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Would You Rather?? Board Games with Consequences / K-City Family

K-City Family
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Today on K-City Family, we’re playing Would You Rather?? PROVE IT in a new traditional board games with consequences, we’re drawing cards and competing to see who has to prove their wild claims! SUBSCRIBE ➥ & join the family! Then press the 🔔 & get some merch:

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K-City Family (Formerly KidCity) is a NEW Channel by KidCity Family! It features our journey: our adventures, creations, and inner workings as we strive to model a fun, joyful home that loves Jesus and each other with everything we’ve got!

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  1. Can I see you are so funny everytime I can only do a funny there laughing and crying at the same time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. i miss you guysssss so mach i dont watch your vids so i miss you guys 😄😄

  3. yes can I play it to and you guys are assume youTubers and in kids city. in history. and you guys think l lam your biggest fan all of your channel’s for can you guys read all my comments please please please please l beg you guys to read my comments.

  4. hey Becket and ava can you make another Ms ava hide and

  5. 0:05 nobody wants a repeat of Chris Benoit killing his son and wife.

  6. I love would you rather it is my favorite game

  7. We are so good at would you rather

  8. Round 1 – A
    Round 2 – B
    Round 3 – A
    Round 4 – B
    Round 5 – A
    Round 6 – B
    Round 7 – B
    Round 8 – A
    Round 9 – B
    Round 10 – A

  9. Hi guys can I come to your house to play would you Rather with you guys l understand you guys don’t now me yet but you will if I can come to your house. and we were at Span and the beach to but I fallow you guys on Instagram but it’s the same like Facebook and titer and social media.to peace ✌️.

  10. I want you to make a video with Star Wars

  11. I hope you guys reach at least 25million subscribers

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