenna. Looks good. 😊👍

  5. Great list and love seeing the Caverna love again! It’s still my favorite game but for some reason I don’t really think of it as tile placement game so it wouldn’t have made my personal top 10 list (same with Agricola).

    I think you’ll really like A Feast for Odin (highly recommend it with the Norwegian’s expansion) and Ark Nova based on games you seem to enjoy.

    Botanik and My City are both great! Project L and Castles of Burgundy didn’t land for me but some people in my playgroup like them a lot.

    You might look into Queendomino, recently played that one and liked it a lot more than Kingdomino.

    I bought Paris: City of Light a while ago but am going to cull it without playing it because my gaming buddy has no interest in it, and there are so many other games we need to try that I’m more excited about. I’m happy to ship it to you (no cost) if you’re comfortable sending me an address to send it to.

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