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What your favorite board game says about you

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Your favorite board game reflects something about you! Kind of! We delve into many boardgamegeek popular games, like the top 100 ones of Gloomhaven and Twilight Imperium (Euro & Ameritrash). Certain games (FFG) can be quite money pits, asking for add ons and expansions. Others require the kickstarter stretch goals to be good! Are you new to the hobby and just know Catan, and don’t know what BGG is? Maybe you should play dungeons and dragons instead of campaign board games like Tainted Grail and Aeon’s Trespass Odyssey? We mention old classic tabletop games like scrabble and monopoly. Of course we had to mention cards against humanity as well!

Games featured: Monopoly, Gloomhaven, Tainted Grail, Aeon’s Trespass Odyssey, Star Wars Rebellion, Cards Against Humanity, Parks, Scrabble, Gaia Project, Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness, Arkham Horror LCG, Codenames, Lords of Waterdeep, Scythe, Patchwork, Great Western Trail, Castles of Burgundy, Twilight Imperium 4, Dominion, Heroquest

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  1. If youxread this comment, please Tell me what my favourite (Citadels) says about me:)

  2. The Dead of Winter bit made me crack up! And I've never played that game. Request to cover Agricola, please. I assume it says that person is a classy sadist.

  3. I'd love to see you do one of these covering some of my favorites. Argent the Consortium, Dwellings of Eldervale, and my favorite casual game with friends, Dice Throne.

  4. The Patchwork- shrinkwrap joke is such a niche reference and I love it.

  5. I do wonder what my favorite game of Tragedy Looper says about me.Probably that I like my brain twisted thinking about time.

  6. In the midst of all the stupid things YouTube has to offer this is gold…

  7. The "six moment" is the best part of eldritch horror, I played it with a lot of people and everyone just screams for that 5 or 6, instantly loving the player who did it like he really saved the world. Peak boardgaming

  8. He only shrinkwrapped Patchwork once, pfff.

  9. True Codenames-fans say "pizza" and then go for 9 words

  10. All games are 💩 without the expansions. All of 'em!

  11. So true: “The best thing about Heroquest”’s original video is indeed the best thing about Heroquest.

  12. The manic Dead of Winter was exactly, oh, so spot on I could feel it viscerally 😩👌

  13. The manic Dead of Winter was exactly, oh, so spot on I could feel it viscerally 😩👌

  14. The space cats peace turtles shoutout 😂

  15. The space cats peace turtles shoutout 😂

  16. Dune: You have five friends who hate each other and you and you all have five hours to free time at the same time.

  17. you are two different guys, I thought you just lost weight.

  18. I’ve never felt so called out on every single one of my games.

  19. Great video! Mine's Scythe and you're not wrong – I DEFINITELY have all the expansions! 🤣 I just don't think it's a lesser game without the expansions, though!

  20. xD I died laughging! Some inclusions for next iteration: Food Chain Magnate, Sidereal Confluence, Dixit.

  21. Lol great video.
    Wonder what Dead Reckoning says about me

  22. I love Castles of Burgundy and why is this so true? The AP! :((

  23. This was great! 😂
    Requesting Wingspan, Azul, Quacks of Quedlinburg and Ticket to Ride in the next version!
    Great work!! 🎉🎉🎉

  24. My favorite game is TI4, but I hate Eclipse; what does that say about me?
    My favorite game is Eclipse, but I hate TI4; what does that say about me too?

  25. Such a funny video… "I just want to play D&D" really got me… every single time 🤣
    I would like to see my two favorite games of all time Five Tribes and Tigris & Euphrates 🤩

  26. Oh my Howling !!! Best thing about Heroquest!! Gold Jerry!!! Gold!!!!

  27. If you kept going with all the lcgs, just ends up being a pile of money/credit card debt lol

  28. Where's War of the Ring at? Gotta make a part 2 now, to correct your mistake

  29. The best thing about HeroQuest is rehashing a best-thing-about-HeroQuest gag. But that's enough about my comments.

  30. There's not enough like buttons to press for this video lmao

  31. No joke, one of the reasons I'm not an enthusiast of Gloomhaven is…if I'm going to spend that kind of time and effort in a campaign game, I'd universally rather play a proper pen-and-paper RPG, where I can get more story, more character development, and a whole lot more creative freedom.

  32. Frankly, I'm insulted by the lack of representation for Cosmic Encounter lovers (like me!). A perfect missed opportunity for absurd shenanigans. 😉

  33. As a big fan of "Dead of Winter", "Great Western Trail", and "Mansions of Madness"… Huh? I get "GWT" being strategic and "MOM having entertaining dice rolls but… "DOW"?

    You only roll the dice once per round unless you attack. Oh, and the exposure die if you move without using fuel or an ability or whatever.

    In my experience, it's more "Okay we are on the last round of the game. I don't think there's a traitor. Hmm, maybe the player to my left but… No, they would have done something by now. We just have to finish this round. But it could all be for nothing if they betray us. They wouldn't though. Or would they? No… Yes! No… Ahhh!"

  34. Did I hear a bong hit? I could have sworn I heard a bong hit

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