Winter Spectacular - Top 10 Games of the Year -

Winter Spectacular – Top 10 Games of the Year

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower shares their Top 10 Games of the Year.
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Chris 10 – 03:20
Camilla 10 – 5:40
Alex 10 – 8:06

Chris 9 – 11:07
Camilla 9 – 13:30
Alex 9 – 16:53

Chris 8 – 19:53
Camilla 8 – 23:02
Alex 8 – 25:56

Chris 7 – 29:24
Camilla 7 – 32:38
Alex 7 – 34:28

Chris 6 – 29:00
Camilla 6 – 41:43
Alex 6 – 44:41

Chris 5 – 48:31
Camilla 5 – 51:52
Alex 5 – 56:41

Chris 4 – 1:00:41
Camilla 4 – 1:04:37
Alex 4 – 1:08:43

Chris 3 – 1:12:30
Camilla 3 – 1:16:20
Alex 3 – 1:20:00

Chris 2 – 1:23:57
Camilla 2 – 1:28:06
Alex 2 – 1:31:52

Chris 1 – 1:37:37
Camilla 1 – 1:40:07
Alex 1 – 1:43:38

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  1. Fun year end best of! i still really want to try Wonderland's War! Camilla is cool and really pretty.

  2. That story behind the oil spill was neat. In Mexico we were devastated when this happened and it’s nice to meet someone that tried to fix it.

  3. Little irritated with that trashing on the Caesar artwork. The map is old-school gorgeous. It looks like it came straight from a 3M book game!

  4. I would be pretty disappointed to have someone talk down or dog the games that I loved throughout a stream.

  5. I'm (once again) a ZeeMike's minion this year! 😀
    My crossovers :
    0 with Joey (O_o)
    1 with Roy: King of Monster Island (6)
    1 with Tom: Flamecraft (9)
    1 with Camilla: Heat (3)
    1 with Chris: Caesar's Empire (1) – the SAME n°1! 😀
    2 with Alex: Splendor Duel (4), Flamecraft (9)
    2 with Wendy : Splendor Duel (4), Flamecraft (9)
    3 with Zee: Orichalcum (2), Heat (3), Tenpenny Parks (8)
    3 with Mike : Heat (3), Orichalcum (2), Flamecraft (9)

    Not mentionned:
    – Sea, Salt & Paper (5 – not yet available in the US)
    – Akropolis (7 – I was expecting Wendy to put it on her list)
    – Namiji (10 – I thought Mike would have it)
    (I had Vagrantsong on my initial list, but it's listed as a 2021 game on BGG…)

    Wishlist (from the DT lists):
    – Tribes of the Wind (Mike's pick)
    – Long Shot the Dice Game (Zee's pick)
    – Endless Winter (Wendy, Mike, Chris & Camilla's pick)
    – Planet Unknown (Joey & Alex's pick)
    – Skate Summer (Camilla, Mike & Zee's pick)

  6. The Imitation Game is excellent. See it @Camilla. Alan Turing is one of the big heroes of WWII. Its more about Turing the person. How he was treated by the UK government after the war was awful.

  7. Chris, know some viewers sludge through all the thematic, luck-based game content just to see your Euro picks. Thanks for rounding out the Dice Tower crew!

  8. Turing Machine would be better as an app. The puzzle is really fun, but the set up for each puzzle takes too much work

  9. A Turing Machine is a hypothetical, idealized computer conceptualized by Alan Turing. It's not an actual computer; it's a model. It can be used to analyze the feasibility of different approaches to solving problems with computers.

    Aside from his foundational work in computer science, Alan Turing was also vital to the British code breaking effort in WWII. However, the British government drove him to suicide because he was gay. 😢

    I've given a gross summary of this and there's a lot more important detail that I've glossed over. You care to read or watch documentaries on either subject (Turing Machine, or the man himself).

  10. In case people arent saying it enough, thank you guys for all the great content throughout the year! Happy Holidays 🎉

  11. Great video. My top 10 games of 2022 are
    1. ISS Vanguard
    2. Mosaic
    3. Zombicide Undead or Alive
    4. Wayfarers of the South Tigris
    5. Wonderlands War
    6. Monsters on Board
    7. Skymines
    8. Terracotta Army
    9. Marvel United: X-Men
    10. Dice Theme Park

  12. As a person from Pittsburgh, where Carnegie spent much of his time, and much of our city is named for him- it’s pronounced Carnegie, not Carnegie.

  13. Great trio and great lists ! I want to see more videos w you 3 🙂

  14. I absolutely love Planted, for all the reasons Camilla listed.

  15. Love having Alex (and Joey) drop in for the spectaculars! Sidenote: The audio in the new studio has less clarity so I have to turn up the volume but then during vocal peaks like a big laugh from someone the sound will reverb my speakers. FWIW.

