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Why Are Board Games So EXPENSIVE?? | Buying Games Explained

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Laurie’s back with some key tips on how/where to buy games for your collection

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  1. Do I really need another expensive hobby that requires more people to enjoy? Of course I do.

  2. Laurie, do live in the states or do you keep American cash for a prop?

  3. It would be so great to have a 3d printer, that also prints and cuts out cardboard, so you could buy games digitally and the thingy would print them for you. There are so many expansions or versions of games that are not being sold anymore here in Germany, because a reprint would never sell out. I mean besides Monopoly. Because of some strange reason there are always more copys of Monopoly than people in any given German house

  4. Earlier this year after much time spent on mental arthmetics I decided to buy Twilight Imperium 4th edition. Few days after that lockdown started where I live. Between multiple lockdowns, work, I was able to play it exactly once. I am passing it each day sitting there on the shelf, and I am dying inside a bit each day…

  5. I bought a Localised monopoly that i intend to never play.
    It was put together by a local hospice charity .
    I only bought it to support that charity

  6. Whoa 5:34 was getting big Vince Russo vibes from that guy, bro.

  7. Might just be another generic comment; but I love this channel

  8. Laurie you are in the uk. Why are you using US dollars??

  9. Thank you doing this subject! Board game pricing can seem crazy if you are not prepared for it.
    Personally I found board game sims a great way to tell if you enjoy a game, Table Top Simulator exposed me to all sorts of games I love that I might not have heard about otherwise, but there are more than a few to check out.

  10. Your tag line during the money bit "come roll with me" should be the name of this question segment.

  11. I say "For Science" before I make a purchase. This way if I dont like the game I dont feel so bad. On the other hand, if I do like the game, then the experiment was a success. Either way, my conscience is clear. 😁

  12. Why is Laurie using American money though? 🤔

  13. But, will Laurie end up buying all the expansions to Agricola and playing on stream? That is the true question.

  14. I got into it when I started going to a local games meetup weekly. The guy that runs it backs a lot of kickstarters and has over 600 games whether they're good or not. I am really selective with my games, due to money and the space they take up. So if I play one at the meetup and love it, I'll have it in my mind to get it. But over the course of two years playing, I've only bought 4 games with another 2 in my head that are too big right now. So I'd suggest playing them first and being selective rather than hoarding, especially putting consideration into who you're likely to play with – hardcore gamers, family, semi-interested friends etc.

  15. Seriously, it's only a matter of time until I only watch Wrestletalk and WT affiliated channels like Phenoma-nerds, cause you all keep knocking it out of the park.

  16. Holy crap, I'm pretty sure I've played every one of those games at 6:38. I'm OLD. 😀

    Well done, new sub. 🙂

  17. The algorithm sent me here after watching a guy open a $900 pack of football cards. Board games are not expensive.

  18. I did not know board games have evolved so much till recently when i accedently stumbled upon a board game reviewer video on youtube. It piqued my interest and i tried them and loved the experience. Now im trying to turn my group of video gamers into board gamers which is quite a difficult task so far.

  19. its interesting the way manufacture normally happens, i wonder if there is a "dedicated" board game factory out there that makes plastic dice cards manuals and board in the same building if not i wonder why not? Another Great video Guys! Stay Hexy!

  20. PS. u said ZATU wrong…lol nick will not be pleased lol

  21. Although there are upfront expenses, I don't think board games are that expensive (compared to Warhammer, fast cars, bikes, MTG, video games – hundreds just for the console to play the games, then all the rest). I consider how many hours of fun I may get from a game vs it's price, quality, resell potential etc. My first modern board game was Scythe and I bought it only for solo play, paying 50€ used. I've logged around 10 plays over the year I've had it, and each play is about 2h. So 50€/20h playtime = 2.5€/h. Someone else might spend that much for a drink and/or snack in a coffee shop and not even think about the expense. That's not even considering that I will either a) keep playing the game and getting more and more fun for the same money up front, or b) sell the game and the money lost in that will essentially be my "hire fee" for having had that game and played it. If you research and think about games carefully (I keep an ongoing wishlist and don't often impulse buy) before buying them you reduce chances of buying duds. Also buying second hand gets you cheaper games (usually) and lets you know about the used market for that game. Happy gaming!

  22. Phenomenal content. Good stuff, subscribed

  23. I really love how these videos delve into psychology, it is so much fun to really think about my hobby and the reasons behind why I as a person love it.

