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Wonderland’s War | Just really, really fun | Board Game Review

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Rally your supporters and get prepared for battle…. over a cup of tea? Well, this is no regular tea party, you’re at the Mad Hatter’s table and it’s time to make your preparations for war!! Will you fill your bag with all of the best goodies and risk more madness? Or will you gather more quests and Wonderlandians to help your cause? Either way, you better hope luck is on your side on the battlefield – will you hold your position and hope for at least second place, or risk everything to win it all???

00:00 Introduction
00:24 Theme overview (Themer)
00:55 Mechanics overview (Thinker)
09:04 It’s soooooooo prettttyyyyyyy
11:45 Fun AND Strategic
16:52 Replayability
19:29 Something for everyone
21:30 A note on player count
21:50 Summarising our thoughts

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Thanks for stopping by for our review of Wonderland’s War! We’re Amy & Maggie aka ThinkerThemer. We’re an Australian couple with two very different perspectives of what makes a great board game – Amy (Thinker) is all about the mechanics and enjoys tight, competitive games, and Maggie (Themer) is all about the storytelling and the theme of the game, and the ‘world’ that the designer is trying to create. Subscribe to our channel to hear us talk about these two elements of a game, and how well integrated we feel these are in delivering a cohesive and wonderful game experience.
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  1. Is it bad that I don’t know if watching this will make me excited to get the game or jealous that I don’t have it yet! Haha can’t wait to check it out. Added to the top of the Lunch Break Playlist!!!

  2. Wow, I had zero interest in this game before this video, you two just shot it to the top of my wishlist! SO MUCH FUN!!!

  3. Great review. Was very tempted by the Kickstarter, but it wasn't to be. Hopefully I can get a game in sometime.

  4. It's a game where the journey is more important than the destination.

  5. Wow looks like fun! My family loved Quacks so I wonder if this one would be a logical next step to try.

  6. Just love me the little misses (or actually the great madness of laughter)… in the end I think I am glad I passed on this one during the KS campaign, although I love Alice in wonderland.

  7. Wow! This game looks so nice!! Seems like a bit of Root mechanic. The minis look amazing!

  8. I just started cracking up at work, thanks so much.

  9. Great Review. I love that you keep the little bloopers in. I’m really looking forward to when my copy arrives!

  10. I love that you guys have been leaving in the miscues and bloopers lately! I already think you guys are so authentic and genuinely awesome, it makes y’all even more awesome lol

  11. I love the idea that a calm Wonderland is not allowed and the goal is to revert it back to your characters favourite version of Wonderland. It's a nice idea for theme. Thanks for this thoughtful review♥️

  12. Yarrr! There be madness tokens in me bag! 😂

    Thanks for the review! I backed this on KS way back in early 2000, I can't wait for it to finally arrive!

  13. I'm not a huge fan of push your luck or quacks so I avoided backing this but now I'm having regrets haha thanks!

  14. Absolutely love the mid video laugh break that was pure joy

  15. Waking up this morning to a TT video on Wonderland's War….whaaaat?! WW was perhaps the first board game I backed on KS. I was so taken by the Manny Trembley art and the dualistic nature of the game play: a demure tea party followed by a vicious war, LOL. I've talked about this game so much to my non-gaming friends that they're now asking about it: "Has that Alice in Wonderland game arrived yet?" I can't wait for it to come through so we can have a proper raucous tea party and play the game! Thanks so much for a great video and, as others have mentioned, I love the bloopers. #mebag

  16. I have the retail version on preorder. Curious how much no deluxification changes the experience. Oh, did you play it at 2 or nope? Wondering if it is a clear NO at 2 or still enjoyable/fun but it just really sings at higher player counts. We love Scythe and same is said of that one. We probably can/will get it to the table with our non-gamer (but up for gaming) friends occasionally, but we do mostly play at 2. We have two daughters that would love it in theory but sounds like they are way far off from being able to handle the complexity. Probably for kids at least 10-12+, eh?

  17. Omg!!! You two are so fun.

    It’s funny cause I think I’ve found that I am a lot like Amy going in battling everything. And Kate is like Maggie where she always seems to win and always takes the less confrontational route. I’ve been waiting for this game (got the deluxe stuff) and this review solidified that I know I will love it. Thank you both! Great video

  18. YAY YAY YAY – ITs arrived!!! I am suoooooo excited for this game. And yall are just hyping it up even more. I love it.

  19. I've only played it at two so far, and imho: it's too big of a game at that player count. It feels like "too much". For that I'd rather play Quacks.

