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WHICH ONE IS A ROBOT?? – Inhuman Conditions immersive board game playthrough

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In two players social deduction board game, Inhuman Conditions, one investigator tries to deduce if their interviewee is secretly a robot through an interview process moddled off of the Voight-Kampff Test from cyberpunk science fiction classic, Blade Runner.

Our investigator in training has three subjects to try and deduce the humanity of in order to obtain his official license. Will he be able to tell apart the fakes from the freaks?

00:00 – How To Play
02:05 – Interview 1
08:20 – Interview 2
15:45 – Interview 3
23:19 – Results

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  1. Let us know who you think is real and who is a robot in the comments below before you see the results! Do you want to see us do more immersive let's plays?

  2. I like it when the team does videos like this, where they aren't just playing the game, but actually doing it like it's real.

  3. Great concept for board game videos. This presents the game's theme in an abstracted form, the narrative that emerges when a playthrough makes the game sing, as intended in the designer's ideal vision for it. It may not work for every game, but it manages to communicate a part of the game experience that you don't get from reading the rules or looking at the components.

  4. Extremely cool concept, very well executed!

  5. Before Video: I think the interviewer is actually the robot.

    After Video: Wrong and now I'm dead.

  6. This game is so fun and they made it look so good!

  7. Not getting shot while administering the test is always something.

  8. This was a lot of fun! I'd love to see more of this game!

  9. And they released the game as a public domain a few years ago with a free (optional) app to boot. Now all I need… are… friends…


  10. Interesting concept and very well done. Very nice folks- very nice.

  11. really enjoyed this! made me really interested in the game

  12. Wheels is the robot. Jane Douglas built it from the parts leftover from when she built, "My (Jane's) Intelligent Kinematics Experiment."
    Why else would it be called 'Wheels'?!

  13. this was so good 😂 The acting was on point, I really got the nervous vibes. And… rip wheels I guess? 😀

  14. Today on sentences I didn't think I'd hear: "Are you threatened by babies?"

    Me: "…maybe. Babies are aggressive…"

  15. Uuuuh, look at that production value and editing! Very nice, Dicebreakers!👌

  16. I really enjoyed this immersive play-through. Please do more immersive Let's Play videos.

  17. Really loving the fun you guys are having with your vids lately! The effort you're putting in shows!

  18. We saw the penalties but It would be interesting to see the dialect quirks the two robots were working within.

  19. This was amazing! As a robot, I enjoyed it and would recommend this for other robots.

  20. Great video! Blade Runner meets Papers Please vibes. But what if Wheels was a replicant all along?

  21. Description should probably have had a link to the print and play official version, rather than the out of print deluxe edition!

  22. "Modeled" is spelled incorrectly in the comments. Also, excellent looking game, and well played!

  23. "Please ignore the timer that yells the time twice as loud as anyone is speaking." Hardly even noticed it was there, lol

  24. The final shot is one the best I have ever seen

  25. Some good acting here, pushing out the comfort zone, I love it, diy entertainment bridging the gap between screen dreams and natural storytelling

  26. I was aware of this game and vaguely how cool it was after seeing it on SUSD. After seeing your video, I'm convinced I must play this ASAP. Kudos.

  27. The game would only be 3 Minutes long if Wheels had just shown them pictures and asked them to point out the Busses or Staircases

  28. This was a lot of fun, and everyone did a great job but props especially to Wheels because maintaining that deadpan while Liv was hyping herself up to fight a train and Maddy was being the spokesperson for vapid influencers everywhere was chef's kiss magnifique!

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