  24. I was on the fence for months about buying Fury of Dracula (3rd ed.), and in the meantime I watched all the reviews, how-tos and sessions on YT and when I finally decided to buy the game I realized it was out of stock and out of print everywhere and the price on the second hand market had sky rocketed.
    I wrote to the publisher, I wrote to the company owning the IP, I wrote to stores all over Europe and even to BG cafes until I found a SH copy in excellent condition at the original price, delivered by a truck driver in a shady spot near a warehouse. The search took months, but it was actually the best part and gave me great enjoyment.
    I played the game only once, I liked it, but it didn't feel as good as the search for a rare item.

  25. "Everyone likes money, that's why they call it money"

  26. Buonocore my man, don't be telling your customers to buy less. 🤣

  27. I often hear that cost comparison for cinema. But it's actually not true. If me and 3 friends go to the cinema it might cost me 12 quid, but the full cost is 48 quid. If the game gets 2 hours worth of play then it's the same value proposition. Sure I'm footing the entire cost, and maybe I can't always afford to do that, but I ask myself… If I was gonna foot the cost for my friends to have an entertaining night would I rather buy 4 cinema tickets or a game? The game has resell value. Can be replayed. Games really aren't expensive… Well, most aren't.

    On an entirely unrelated note, anyone wanna play twilight imperium 4 with me? Bought it at start of lockdown… It's basically burning a hole in my shelf.

  28. Really interesting video! Keep up the good work!

  29. I hear you with expensive games can be; my roommate poured in several hundred if not thousand dollars into our collection, especially getting all of the expansions for Elder Sign. I was lucky to be able to snag a used but complete copy of the Doom 2003 board game and its expansion for $40, considering how expensive either can go on ebay, nowadays.

  30. I am probably in denial (comes with the hobby) but when you compare the cost of some games to how much enjoyment value they bring, they do not look that expensive anymore. The thing is you NEED to play a game X times to get the cost worth. Personally I only buy games when I know I will keep them. Once in my collection, there is no way out. I don't trade nor sell, so my collection is very small and specific to me. My main issue with the hobby is that we seem to have reach (in Comics terms) the 90s. We are past the Golden and Silver Age. We are now in an age of overproduction and exessiveness that I am not so fond of. Some games are just TOO much and just like in the 90s Comics where everything was full of pockets, big guns, big shoulder pads… OMG the shoulder pads… Some games are just too much lately (Kickstarter exclusives I am looking at you!)

  31. They can cut costs by stop making overly sized boxes for their game.

  32. Why do you bring up Lovecrafts views on race every time he’s mentioned? He soften his stance, it was common at the time to think like that and he married a Jewish woman. It’s like me saying “let’s play board games with the plastic pieces that are killing the planet to be made”. If his outdated racists views bother you I don’t see why you just don’t mention him.

  33. How easy is it to get American dollars in the North of England?

    Is American money more emblematic of the concept of money in general?

  34. As someone who has now spent far too much money on Too Many Bones, I can attest the fact that board gaming is a bloody expensive hobby at times.

  35. I can't believe how low key this channel is. Constantly consistent, really well put together videos. Not to mention hilarious content. Definitely gonna hit a million subscribers at some point. It has to.

  36. Interesting video! Such a difficult task pricing games. We are indie designers and we try to keep this fair for buyers but we don't have the buying power of the big companies. Once you add shipping (which has quadrupled since covid), local postage, storage, production, tax and a profit? it soon adds up to the RRP. We don't yet have distributors (we would like to) but we just don't have the margins so we sell direct to shops, which seems to work.

  37. Just spent 125 on games to provide the good time. I’m caught

  38. Hey! New suscriber here. Thanks for your amazing content! You should make a video about how does a game designer works.

  39. I understand that producing a game is expensive and requires a lot of effort as well as time, but you have to understand, however, that there has to be a limit and you cannot always raise the price by exploiting the fact that it is a passion for many.

    As a 3d printer owner I often wonder how some prices are so high, because printing miniatures on an amateur level is cheap, then think on an industrial level!

    The main problem is the whole chain of production and how the money is unfairly redistributed.
    In the end, the price is so much higher than the cost of production because so much money goes into the pockets of the producer, while the creator and artists (who play the most important role) pocket the least, which I think is shameful!

    In my opinion, if 3d printers would further lower their cost of purchase and use and therefore be more entrenched in people's homes, the board game/wargame market will have to be completely overhauled, also because I personally would be willing to pay 40 dollars less for a game in exchange for having only the absolutely necessary pieces and not having the most expensive miniatures already printed, but the Stl file so print it myself

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