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would you make this call? 🤔 #poker #shorts

Wolfgang Poker
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#shorts #poker #wolfgangpoker

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  1. A pro would've likely 3-bet post flow, he would've had to pay for that 5th club…he would've likely folded.

  2. Donkey 500$ pre flop call . Gotta get really lucky and did. People who draw to straits and flashes come to Vegas on airplanes but leave on buses.

  3. The guy at the end of the table keeps betting like a clown.

  4. 3 ways that's a foldable situation. Im not believing the dude in the sunglasses as much as the other guy…but 7 3 clubs?? lol

  5. Ayyy grunt style bb. Really gotta swing by Dallas

  6. Id have been more aggressive from the start… just flatting pre and post flop was your downfall.

  7. it was a clear flush. the man who all in was too excited

  8. A $500 preflop raise is called with 7/3? You can only be that wreckless so long before probability bites you in the ass.

  9. Fool played it wrong. Figure that out then you will be a master poker player like me. BAM

  10. Definitely wouldn’t have called the raise on the turn but I also would’ve raised the flop and would’ve readied preflop. There’s way too much scary stuff on turns and rivers. Gotta charge those draws.

  11. Nothing hard about that fold 10 J gets there and clubs. Wasted time

  12. Raise pre with yoy premium and the 73 snapfolds

  13. Why are you just calling on the flop with a player behind you? You got top, top!!! Raise!!!!

  14. Good jam at the turn but bad call at preflop

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  16. I dont think the problem is 73s, the problem is why not raise again with Ako, it is hard to win when get into flop, and also there is one man behind, even fold or raise, I would call any 45s 67s 78s when i have put 150 there in that position

  17. Finally a shirt made on something I was watching live

  18. ive lost more money on big slick than any other hand

  19. I’ve seen player make a move like that with AJ with the ace of clubs

  20. All would have been avoided if you threw bet like you were supposed too 👍

  21. You fish call ak 3 blinds in cash 🤦🏻 and Big calling lógic vegetable

  22. How these players just casually have stacks of yellows 😅

  23. 7/3 for $500 pre??? Stupid or psychic?

  24. Mf make money from youtube not from poker

  25. Donks gonna donk into some good hands sometimes 😂

  26. Played the hand right, good fold, the right call. Well Done

  27. You lost after you didn't raise the flop.

  28. Raise the turn all in…duh…idiot.

  29. Not limp-dick it with AK preflop. Get it all in pre-flop.

  30. You have to lay down top two against a flush board. That's just common sense.

  31. It’s not even a question there. 3 handed flush and straight get there as well as sets you’re already behind to.

  32. I'd call here. It's almost 3:1, and we have 4 outs against a flush, straight, or bottom set, so we don't need to catch many aggressively played weaker hands or semibluffs to show a profit. I see people shove in situations like this with the Jc or Tc or just he ace of clubs. It's possible that the big blind is too passive for that, but we know after the hand that he called a raise and a reraise with 73s, so he's not just playing by the book.

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