You know what time it is... | 5 More Disappointing Board Games 😔 -

You know what time it is… | 5 More Disappointing Board Games 😔

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Obligatory disclaimer: this is a very SUBJECTIVE list, based on my experiences– no disrespect toward anyone who worked on these games or who enjoys them! I’ll also be providing recommendations for games you may enjoy whether or not you feel similarly about my 5 picks. 🙃

Disappointing Games Playlist:

Let me know in the comments below: did you have a similar or different experience with these games? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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  1. If you like the resource mechanism of catan and prefer economic games, you really should try Crude

  2. I usually recommend Bohnanza if people like the trading aspect of Catan… it incentives/requires mutually beneficial trading instead of being conducive to boxing someone out and ultimately removing someone from the game by refusing to trade with them.

  3. Exactly my experience on Scythe. Especially about the combat. Good game but not for me.

  4. Thank you for mentioning Castles of Burgundy and Concordia as alternatives to Catan. I had been eyeing those games for some time. Now, I’ll be more thrilled to get both games.

  5. Great video. Catan is the worst game to introduce new players to the hobby to as they will be put off boardgames for life!

  6. I own Scythe only because a friend gave it to me, have never played as it looks so overwhelming.. I actually liked Catan until my friends and I had a whole day of play it competitively… and with the 5-6 players, the in between turns making of stuff ruined Catan… I'll still play it though not as often plus I find with the two different gaming groups we have other games we enjoy more then it so it doesn't get played as often.. I do think for me without Catan I don't think I would be as much of the board gamer, that I am, in the beginning it was one of the games I just had to play.. It was my intro to modern games and I would never want to go back from that!.. The other games in between I have no idea on how they are as haven't heard of them until now. I like that you give your honest opinion about these games and why they fell flat for you and suggestions of other games that are similar but you actually liked.

  7. Nowadays, I never play Catan but it's worth noting, as you state, when it first came out, it was an absolute joy compared to Monopoly and Risk. In some ways, the fact that Catan seems tired and clunky nowadays shows how much board games have progressed in the last thirty years.

  8. I always felt exactly the same way about Scythe. Thank you! Now I know I'm not crazy.

  9. Thank you for saying it. Monopoly really needs a rework/redesign.

  10. My problem with Scythe is that the best way to play it is to study early efficiency combos, then start each game by adjusting to the board and faction you have. There's very little creativity or reacting to other players, because by time you run into each other one player is probably already ahead in their personal engine building. Boring. In fact, all Stonemaier games are pretty bland designs. They appeal to newer gamers because they are pretty, but they tend to be lukewarm versions of better games.

  11. I am very impressed. This is the first video of yours I have seen. It's not so much that I cared about the games you reviewed, because Scythe is the only one I have played, but you are informed, clear in your thoughts and analysis, make excellent comparisons to other games, and you descriptions of games and their mechanics is succinct and on point. This is highest praise I can give. Well done and I will be watching other videos that you have! Oh, and you're lacking that geeky element and assertiveness of so many reviewers, which is a really fresh surprise in this hobby.

  12. recently I was wondering whether to buy a Catan

  13. The combat system in Scythe can be a little flat for new players. If an opponent attacks your Mechs on a space with some workers they win the combat, but they lose popularity. There is more to combat if you either use movement abilities to get to a mech or character that is by themselves or if you are playing defensively to move workers around with your Mechs and protect your character. That said, she said she doesn’t really like area control games and battle games so it isn’t surprising she doesn’t like Scythe.

  14. You can't diss Catan – they played it in The Big Bang Theory! 🙃 Nice reference to Limp Bizkit, though: "Keep on rollin'…you know what time it is!"

  15. Good arguments and I tend to agree. It seems like there is a minor-ish, going on to a major-ish type of theme here (IMHO). And that is, that you don't like overly "random luck" type of games. Yes?/No? (Which I definitely feel, as a downside to many games, also.)

  16. I too love this series and not only because of the interesting information but your persona! I think a great idea for another series is games that surprised you in some way. That would be fun to watch.

  17. Another great video T! Feel the same about Scythe, it’s a really interesting game to me but the lack of engaging combat is such a missed opportunity.

    Catan too…thankful it was a gateway but never enjoyed it back in the day and still don’t.

    Have you played any other Pencil First Games? I loved Skulk Hollow and plan on backing Maul Peak when it hits Kickstarter soon.

  18. Hey Tia! Scythe used to be a favorite of mine. I have really cooled off of it in recent years. I Still think it has some of the best at work and table presence. Great video!

  19. I agree 100% about the negotiation in Catan…blah

  20. So far the titles that you dislike speaks out to me. You are like my boardgame soul mate. I have to yet to try out some recommendation. But castles of burgundy is definitely one of my top fave. I definitely won't bother to try scythe then. It is exp and takes up a big space anyway

  21. Have to agree with Scythe and lack of combat , it is implemented more in the expansions but it needs more …I like to knock back opponents but it uses too much of my gained resources

  22. I was also underwhelmed by Scythe. I didn't expect it to really impress me that much but it was so hyped by the community that I wanted to give it a shot. It was "average". Nothing memorable or terribly interesting. I don't really have any desire to play it again but I wouldn't call it a "bad" game. Just…meh.

  23. Love your videos and organized presentation. One small thing, you might want to find alternatives to "fell flat" in describing games you don't like. It's a good phrase, I've just heard it a bit often on your videos. Small small thing .

