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We’ve done some Giant Board Game challenges in the past, but now that we’re at the MASSIVE new Team RAR Mansion with a giant backyard, what better thing to do than the WORLDS LARGEST BACKYARD BOARD GAME!!! I, Carter Sharer, along with @StovesKitchen, @RyanPrunty and Andrew Bergh rolled a giant dice to see how many spaces we’d go. Here’s what each color represents: GREEN – power up! You get to use a shortcut or swap places with another player. RED – punishment! You get the business end of a gel blaster, or confetti launcher! PURPLE & BLUE – safety. Yellow is bonus and finally ORANGE is challenges, where you have to drink Sprite without burping, jump on a trampoline raft, etc. This game was massive, going from the pool to the roof, to the Team RAR lake, to inside the house and back outside to the field. What do you think of the prize? What would you do with it?? Comment below!!


Team RAR
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Suite 130, Box # 360
Raleigh NC, 27610


@MrBeast World’s Largest Game Of Dodgeball
@Unspeakable First To Win Giant Mystery Gameboard
@rug Playing the Worlds LARGEST Game Board!! ($10,000 PRIZE)
@DangieBros 50 Mystery Pools.. DONT Trust Fall into the Wrong One!

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  1. I can’t believe you went on the roof❤ also you put so much effort in this video I had to subscribe on all of my other 20 accounts😊

  2. Who is also miss for Lizzy? 🥺, where are she? Her no already 1 months to the channel

  3. Recreating there real life board game after about 5 years

  4. What this was the gift? I don't got it😅

  5. I would just put the skittles in water then they would all be white

  6. I love your videos carter you are so the best YouTuber you entertain me everyday

  7. Bro this kinda looks like unspeakable video that he did
    Bro did carter paint the house cause it looks amazing bro is there gana be a new logo on the house cause it gana look amazing

  8. And keep up the great work we all love your videos and even if u stoped YouTube we would still love you 😊

  9. Did he really get arrested cuz I saw a tik tok video saying he got arrested

  10. Tyler plays and reacts (Roblox plays) says:

    I loved when u were like arrrrr

  11. What is your first video on 2017, November 8

  12. I was watching you on my guest account on YouTube

  13. You are the best YouTubers I have ever seen subscribe to the hole crew

  14. i love rar is cool we need to see lizzy capri

  15. it’s so sad that when carter was doing the bottle flip change and failed when he tried and hit the bottles down one of the bottles stayed up

  16. Raise your hand if you think they copied faze rug

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