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when your teammates overthink it in a board game

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  1. "Circle 2"
    "Ohhhhh i get it! Lets overthrow the government!"

  2. Every single game of Mysterium I've ever played.

  3. That’s it! That’s the entire part 1 of the Glass Onion. And then you get so mad at the second half BECAUSE EVERYTHING WAS SO OBVIOUS

  4. This is why Codenames specifically is the most stressful game I've ever watched someone play on a livestream.

  5. Last time i played this game i got a clue for 1 that i've matched with literally half the board – at the start i wanted to make fun of it and just pick the most obvious one, BUT THERE WASN'T AN OBVIOUS ONE >.< in the end i've just picked the assassin and we moved on lol

  6. Hey I was just playing this game two days ago!!!

  7. Low key this video illustrates pretty well how one overthinker can end up bringing his teammates along for the ride. One guy is like, "Wait a minute what about xyz?" and suddenly everyone is like, "Wait yeah, what about xyz?"

  8. I played codenames the other day and this happened as well, but my team made the biggest leaps of judgement to THE CORRECT CARDS. They didn't go through with it though, which was the right call, but it was agonizing because after that they did the same thing every round but to the advantage of the other team XD

  9. Once I realized it was Codenames, I realized exactly where this was going… it’s not as exaggerated as it seems, tbh. I’ve witnessed ppl pull connections out of the thinnest of air myself. Also, I like to imagine that these are the same two ppl that wouldn’t let you explain the game and you actually managed to get thru the explanation without giving up or killing either of them, only for them to now have hypercritical understanding of every subject on planet Earth now.

  10. I love this game, I always tell my friends and family that I will overthink all the answers and they give me the best cryptic words to guess 4 in a row

  11. I do this, except when I'm the clue giver. I'll die on the hill that "Donovan for 3" is a great clue for the words: "Atlantis," "Olympus" and "Ireland."

    As I write it down, it makes less sense. I'll get wounded on this hill, at best.

  12. I have a friend who causes the reverse of this. He'll give a hint that REQUIRES that level of overthrinking. Stuff like "Instrument 2" with Piano and Tuba on board, but meaning "Play" and "Practice" or something like that. It's infuriating lmao

  13. My favorite Codenames game was when the spymaster gave the clue "ocean 5." His team guessed an ocean clue but it was neutral. When play passed back he gave another clue and they used their +1 clue to guess another ocean clue. Neutral. That happened about 4 times. At the end we asked what the five things were and he goes "five? It was star and fish…" that's right: he totally missed the rule that the number is how many words they want you to guess, not part of the clue.

  14. This type of thinking applies to giving clues when you've only got one turn left. Human 5 let's go!

  15. I've got the opposite before too. One time a friend gave the clue "Holding 4" on the picture version….there were like 10 of them with something holding something

  16. I played this two days ago with my dad on my team.
    We had 1 word left to win, "kangaroo". I said "marsupial, 1".
    My dad looks at and asks, "marsupial?"
    He didn't know what a marsupial was.

  17. Every time I want to play a game with my grandparents:

  18. I remember this game. I once clued some food (I think it was hotdog) by saying "Male".

    … My agents got it.

  19. Or you have the problem where you underthink it:
    Me: Bill is short for William so I'll just say Bill "Bill for 1"
    Teammate #1: "Hmmmm well duck is there and they have a bill"
    Me: Whoops, didn't see that
    Teammate #2: "Could be Board as in 'Billboard'"
    Me: Didn't think of that either
    Teammate #3: "Surely it's Restaurant as that's the main place you ask for a bill?"
    Me: Ummm…
    Teammate #1: "Well it could be short for William…"
    Me: YES!
    Teammate #1: "…but that's the only name so he would have just said name so we can safely rule that out"
    Me: I've doomed us all

  20. The most fun is when a player on the other team is guessing like this and you're watching their teammates endure this agony.

  21. The player will then complain that the clue giver gave a confusing clue.

  22. everyone in that room about to catch strays

  23. Later that night, the “assassin” word took on a whole new meaning.

  24. Which is why you should have overthought your overthinking teammate by saying "Panda 2".
    Why? Because you'll get your overthinking friend to say "In China, Giant Pandas are known as Giant Bear Cats… A Ha!"

  25. zodiac conspiracy theorists explaining why a crocodile is a snake be like

  26. *playing Secret Himler"
    Everyone: it's got to be [my brother]! Look he's being so loud saying it's not him!
    Me: *doesn't choose brother simply because we blood bound and like him and chooses brother in law instead 😌
    BIL was Himler 😂

  27. God, I've never personally played Code Names, but there's some streamers I watch who ply it sometimes, and this is so true with some of the connections the guess-players make based on the the spymaster's hints.

  28. The hardest part of the game is not to make a face while your clue throws the others into discussions.

  29. I played a similar game with friends recently and oh boy can I relate to this xD

  30. The best part is that James Bond isn't even a Hollywood film, they're all filmed at Pinewood studios in the UK

  31. This is exactly what I do in this game. 10/10 spot on impersonation.

  32. We have one person in our family who's really prone to this. I said "Spy 2" with the intent of "Agent" and "Covert" or something like that, And she mindgamed herself into pressing "Wage" because "Spies earn wages" xD

  33. This is Shadow of Amsterdam games in a nutshell LOL

  34. Actually most of the James Bond films was filmed in Pinewood studios in England.

  35. Turns out the card they picked was the assassin and they straight up lost the game

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