  16. A) Andrew Car-NAY-gie is from Scotland, and B) Pittsburgh natives know how to say it correctly…per the Carnegie foundation and his hometown in Scotland. 😄 It’s Car-NAY-gie, not CAR-negie. End of discussion.

  17. The new studio is nice but I wonder if the 2 seat sofa is the best configuration; perhaps individual chairs in a somewhat circular configuration would be ideal… the 2 seat sofa forces people to be turning their faces away from the camera too much, making the body language a bit unnatural on camera… Just some suggestion for calibration going forward!

  18. 1:13:35 – Technically we know their next 6 games because East is the only cardinal direction they haven’t taken us yet! 🙂

  19. My top 10:
    10 – Almanac: The Crystal Peaks
    9 – Encyclopedia (based on one multi handed solitaire play)
    8 – Long Shot: the Dice Game
    7 – Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles
    6 – Flamecraft
    5 – Dead Reckoning
    4 – Stroganov
    3 – Endless Winter
    2 – ISS Vanguard
    1 – Come Together

    Proposal: New phrase to use instead of swear words –
    "Yi's Knees"

  20. When you bring a new person in the fold, i think you should present him a bit cause i don't have a clue who this guy is

  21. Camila only plays Twilight Imperium with 8 players and the long war

  22. Backing Resist! Is the best game purchasing decision I made this year, maybe of the last few years… It is absolutely excellent in every respect (maybe card quality is a minor gripe – but sleeves solve this). Glad to hear that you also love it Chris

  23. Thank you for the quality content. Seeing so much stuff from you in my "to watch" list fills me with joy. By the way, the new studio looks great.

  24. This was Not a great year in board gaming. 🙁

  25. Is Alex from Wisconsin? I noticed his Badger Santa hat.

  26. I hated Splendor, so maybe Splendor Duel may be is worth a try.

  27. I'm surprised Skymines didn't make Chris' list. Maybe it wasn't eligible since it's a reimplementation.

  28. Gold Star for Camila for getting Micho's name pronounced correctly

  29. You guys are dynamite… to my bank acct! Ahahahah ya’LL suggest the most games I would want to play in a single video this year! This is my first time receiving Alex advice- Age of Atlantis?!?!? I’ve never heard of it but it’s totally right up my alley! Dynamite trio dynamite!🎉

  30. Who is Alex, where did he come from, why is he here, how did he get here?

  31. It’s a shame what they did to Turing. Can’t really say that in the video or it brings the mood down, a lot.

  32. I’m glad someone enjoyed The Spill! It was such a huge meh for us. Love the theme though.

  33. Andrew Carnegie's family moved here from Scotland.

  34. Chris
    10. Endless Winter
    9. Carnegie
    8. Revive
    7. Vegetable Stock
    6. Next Station London
    5. Caesar!
    4. Turing Machine
    3. Wayfarers of the South Tigris
    2. Resist!
    1. Caesar's Empire

    10. Planted
    9. Wonderlands War
    8. Dog Park
    7. Caper Europe
    6. Transmissions
    5. Now or Never
    4. Oathsworn
    3. Heat Pedal to the Metal
    2. Endless Winter
    1. Skate Summer

    10. The age of Atlantis
    9. Wonderlands War
    8. Splendor Duel
    7. The Spill
    6. Marvel Dice Throne
    5. Flamecraft
    4. Ready, Set, Bet
    3. Planet Unknown
    2. Revive
    1. Space Station Phoenix

  35. Who is Alex? I wish they would take the time to introduce the people that aren't regulars.

  36. i dont know how i feel about the new setup. i think i still prefer medium shot(no legs) around a game table, just feels more intimate and on theme. this setup feels like a sunday morning tv sermon's.

  37. I may be missing something bc I don’t watch all the videos, but who is Alex to the Dice Tower.

  38. A Turing machine is an abstract computer. It is capable of performing a class of logical computations. Turing used them to address certain questions in logic/computation/cs.

  39. Wow i don't know most of this games, and half of it are kickstarter games i cannot buy 🙁

  40. The pronunciation of Carnegie that you find so weird is the one that is used in Scotland, where it is from. Emphasis on the second syllable, please.

  41. Another great list guys!! Also loved Chris's Victor Borge reference!!!

  42. Aw I loved Alex's backstory on his grad school experience! (7)

  43. Awww i thought this was tom zee and mike. Bummer.

  44. Vegtable Stock is great, but technically a reprint of a game called Small Farmer that came out in 2019.

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