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Wife Saves Levy

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  1. Thats was like I'm gonna cum uhhghh😅

  2. I am getting a glimpse of you “O” face. Not comfortable now.

  3. Levi: I can't hang her cause she is right here.
    Then proceeds to make a queen sac.

  4. Wait is she your wife or girlfriend?

  5. This was so wholesome
    And I cracked on the part where she said aren't you streaming for like 30 minutes 💀

  6. He was not about to hang his queen, he set that line up, he ain’t slick

  7. Could the opponent not do Rf8, preventing back rank mate?

  8. "She's right here , so I can't hang her "
    "Proceeds to sacrifice her "💀

  9. If you Oofed the rook with the queen it would be chechmate

  10. He saced his queen in game because he knew that his real queen is right beside him and he don't need the other queen

  11. Not the first time she made him make those noises

  12. Levi to viewers: you f*cking donkey

    Levi to his wife: aww you stayed and i win

  13. Levy' s face looked like a troll face from 2016 when he smiled I don't know if I'm the only one who saw this or I'm hallucinating but overall it's a wholesome short

  14. and he sacrifices… HIS QUEEEENN! which one? THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!

  15. Opponent could have gone to Qc5

    But then the brilliant move Rd8!!

  16. lol… When he started making those weird noises, she seemed genuinely concerned…

  17. u yourself called you levi
    we will also call u levi from now


  18. Why do you remind me of Daniel Radcliffe? (Aka Harry Potter)

  19. What were the goofy ass sounds at the end, 😂😂im sure levy's wife is used to hearing them 😅😅😅

  20. Wait hes married?!?!?!

    Bro looks like the only thing he does is chess so i thought he was still single and virgin

  21. I watched your video about pawnziany and it really works 😊thank you ❤

  22. Imagine it's 3am an you're peacefully sleeping, and jou just hear


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