  20. Is it fun at 2 players? That’s the question.

  21. This turned out so good! Those components look amazing.

  22. I backed this as a backer kit item I believe, partially because the videos I saw were really compelling, and also because I'm an over the top Cheshire Cat fan…
    I'm even more happy I backed it…hopefully I also got the chips, but regardless, it feels they really went all out on it, from design to execution. Thanks for covering it, I'm super excited!

  23. Great review, can't wait to play when my copy arrives!

  24. Gahhh so exciting. My copy is at my daughters on the GC. The aesthetics hit me in the face too, that's why I backed it. Always get a laugh with you lovely girls!

  25. Well you sold me on this alot more than the kickstarter did. Will keep an eye out for it.

  26. Love this so much! I just love the bloopers and laughter! I told someone at work today I had to go get “me lunch bag ” out of the fridge! 😂 I laughed at that all day! Thank you so much for the fun! And wow, how did I miss this game on KS? I didn’t back it and am so sad! I now need to go figure out if I can get this deluxe edition some how? Hmmm, will Druid City Games be at DTW? I think they were before…will be checking! Thanks for making me day! 😁❤️

  27. Loved "me bag" part… made me lol 😆 so much… thanks for keeping that on the video. 🥳

  28. Excellent review as always. We received our copy the other week and managed to squeeze in a couple of 3 player games. Initially I was worried that the mix of mechanisms wouldn't work, but it really does!

  29. Thanks for another wonderful review Maggie and Amy!

  30. I love the art and play of this game, but the price point for deluxe and the fact that I could not see it getting much play time. Maybe after A few years when COVID concerns are less maybe, but at that point I will likely play someone else's copy. The game is fantastic I just did not see me getting the play value for me.

  31. I think I want to play this but usually we play at 2 and am not sure if that would be optimal. Would totally be up for it as a con or something like that. The art is super pretty, too.

  32. This is my most anticipated game this year. I said the same thing when I first saw it played "This just looks fun". Thanks for the review

  33. Hmmm. It appears that Maggie does enjoy having fun after all! :). Thanks for this helpful review. I wasn’t really aware of this game, but your review made me want to add it to our collection. Thanks also for leaving in the bloopers. They were so funny this time.

  34. Awww, no solo no good for me then. Maybe it's too complex to do that since it's a battle game or they'd have to design one for each character.

  35. LOVE that you put the bloopers in line! Real question time, how many takes did it take? Did you show all of them haha?!

  36. Oh I’m excited for this game, glad y’all like it! Getting me hyped for our delivery next month

  37. Great video you two! Excellent overview and thoughts. Also, loved "Madness in me bag" blooper. Got me giggling. Keep up the good work! 😀

  38. I was on the fence about backing Wonderland's War and finally ended up passing on it. I think one of my game groups would be interested, and the other wouldn't. Both game groups love Quacks (as do I), but one group doesn't like a lot of player interaction in games (like myself). Also, neither of my game groups cared much for a couple other Druid City Games' kickstarters, Sorcerer City and Tidal Blades, so I culled both games from my collection. But your review does make me want to at least give the game a try. Maybe one of these days when meetups are commonplace again 😀

  39. I'm surprised you didn't mention the tie-breaker :p

  40. You both appear to be gushing over the game, which is great to see as I too backed the deluxe version. I have to agree that the game looks beautiful. Great to hear that the game will engage all levels of gamers as well as keeping those not engaged in combat still participate. We wait patiently in Western Canada for its delivery.

  41. Wow! I love how organized everything is in the box! Beautiful! 😀

  42. Great video, cost me lots of money as decided to hunt down a deluxe copy of this game.🤣

  43. My first time discovering your channel and I have to say you guys did such an amazing job of explaining how the game works and the luck and strategy elements! I'm hitting that subscribe button!

    BTW – the art is all done by Manny Trembley. He's such an amazing artist! He also co-designed and does all the art for Dice Throne. Also yeah teamed on the art for Radlands. Both are great games!

  44. I also backed this game and cannot wait to get it to my table!

  45. James Hudson of Druid City Games recognized this review in a livestream today as a good place for potential buyers of the game to visit if on the fence about getting it. I could not agree more, well done on giving a fair and independent description of the game and especially on setting expectations right for what this is. After throwing my money on Wonderlands War I sort of regretted it, but opening the box alone removed any such thoughts. Already after playing it once with a mix of experienced and casual gamers, seeing how they all enjoyed their time with it, made this a worthwhile investment. But potential buyers should know what to expect and you did an excellent job describing that part, and of course the best advice to any buyers: get the deluxe version if at all possible. 🙂

  46. Thanks for the content, we just got our Deluxe pledge and agree, it's amazing!

  47. This game looks incredible, but I rsall don't get the immense hype. Especially the $200+ "Deluxe" version. Happy for those who do.

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