You Can Get Elder Scrolls: Betrayal Of The Second Era....Or This Pile Of Board Games -

You Can Get Elder Scrolls: Betrayal Of The Second Era….Or This Pile Of Board Games

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Elder Scrolls by Chip Theory Games is a great game…however it’s very expensive. $230 for a board game is a hard ask…especially when you could get 8 other games instead. Here’s the games you could get, if you chose not to back Elder Scrolls.

Gamefound Link –

Gamenerdz Links:
Lost Ruins of Arnak –
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea –
Cascadia –
Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion –
The Loop –
Welcome to the Moon –
Targi –
Watergate –
My City –
Radlands –

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:02:51 – Lost Ruins of Arnak
0:03:57 – The Crew: Mission Deep Sea
0:05:10 – Cascadia
0:06:13 – Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion
0:07:11 – The Loop
0:08:45 – Welcome to the Moon
0:09:56 – Targi
0:11:17 – Watergate
0:12:30 – My City
0:14:20 – Radlands
0:15:31 – Wrapping Up

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  1. Dune vs arnak 😊 in Germany Dune ist cheaper then arnak 😅Dune ist around 34 and arnak ist 45 Euros. Never played arnak but Dune is awesome. Very good Video. What you could get instead for ES. Would it be an other IP maybe Warcraft i would Back it.

  2. You can replace Zombicide white death with add-ons for Elder Scrolls and that would be the same… For myself i prefer quality over quantity. Limited time to play games since i also love videogames (Diablo 4 and Redfall coming) so i prefer just playing the best boardgames for me.

  3. I don't understand the hype for ES board game, like, at ALL. I, myself, is a big fan of ES computer game, I adored Morrowind and Skyrim. But what makes all those people think, there can be a decent board game out of it?

  4. i ordered Dune imperium, Caverna, a box insert for Caverna, Mice and Mystics, Code names, and the Star Realms box set for exactly 235

  5. Where is a similar video for other games ? Thinking about marvel zombicide…. Looking at the campaign price, shipping costs….. Looking forward for a video like this about white death…. Maybe after more expansions are revealed and after some campaigns from CMon double the shipping costs……
    Great video by the way.

  6. I would prefer buying a single gearloc to all these haha

  7. I do love how you gave links without concern for lining your pockets. You are all kinds of alright sir, no matter what Devon says about you.

    I don't typically get a pull from RPG style games, and I've never been pulled by any Chip Theory Title (or C'MON for that matter). But I will counter that you don't want $230 worth of lot of good games, you want $230 of one big good.

  8. I chose that pile of games over $230 of poker chips any day. I've never understood the whole "pay more for less" mentality with Chip theory games. Miniatures? Nope. Standees? Nope. You have the privilege to pay more money for a flat little disc with icons on it. No thank you, I have tons of actual poker chips, for when I play pojer.

  9. In stock at MM if your new into the hobby and looking to see what $230 can get you: MU Xmen, Lords of Waterdeep, Ticket to Ride,Sushi Go!,Carcassonne,Wingspan and King of Tokyo

  10. I appreciate the style of this video, the premise of you could spend "x" amount on this (1) thing or you could spend that amount on these things.
    I find it very helpful!

  11. Really appreciate the effort but the video loses some of the appeal when you already have a collection. I do not own most of these games but already own games with similar mechanic and I try to not duplicate (that is how I manage to "keep" myself under control). I always wanted a good rpg campaign and realized with jaws of the lion (which is supposed to be a light campaign game) that campaign games are way too hard to table and if left unplayed for too long, we just cant get back into it. Elder scroll, with the 3 session campaign, might just be all I have been looking for fingers crossed

  12. When it comes to CTG, I know I’m getting my money’s worth. They may be expensive, but I will get my $$/hour out of it.

    Ive bought many games over the years, and rarely do I find long term value like Chip Theory. People on crowdfunding often seem to think number of components equals better value, but that’s a trap.

    Sometimes less is more.

