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Why we love board games! | Tabletop Tag!

The Brothers Murph
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Tabletop Tag was started by the awesome Jenna Rose over at @The Board Game Garden ! this is an awesome 20 questions video and content creators have been tagging each other1 We were tagged by our wonderful friends [email protected]! Make sure to go follow both of those people!

We would love to see the @Watch It Played, Shea from @RTFM Ruel Gaviola, and Brain__in_a_jar do this!

0:00 Intro
0:57 ASL
1:46 Favorite Childhood Board Game?
2:59 When did you REALLY get into board games?
5:01 First Game we purchased?
6:09 Any other hobbies?
6:58 Your break through game
10:21 A theme that always draws you in?
12:04 Favorite mechanism?
12:59 A Mechanism you don’t like?
14:48 Newest game in our collection
15:56 Favorite player count?
16:59 Board Game pet peeve
19:16 What is your preferred player color?
19:58 Read the rules? Or watch a video?
20:58 Favorite board game snack?
21:43 Ever been to a con?
24:05 Unreleased game you’re really looking forward to?
25:25 Favorite thing about the board game hobby?
26:50 Open and Punch right away, or wait?
28:15 Others who should do this!

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  1. This is so fun! Glad you guys did this. I almost named myself DibsonYellow because that’s my player color too. Hope to be that third player count at BGGCON or something.

  2. Alright so, so hear me out. Hear me out with this. WizKids or FFG picks up some of the rights to Wingspan, and now instead of Birds, DRAGONS!! FREAKIN DRAGONS EGGS. AH AHHH. I like it I'd buy it. (Never played Wingspan yet)

  3. It was such a pleasure meeting you both Friday evening outside the con. You guys really have encourage so many of us to develop confidence in this hobby. Thank you both for being solid doods. I hope you both enjoyed the con.

  4. Yea I punch right away too. It does feel like a stress reliever to punch and organize everything.

  5. Punching is a zen moment in my life everytime I do it and recently, sleeving… love it!

  6. Split the group? Eww. Lol great video guys

  7. I really have to agree with the different theme. I don't really collect themes. Setting aside, for a moment, games that are set in the same universe and really broad themes like space, I might have 2 games of a certain theme. I have 2 games about magical libraries (which is an odd theme to see duplicated in a collection, I think) and 2 games about mad scientists, with a third and forth pending Kickstarter fulfillment (Colab and Palm Laboratory). I looked, not very hard, for a long time for a game about the Roman Empire. That was my favorite period in history, but most of the games I've looked at on it don't interest me because there can be a lot of negotiation in those. I was able to get a copy of Ave Roma early on in the pandemic, so until I can get that to the table and decide if it's worth keeping, I don't feel the need to pay much attention to that theme. Steam Punk always piques my interest, but that's another one where the games don't really interest me. I have one and I still check new ones out when I come across them. Leviathan Wilds really interested me because it was such a different theme. Simurgh, Rajas of the Ganges Dice Charmers, and Dead Man's Cabal all currently sit in my top 10.

  8. I'm now ready for my Brothers Murph trivia night!

  9. Awesome stories, brothers. Great to hear the love going strong

  10. Love hearing more about my favorite content creators in the board game space. And yes you are among my favorites! Great video as usual. Love your work!

  11. Lol senior moment! I forgot how old I was. I always wanted to play Mouse Trap that I saw on commercials. Mouse traps in real life are less cool.

  12. This is awesome(in my Michaelangelo voice)! I agree with your theme answer. I really like seeing a theme that's different, like First Rat. This was great, and thank you for doing this and the shout-out!

  13. I forgot about Hi Ho Cheerio. I totally had that as a young kid too. That and some other one that had a big plastic caterpillar or centipede that you had to put legs on? I dunno. That was a weird recovered memory.

    Anyway, fun vid! Grayson and I did this a bit ago, check it out if you're curious!

  14. I am quite an introverted person but I LOVE negotiation games, especially ones that allow me to non-binding negotiation? Oof 🤌🏼 😂(I’m looking at you, Chinatown!)

  15. I'm also Team Never Red, BluethenBlackthenPurpleorOrange is my hierarchy. I am the exact opposite of y'all on how to play videos, I use the rulebooks as reference but I prefer a video because I absorb the information better if I hear it and see it being done. I get lost in rulebooks. Just give me a glossary and a player aid, I'll figure it out. Great video!

  16. These videos have been a lot of fun ever since Jenna started it. Always great to find out a little more about your favorite content creators. I never really thought about it before, but I totally agree with Nick that it's aggravating when a scoring track doesn't have a number on every space! There is NO reason for that!!

  17. You guys are in the Oxnard?!! I’m in Camarillo!! Gamers unite!! Ever been to Zander’s game house in Camarillo?

  18. Those crossfire commercials were something else, super charged!

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