WoW: Wrath of the Lich King® - A Pandemic System Board Game Playthrough -

WoW: Wrath of the Lich King® – A Pandemic System Board Game Playthrough

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Join the Z-Man Games team as they play through the newest Pandemic System game set in the World of Warcraft® universe!

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  1. Wait a second, you cannot use Jaina’s shield ability to prevent quest damage?? Its only for fight?

  2. This game is awesome! Played a few games, love the adjustable difficulty settings. Highly recommend!

  3. this is an amazing game; it will be greatest (for me) if in the future you upgrade the game, or maybe a new game, (like WoW, Legion) more similar to what you made with the start wars: clone war. Instead having only, a mission card, also have the miniature for that mission, and the miniature can do something else, thanks a lot….

  4. Thank you very much for the video. I really love the WoW setting, especially Wrath of the Lich King, but now I realized that the board game is simply boring. Nothing happens, a lot of cardboard, no coasters, no interesting system for combining cards or hero skills (for example, to make Horde characters better combined with each other), everything (except for cool figures) looks as cheap as possible and put in a box at a minimum. I'm hoping for a second edition.

  5. Great game love the explanation. But I see you are still adding only 1 scourge every turn, while you should add 1 scourge PER scourge lvl on every spot. So everytime u pull the scourge outbreak and level up the scourge level it's escalates alot quicker.

  6. Since Pandemic is an awesome base, I’d look forward to “Darkest Dungeon: Scourge of the Ancient, a Pandemic game”. Just thinking about all the possible expansions makes me shiver pleasantly. The Cthulhu variant is amazing!I’d buy a DD variant to my collection in a heartbeat. 😍🥰

  7. you kinda cheated. the game is a bit too hard if u play it strictly as shown in rulebook. revisit the rules please

  8. I have a few questions if anyone can help me out:1. If a "The Scourge Rises" occurs near Lady Liadrin can she suffer up to 3 damage to prevent the ghouls? Card says "fill", so I see it as an unstoppable spawn.2. Can you contribute to a quest with a Defend card if you intend to use it to prevent the damage afterwards?3. Can you split the Abomination damage during activation if there are several Abominations on a space with several Heroes?4. Can you play "Any Time" cards in the middle of a Fight or Quest resolution (as a reaction to a bad roll to prevent death or to finish the Fight or Quest in the same action)? Free Action card rules are clearer on this regard.5. Can you force any hero to fight using "Gunship Support", even if it's not current's hero turn?6. If any hero dies during Solo play do I discard my whole hand?7. Can you pull more than 3 ghouls on one turn on an empty connected space with Varian Wrynn if Lady Liadrin is nearby with enough health to prevent them?8. Can Lady Liadrin prevent a forth ghoul from being "added" on a spot with 3 ghouls and thus preventing the Despair and Abomination?Really cool game, would love to see an expansion someday. I'll make a Reddit post if a dev answers, but anyone is welcome to brainstorm. 🙂

  9. Very good game ! Better than original pandemic ! Expansion please !

  10. It says in the rules that you cannot take a free action on another players turn.So that means you can't use your heal free action or Move free action on another hero in your space on their turn? When do you apply this rule?Is this referring to free Actions not on Cards for instance on a ability of a character?

  11. Can you get two abominations on the same Location after you just drew it from the bottom?

  12. 19:00 shouldn't you have played a monster turn instead of going straight into Alex's turn? You might've skipped one.

  13. Question: Does Lady Liadrin “Indomitable” ability work against overrun and scourge rises?

  14. What happens if you end your turn on a spot with a ghoul, does it attack?

  15. Really cool, that was my favourite WoW expansion, I already preordered the game in my language!

  16. Game looks awesome , as a dedicated Wotlk WoW player in the past, ill definetely buy it 🙂

  17. Great playthrough and already preordered my copy!

  18. In the view of Covid-19 pandemic, go for solo mode.

  19. Прошло уже почти 15 лет, а они пытаются до сих пор доить это дополнение, сколько можно ?

  20. Please do more wow expansions like pandaria ecc, even expansion, this is tons of fun!

  21. This was such an incredible buy. Love the mechanics, I have pandemic and love it as well. This is a fun game to play with friends and the minifigs are epic! 10/10

  22. Can Argent Crusade be played during a quest and all 5 damage counts as moves.

  23. i got a question… what size are the cards and what sleeves will fit?

  24. The minis are excellent and there is a solo mode.

  25. my family and i love this game, thanks for publishing this game and i hope you produce more expansions for this game and its wonderful rich lore.

  26. I was sad when Darion Mograine wasn’t a playable hero

  27. Great game, but I think it needs a expansion to make quests more complex.

  28. Great games! Any expansions in mind?? Id buy them day one!

  29. I would love to see a hero expansion, to add more heroes to play

  30. One question, i am not sure if this is allready in some of the comments. Did you play chain lightning wrong areound 11:40. I thought chain lightning attacks connected spaces to where you are in and has to include the one you are standing in. Means you cannot chain that further away from your hero, you can only take your own spot and then two more spots that both are connected to your spot? Or have I understood this wrong?

  31. I love the table ! the game on the other way looks like another activision (now m$) cashgrab.
    I will probably buy it for the Sylvanass miniature.

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