  13. I wanted it badly, but going to skip it mostly because of the price, instead I will back Aeons Trespass, a better choice for sure …

  14. Great video Alex, this type of content is really important as 100$+ games becomes more normalised is the hobby space. I would love to see more content around that carefully considers the cost of these games when reviewing or critiquing them. Would be good to see similar videos in future when other high price Kickstarter/gamefound campaigns

  15. Coincidentally enough, I own all of those game and absolutely love them all, such great picks Alex! Awesome video 🙂

  16. Thanks Alex, a sobering episode!! I remind myself KS games may look very impressive, but they are still not guaranteed sales — and tying up my $ interest-free and wait 1-2 years to see my product…

  17. Yeah I recently dropped about $200 on Cascadia, Carcosa Campaign Expansion, Explore & Draw, Grove, The Loop, Mind MGMT, and Resist! and saved myself $30 relative to Elder Scrolls.

  18. I've probably bought over 400 games at this point and as the only collector in my friend circles and so constantly having to try to find proper games and always having to teach people how
    to play. I actually find myself gravitating more towards single expensive games if they look like they're going to have a ton of replay value or an expansive campaign that I know will hook my group and give myself a break for a few months lol.

  19. You would have bought even more games with the "Masters of the Universe: Clash For Eternia" pledge. 445$ ☺ . free shipping i hope.

  20. I feel like one common stage of the hobby is past the point where you’ve done excessive collecting and now just want “a few” great and replayable games that are big like too many bones. I’m at four full shelves at the moment and would much rather add one big game then several small games. However that of course comes from having spent years obtaining and fine tuning my collection so that new entries are less needed

  21. You could get Cloudspire + Griege Expansion + Premium Health + CloudSpire Ankar's Plunder Bonus Scenarios (Soft Cover) and have 10 dollars left over for The Crew.

  22. Gamenerdz is opening a store four miles from my house. Their warehouse for same day pickup is about 12 miles from my house.

  23. It seems like most board gamers are more addicted to buying the games than actually playing them, especially games that are crowdfunded.

  24. What a great set of games to recommend while I wait for my copy of BotSE to arrive! In all seriousness, I already own JotL and My City from this list and they're great games. However, they aren't substitutes for BotSE. The closest thing would be the Skyrim Adventure Game which I'm pretty sure this channel wasn't big on IIRC.

  25. Thanks for the video. I like these because it gives you a comparison instead of just ranting about "how CTG is ripping you off". I'm relatively new to the board gaming scene and after a couple of months of watching videos on youtube, this channel is almost my exclusive go-to for anything board game related.
    The reason I would back Elder Scrolls instead of buying all those other games is that the shipping on those separate items would literally cost my an extra 200-300 dollars because of where I live.

  26. Fun video. He's a quick list. Made me realize I like more expensive games but you still get 6 vs 1.
    Watergate $27.97

    Radlands $17.97

    The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine $10.97
    Scythe (On Sale) $64.97
    Dune Imperium $55.00
    Everdell (3rd Edition) $60.00


  27. What a great idea to show what you could get instead of backing one game, but also having it all is a great option as well. I really like your list of alternative games to buy—might need to add some of those to my collection.

  28. Prices are way different as I'm in EU, and VAT here significantly increases the prices of Elder Scrolls: BotSE, and I am getting a couple of the upgrades too. But if I were to spend similar amount of money on other games, I would get Clash of Cultures (Monumental edition), Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy, and Ark Nova, and still have a bit of margin left. Is getting Elder Scrolls: BotSE a better purchase than those three? Dubious. But I'll have an easier time getting it to the table than Clash of Cultures or Eclipse, as my main gaming partner isn't that keen on the heavy player vs. player conflict of those games, whereas we're both huge Elder Scrolls fans.

    I think it is the theming, combined with solid mechanics and me being quite keen to try out a Chip Theory Games game that sells me on it despite the price, despite what other games I could get for that cost. Also, this fills a more unique niche in my collection – I have a lot of competitive strategy games… I only have very few cooperative games, especially adventure ones. I looked a lot at the Skyrim Adventure game when it was crowdfunded a while ago, but the gameplay in that one left me dubious. This looks much more solid to me, and adventuring in more areas of Tamriel instead of just being stuck in Skyrim definitely adds to the appeal. Apart from War of the Ring CE and AE, this will be the most expensive base game I've ever bought.

