Wingspan - How To Play -

Wingspan – How To Play

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In this video we’re going to learn how to play Wingspan! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

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00:00 – Introduction
00:49 – The Setup
02:44 – Gameplay Overview
03:08 – Action: Play a Bird
04:00 – Exchanging Food
04:40 – “When Played” Effects
05:12 – Egg Costs
05:42 – Action: Gain Food
06:44 – Refreshing the Dice
07:45 – “When Activated” Effects
09:19 – Action: Lay Eggs
10:07 – Nest Types
10:22 – Action: Draw Bird Cards
11:14 – “Once Between Turns” Effects
11:57 – Ending the Round
12:12 – Green Goals
12:41 – Tiebreaking Goals
13:24 – Blue Goals
14:04 – Ending the Game
14:10 – Final Scoring
15:17 – Tiebreaker Rules
15:29 – Solo Rules
15:38 – Conclusion

This video comes with English subtitles: Credit to Andre Ribera.

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  1. Hey Rodney, thanks for another straight forward tutorial for Wingspan.
    Really appreciate the efforts that you go to.
    I have just purchased the Oceania Expansion….so a question if I may…..
    Is it possible to remove some or all of the bird cards from the original Wingspan and just use the Oceania cards or will it mess up the came play?
    Reason being, I'm an Aussie so I want to see birds endemic to my region more often.

  2. One question…the written instructions don’t say anything about placing an action cube when you choose to play a bird but this video implies you do use an action cube. Could I please get clarification on which is correct? Thanks! Love the video…it helps a LOT!

  3. Hi Rodney. Have had wingspan since it came out….but haven't played it for a while..then played it a couple of tines..turns out we played it wrong….we were only activating birds when we laid another bird down….no wonder we found the game so slow and disappointing….😂. Thanks for the playthrhough…and showing me the light….😂😂😉

  4. I've watched several of your videos before playing a new game, and just now started watching the one for Jaipur. I was so surprised to see Andrea, who was an incredible student of mine several years ago. I had no idea you were local to me. Nice to "see" Andrea again- I'll never forget the incredible song she wrote and performed for class. Congratulations on your successful video series!

  5. Awesome Video Rodney! Got the game and was able to understand it clearly! You're a legend! 🙂

  6. I just stumbled upon your explainer videos and all I can is THANK YOU! These are so so so helpful for our family 😁

  7. sorry, during setup, the food dice already gets rolled. it will then diminish assuming each player turns to gain food, so if the last player (p5) will/want to gain 3 (fish) food but there's only 2 (1 fruit, 1 seed) in the feeder. what happens then? can he opt to reroll the 5 dice? or he loses his turn?

  8. For the sake of this video, I will be your wingman and help illustrate a 2 player game.

  9. I have a question about the rules and the scoring:

    In the example given here, the first round is scored by how many birds with a round nest have an egg in there. After the round is scored, am I then free to use those eggs to accomplish other actions on the board in future rounds, without losing the points already gained? Or do those eggs have to remain on those cards for the remainder of the game to keep those points?

    Not sure if my question makes sense or not!

  10. This was extremely clarifying and helpful! Thank you so much!!

  11. Played for my first time tonight, we had a lot of fun. Thanks for your tutorial. It was a huge help.

  12. Playing it for the first time now (2022) thanks a LOT Rodney, you're the best!

  13. In the rare event that you run out of egg tokens, just use a suitable replacement

    Like an chicken egg?

  14. Well done, Sir. This is a complex game to explain, and you have done it wonderfully well. Thanks

  15. Hi Rodney. I needed to learn Wingspan quickly and efficiently to get the game to the table with my kids. Your video was just perfect. You really have gifts for teaching and brevity; they are much appreciated. Whenever I try a new game, your videos are my first step!! Great job!!

  16. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you always explain things so clearly and concisely. I find the rulebook confusing, but you shine a light of understanding on everything. Thank you again!

  17. Whats your favorite bird in the game Rodney?

  18. In this game, you'll NEVER find me discarding a bird-card from my hand because i realize that a bird-in–the-hand is worth 2 in a bush.

  19. do you recommend this game over gloomhaven?

  20. Am definitely buying this and the Oceania expansion for my wife for Christmas. Thanks heaps Rodney.

  21. Wow! This is a phenomenal explanation. I have a few questions that will be answered when the game arrives, but this looks awesome.

  22. Thanks so much!!
    This Video was soooooooooooo helpful

  23. The rulebook is actually very well written but this video was excellent (as always) to reinforce the rules and make sure I understood correctly. Cheers for that 👍

  24. Within my boardgaming circles I am the guy who explains new games to everybody. But Rodney is the guy I ALWAYS go to when I need to learn. You are the best Rodney!

  25. I feel like I watched this thoroughly but didn’t see how to get or use bonus cards

  26. got this for christmas and this video is a LIFESAVER!! the game looked so overwhelming

  27. Oh my gosh this is SUCH A lifesaver. I didn't really understand the set up and the three different booklets left me more confused than understanding (seriously, why THREE booklets?). I'm trying to learn this to be able to teach the rest of my family and this is incredibly helpful thank you

  28. Thank you so much for this! The game actually makes sense now 😀so excited to get playing !!

  29. Got this for Christmas '22; looked through the rule book and thought, "Oh god, this is complicated … like Caverna." Thank you for this tutorial; it made much less complicated than I thought.

  30. I admire the way an organized narration is perfectly matched to video that includes closeup shots.

  31. Question — Does each player use all their cubes on their first turn, or do they use one cube each until everyone has used one, then the second, third, etc?

  32. I just bought it on the switch and I love the game. My sister and brother-in-law also bought the game.

  33. Gave the game to my husband for Christmas and had a question that I could not find the answer to in the directions… answered it!!! Thank you for such a terrific video!

  34. I have a question. I know I get a point for each “tucked” card, but do I also get to count their feathers in my bird count score? The answer to that question will make a difference in which cards I choose to tuck

  35. Thank you so much, Rodney! I see your video was made years ago but I just bought the game and found the rule book very confusing. Your video was so much clearer and helped greatly! You are now my go-to for game overviews. I like that your instructions aren’t overly long, but also tell everything that’s needed to get a good sense of the game — not too light.

  36. Love this game! Great for multi generation game nights

  37. Thanks for the great explanation!
    This is my first board game. My friend warned me its a somewhat complex game, so I'm glad you could provide this video. Great A/V work, clearly spoken and well explained 🙂

  38. You keep cards in your hand or bonus cards in between rounds or deal out new hand?

  39. A friend just introduced me to this and I'm now gonna spend my adult money on it. It looks beautiful

  40. Playing this tonight with the guys. Well, that's a lot different to Dust Tactics!

  41. Thank you for this Rodney – my wife and I have just learnt Wingspan using this video, think we’d have struggled without it. We love the game!

  42. Question: When playing a bird with the bonus "play another bird in same turn" do you have to pay additional egg costs for the additional bird?

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