  24. Really like the series, you are able to articulate your gripes with those games well. That being said, I disagree on Settlers. There has been a trend over the last few years to write it off, which is on full display here in the comments. I think it is a classic for a reason, and every year sees 100s of overwrought Euros that can't hold a candle to old Settlers. The design still adheres to the design philosophy of classic Euros of the 90s, which might not be everybody's cup of tea. But this aesthetic has brought us games like Modern Art, El Grande, or Tigris and Euphrates, so it can't all be bad.

  25. Yeah Catan is my most played game I think but it still sucks it just replace the suckness of monopoly instead haha

  26. I have Catan NIS, on my shelf for many years……I would trade it for Concordia😛

  27. I love Scythe, but it IS too long. That’s why everyone loves the Fenris campaign, because it makes the games shorter by introducing different goals.
    Skyward was my disappointment, I found it too easy to deny your opponent what they needed. For light “I split you choose” I suggest Hanamikoji.

  28. Scythe, what? Now I feel attacked! LOL. It’s in my top 5 for sure. I have one real gripe with it, which is the combat system. Basically no one will attack without being able to win but you win “more” if you bluff by putting in less resources, and your opponent concedes by playing the minimum. And thus the defender can win by betting on the attacker cheaping out. Having all that complexity come down to that kind of head game can feel a little silly sometimes.

    I think a sort of plus-minus thing for the game is how well it rewards mastery. Like chess, someone who has figured it out can play at levels that seem like cheating. It’s an awesome feeling but makes it a terrible game to pull out and say, hey guys, I wanna teach you this little game…. Lol.

    Totally with you on Catan. I’ve seen people defend it on the grounds that the real game is trading and it’s all skill. I just don’t see it though! If everyone at the table at least more or less understands the strategy they won’t trade themselves out of a winning position.

  29. I feel that Catan got a lot of people into the hobby, but that there are many games that are better. My wife loves the game, but I seem to be terrible at it. Not big on trading resorces, and never seem to get the good tiles to gather many resources. I also don't think I pay enough attention during the game to know what I am doing, so I start slower than everyone else at the table.

  30. Catan was my entry. But I started to see problems with it over time. My biggest problem is that you can be completely shut out from winning, fairly early, from the luck of the dice and people not trading with you. Then you get blocked in by people building around and there’s nothing to do except try to get development cards. Lords of Vegas showed me the light and I am not going back! I would always recommend that over Catan.

  31. I kept picturing Josh Brolin from Dune saying BRUTAL when each title was revealed.
    Thanks for saving me some kaching on one hundred torii.

  32. When it comes to I-cut-you-choose there's nothing better than New York Slice. It's not a card game, but it the essence of that mechanism. Hanamikoji also seems to be a favorite among many people but I just can't get over the theme, so I haven't played it.

  33. I do like Scythe but I love Eclipse. It's a more truer 4X game than Scythe with really elegant mechanics. It has the economic side from eurogames but also battles. The battles are fought with dice but the really interesting thing about the battles is how you prepare for them: you can customize your ships to be more accurate, to have better shield, more hull, better weapons and so on.

  34. How to destroy your channel – tikyjo edition. XD

  35. Scythe. So many times I looked at this game, and so many times like a steaming plate of Haggis I pushed it away.

    I’ll have to look at your alternatives. One I stumbled upon (not necessarily in the same style) was Teotihuacan. Still debating that one.

  36. I honestly love this series. Lots of insights for us boardgame noobs.

  37. Totes wrong about the one hundred torii. Totes!

  38. Awesome videos! I have to agree with you I’m not a big fan of Catan either 😅 but I believe this was due to my first experience and the terrible teach I got when I played this one.

  39. Tia, you were wrong.
    About none of it.

    Best board game series on YouTube!
    Nothing but facts!

  40. I'm happy I'm not the only one that agrees on Scythe. High expectations, low delivery. Part of the problem being the lack of variation in strategy required with each clan when building your empire. It just became to repetitive and has been on the shelf for two years. I did buy the airships expansion, so perhaps things change up with that, but it's still quite a way from sliding back on the table. Bloody expensive too.🙊

  41. Catan is awful, and archaic, and that's coming from a guy who got his start with designer boardgames in 1980 with Civilization. As for Scythe, I've never rated it. I always felt it was one of those "I paid a fortune for it on Kickstarter, and I got myself over-invested in the hype train, so now I'm defending it to hilt" games. Also, Stonemaier IMO don't put out good games, they put out varying degrees of mediocrity.

  42. Oh no, first time I strongly disagree with a title on your Disappointment list – Scythe is one of my favorite games. If you ever feel like giving it another chance, find someone to play its Fenris campaign expansion with, it's really great and addresses some of the complaints I've seen people voice over the years 🙂

  43. I bought Scythe on Kickstarter. Really didn’t want to, but all my friends hyping the hell out of it made me buckle.
    It’s not a “bad” game. I just find it to be massively imbalanced, and combat should have either been massively encouraged, or not in the game at all.
    One player punished a first timer by defeating him over and over again, to the point he’ll never play it again.
    As a game, it’s well produced, but I always find something lacking every time.

  44. Scythe is a good game not a great one.i heard rise of fenris make her a great game.however i diisagree for scythe being dissapointed

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