  29. Or you could get part of a CMON gameplay all-in.

  30. Do the characters in ES feel very different? Is there much difference between them?

  31. All great games, but for me paying the cost for a Chip Theory is well worth it. Great game content, incredible story lines, and the bottom line is they have the best game components then any game company out there. Great stream

  32. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, I Would have to drop two of the more expensive games here to make the comparison work and that is not including any shipping. But personally 1 game that I would play vs 9 I wouldn't….it's an easy choice. But then having a collection is different to a library

  33. I already have all of those except the 2 i dont like. So i guess im all in 😉

  34. Great video. I think Elder Scrolls is way too expensive for what you get, and this illustrates that perfectly. And yet, I’ve pledged the gameplay all-in. This hobby is crazy. 😂

  35. Very interesting Idear, thank you. But really if one’s Hobby is playing Boardgames, not collecting Boardgames, maybee one Boardgame which you play more often, versus more Games played fewer. Also you could factor in, with more Games, there’s more Rules to learn, so with one Game, you might be able to increase the difficulty, and might have deeper Game experiences along this line.

  36. You could buy foundations of Rome for 5000 dollars, or buy the cheaper alternative elder scrolls betrayal of a second age.

  37. Wow, the first 5 are all in my top 15 games. A great selection!

  38. Alex, would you recommend a CTG virgin (but seasoned gamer) get Elder Scrolls or TMB?

  39. Per your homework challenge, here's my list for 401 games @ ~320 CAD (the equivalent converted amount, adjusted to include taxes since the kickstarter is customs friendly). Also, I didn't want to repeat games and wanted to include different genres and player counts 🙂 :

    1. Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (67.74 CAD)
    2. Viticulture Essential Edition (67.74 CAD)
    3. Aeon's End (59.83 CAD)
    4. Oceans (56.44 CAD)
    5. Galaxy Trucker (40.62 CAD)
    6. No Thanks (14.63 CAD)
    7. Cockroach Poker Royale (12.37 CAD)

  40. TMB is the game in my possession I love the most. I own a number of other much cheaper games, but those are collecting dust and eating up my shelf space for, well … nothing.

    With the price per minute played, TMB is the cheapest game I have.
    Therefore I backed the $230 pledge for TES. I believe this game will be in the league of TMB.

    How is the resale value of the stack of other games you mentioned?
    TMB seems to keep its value over time.
    I factor this in my purchase as well.

    So $230 is a lot of money, but for mentioned reasons definitely worth it.

  41. People will back what they like, price is not everything and you can’t always compare things by the price.

  42. Great video! I've been seeing a lot of Lost Ruins of Arnak recently and been pushing off actually taking a deep dive, but it looks like I should just go for it. Your video definitely made the difference for me. Keep up the great videos!

  43. The benefit of this video is that it is a counterargument to those who complain that they are being priced out of the board gaming hobby. Sure, in general, games are getting more expensive but so is everything else. If anything, publishers should be charging more for their games considering the thin margin of profit. There are so many great, highly replayable games across a spectrum of cost. The underlying issue is the inability to handle the FOMO; always wanting the newest, biggest, and shiniest game (and rarely playing it or all of its content). That being said, I'm nearly all-in on Elder Scrolls only because either it or TMB will stay in my collection.

  44. I think people have a serious bias toward expensive games. Once a game is cheap they no longer think very much of it.

    Me? You can get my #1 for free and my #2 costs $20. Many small games are far better than big ones.

  45. This was a fantastic video, thanks Alex, but unfortunately for those of us living in countries with high priced games, like New Zealand, that pile of games, not including Watergate is $613 NZD, whereas Elder Scrolls is only $375. Games are crazy expensive here (Loop is $100 NZD, Welcome to the Moon is $65 NZD). Just food for thought. But great video!

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