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Why SOLO MODE In Board Games Was NOT For Me…BUT…

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Playing a Board Game in Solo Mode is something that I try to do these days. Solo Mode is a great way to learn the ropes and engage with a heavy game without the social pressure or even the anxiety over getting certain rules wrong when you introduce a new board game to new gamers.

In this video, I share my thoughts and journey with you when it comes to engaging and learning a game on solo mode. What are the pros, cons, advantages and disadvantages of playing board games solo. I’m still new to this solo mode but I am really liking what I am experiencing.

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  1. I'm disabled and have a lot of time on my hands when I am (often) low on energy. So solo is the best for me, and hubby is a casual gamer. Saved my sanity! Good games with good solo will feel like they have a gamer personality. Those are my favourites! If they don't have solo, I check fan-made. But I often also play 2-handed. I'm pretty good at making one side 'me' with my normal personality as a gamer and the other side 'mean' or 'most efficient'. Which means I develop very different strategies and bold moves I might not normally do. From game to game I also try different strategies so things change a lot. I tell myself 'focus on points today' or 'be aggressive and gamble more' or 'let's go after those cards I rarely do'" It's pretty awesome! Sure doesn't beat real interaction but playing no game sucks a thousand times more lol

  2. I mostly play solo and I enjoy it so much. Either way, my favorite player count is 2 player 😂 Favorite solo to play are:Fleet the Dice game and mostly all Roll and writes 😂 All west kingdom trilogy Raiders of Scythia Marvel champions LCG CascadiaDwellings of Eldervale And so many others 😁

  3. Oh no, I’m that guy who plays Root 6 player solo 😂 the bots are too clunky for my liking

  4. G'day friends!
    What are some of your favourite games to play on Solo Mode?
    Are there particular ways you like top enjoy your favourite game solo?
    I'd love to hear your stories!
    Danny 🙂

  5. I prefer playing board games with others, but appreciate games that have a solo mode also. I just have 1 solo only game and that is Warp's Edge. If I'm going to play a solo game, I would usually lean more towards a digital version, so I dont have to manage the AI. I also prefer solo games that are quick, so the ones I have played the most digitally are Star Realms and Ganz Shon Clever. I do enjoy some longer ones too occasionally like Wingspan.

  6. yeah solo is the best, I bought games mostly for solo
    if i want to play with family we will just stick to the classic games they don't want to be "complicated" with new mechanics and ruls

  7. Totally agree about solo mode making the teach a breeze! Fleet the dice game will forever be too complicated for the people I know but solo mode means I still get to play it

  8. I once taught Viticulture EE to non gamers by playing two rounds of it solo. They immediately got it.

  9. Solo is the last option for me, when I absolutely have no options to play otherwise. And I choose Simple games quick, to set up with minimal upkeep. Other than for the purpose of learning the game I would consider playing a complex game solo a chore not worth the effort. My favourite player count, depeding on the type of the game is 3 and 4.

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