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Why play anything else? – Top 10 Board Game Obsessions!

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00:00:00 – Obsessions
00:00:25 – Playing More Games
00:01:35 – Quackalopes Direction
00:02:41 – Dune Imperium
00:04:11 – Top 10 Guidelines
00:04:50 – Root
00:07:13 – Kingdom Death: Monster
00:08:34 – Terraforming Mars
00:10:12 – Marvel Champions
00:12:10 – Final Girl
00:14:03 – Catharsis
00:16:50 – Too Many Bones
00:18:30 – Gloomhaven: Crimson Scales
00:19:45 – Slay the Spire

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  1. Finally another quackelope video. Looking sharp dude, even the studio is decked out. Very classy. Imhavent even watched 2 minutes and I’m digging the video already. How about lorcana still playing it. Excited about it at all. Btw thunder road vendetta is really fun and always up for some kanban😀

  2. Man, I haven't checked in on this channel in a while. You're looking healthy these days. Good for you ❤

  3. Are there going to be anymore Oathsworn videos?

  4. Have you tried the terraforming mars dice game, it's pretty fun and quick

  5. Great video !

    Catharsis is such an underrated/not known enough game. It killed dice throne, dice throne adv and other yatzhee style game for me

  6. oh man, we have 6 games in common we are obsessing over, it really goes to show you how much of an influence your tastes had on me, some games I'm also obsessing over are Twilight Imperium 4th Edition with the Prophecy of Kings Expansion which I finally found a group of friends crazy enough to want to tackle this game twice per month! the other game is Cloudspire, ive only played it once but I've been thinking about it over and over again for the better part of a year. on another note, when you called Berserk " berserker" you broke my heart a little bit

  7. This might be my favorite video that you've created in a long time, Jesse! This is the kind of content that I really dig!

  8. Cleveland! Your only 3 hours away from me. I can bring the Taco's since Tuesday is game night. 😅😊

    I'd love to try kingdom of death, it has my interest peaked, but with the $450 price tag or $800 for everything is a tuff sell if I can only solo it.

  9. yay the the quack is back! great video

  10. As long as you feature the 🐦;)
    You lost some weight didn't you 🤫

  11. Love the shout out at 9:33 !

    Yeah, I'm definitely obsessed with TM. My kids enjoy it as well. I am always up for playing it if you're in the mood to try and end my winning streak against you…

  12. Has anyone created a scoring system for final girl so there's a way to compare each other "scores" we took a look at final girl we thought it might be a cook game to have set up were people are trying to beat each other best score.

  13. STS is so so good. The multiplayer is so well made and it's so faithful to the source. I was play tester !

  14. Even as someone who isn't a streamer I find it difficult to get back to games that I love. There is always so many new games to look at. This year I've been trying to hold off on buying new games unless I see something in them that is unique or a must have.

  15. Oh man Jesse we gotta play Dune Imperium uprising together…

  16. I wanted to love Dune imperium more than I did. Havent tried uprising, but I found i had too little control on my deck in DI and last game I playes, gave up half way and spent all my energy buying spice must flow… Eventually came back and won, but it was so boring. The game felt broken from that point on and I moved on. I am sad cause I don't have a good deck builder hy rid iny collection

  17. Not for nothing…. but you mostly just seem to want to play TTRPG's.

  18. Jealous! Still waiting for my copy of slay the spire! Great list of games and a great topic!

  19. Good to see you back Jesse! Keep it up!

  20. Dune Imperium, insanely good! Dune uprising, cheap shot release for loyal Imperium players. Should have been a 6 player expansion.

  21. So if your playing slay the spire the board game alone what’s stopping you from playing the video game version.

  22. Awesome video man!!!! looking forward for more!!!

  23. It's nice to see you more relaxed and enjoying making the video again.

  24. Probably good gameplays with, of course, good camera angles and view is the key to make this channel go wild again

  25. Nice video sir. Happy to see you back and happy 🎉

  26. Terraforming Mars is an evergreen for us too!

    Love to see you getting back to immersing yourself in games you love. We’re only 1.5 years in as a channel, and the aspect of new new new has already been overwhelming us with our content. We have too many wonderful games that we haven’t been able to get more than 1 or 2 plays on, as we’re always driven forward. Time for a change and a shift.

  27. I went through my collection looking for my own Top 10… I now am looking at a list of 20 games I want to obsess over 🤪

  28. My regulars are Root, Oath and Moonrakers: Titan. Still play The Grizzled and Catan as the games that started it all. I'd love to get into KDM too I'm just wondering if I'd have the patience for the model making. I like the idea of having a boss battler/campaign game. I am waiting on Arcs so maybe that will help but having a more RPG style game would be great. I have also been getting into chess lately. Currently rivaling a 1500 player. I'm no master but I can hold my own now.

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