Where and what could it be? 🧌😱😳 #boardgames #gamenight #tabletopgames #cryptids - cutlassboardgame.com

Where and what could it be? 🧌😱😳 #boardgames #gamenight #tabletopgames #cryptids

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  1. I love deduction games … have a dozen or so, at least… and Cryptid is the absolute best.

  2. One of my favorite games. It is very impressive how they made so many combinations that precisely point to 1 and only 1 position. Must have been really hard to make.

  3. I keep seeing these cool things to get, but I never have money for it. Keep up the good content tho 🙂

  4. I've played this game before. It's very fun but you need to be careful placing those markers any single mistake can ruin the entire game

  5. "Then everyone will cease to exist"
    I'm pretty sure the infinity gauntlet isn't a cryptid, but okay.

  6. This game is my favorite board game. It may look hard but it's very simple to play.

  7. So it's like cooler Minesweeper. I like games like these that change every time you play them.

  8. Losers be like: OH NO HE WON AAAAaaaa…

  9. Is the only reason you call this game "intense" because of the tacked-on "everyone ceases to exist" at the end

  10. Really good game!
    Bought it for my partner, and we've had a lot of fun with it. It's a strange mix between social deduction and Minesweeper

  11. crypto zoologist sound like a researcher that study on animal crypto

  12. Pfft, whatever, where's Atmosfear when you need it? Or Omega Virus?

  13. Isnt it objectively better to guess the cryptid rather than asking if its there?

  14. everyone gets their hint
    "uh, idk, my clue doesn't say not"

  15. Calling one of the chillest games "Intense"

  16. This game is honestly kind of lame. It's just minesweeper the boardgame

  17. I absolutely love this game. I have it but played only a few times because EVERYONE ELSE'S HATE IT.
    The idea of keeping track of everyones clues is too much thinking for most of my friends I guess.
    Also the version I have is extra confusing cause 3 player colors are variations of green, and the other 2 are variations of red, which makes the board very annoying to look at

  18. Honestly, this seems like an okay premise, but the cryptid angle is wasted. It's all generic shapes, the theme could literally be anything.

  19. Could you make a video about arcan horror ?

  20. 1Go outside
    2I will cease to exist
    1prove it
    "Walks out of the door and then proceeds to cease to exist"

  21. Cryptid is so good. Such a clever deduction that makes the player feel clever every time. Unless, you have no idea what you’re doing. Haha

  22. Can you talk about TerraFyte? Its a spaceship game that uses pixel art, its enjoyable.

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