You Will Win This Game 100% of the Time | Dorfromantik: the Board Game Review -

You Will Win This Game 100% of the Time | Dorfromantik: the Board Game Review

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  1. For those not aware, this boardgame is based off a VERY popular video game of the same name. I highly suggest that video game as it has a peaceful soundtrack and is very relaxing game. I couldn't afford to back this game when it came out, but it feels very close to the video game in its approach (minus the beautiful soundtrack).

  2. Dorfromantik is the gane equivalent of going for a stroll. You do it because it's simply, well, nice to do.

  3. The videogame is also really chill and has a great soundtrack

  4. The game is so damn nice for a chill out evening with the wife and kids.Just Dorf tiles and enjoy the conversation.

  5. "A new tile from the special quest tile pile" is a great math rock song title ;D

  6. I love this very thoughtful approach to doing a solo board game review! It isn't just "did we like this?" but rather, "this is what the game does, and how it works, and how it makes you feel: do you think you would like that?"

  7. I am immediately obsessed about this game. I cannot wait to play it

  8. I'm interested but I'm afraid I'll like the videogame better. The thing I love about the videogame is that you're able to add more tiles to your stack as you complete quests. This, especially near the end of the game, feels like a victory every time, so I can play just a little longer. I guess you get new quest tiles here too, but it's just 1 at a time. That doesn't really provide a lot of hope to expand even further.

  9. Dorf is a German word meaning village. Hence Dusseldorf

  10. Chilltension added to my spellchecker dictionary

  11. Your beard is veering heavily into the direction of Dorfromantik, if I may say so.

  12. This is one of the few actual sandbox board games. The scoring can be ignored, and a person can simply play within the sandbox of game's systems to achieve whatever they want. By comparison, most games that get labelled sandbox simply offer multiple paths to victory and some are really just a point salad by another name.

  13. Thank you for the great video and the enthusiasm for our board game Dorfromantik. Maybe see us at the fair in Essen? 😊

  14. Great review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your lovely faces.

  15. I really like the game. I found the criticism that "there isn't any way to lose" a bizarre one, because there are definitely other games out there that are score attack games. And not just the solo modes of most euros.

  16. We enjoyed the campaign as a family, sold it on to a new home now as there wasn't really any replay value after that.

  17. Haha, I'm German, you cannot deceive me! … but i'm still gonna use "dorfing" in the future, just a great word.

  18. My first reaction was "oh they have a guest to present the game! Good idea!"

  19. The Fountain of Hexagonal Delight sounds like the classical temptation that ultimately leads to my hubris and eternal torture.

  20. Honestly the best board game I've played this year.

  21. That Dice Tower review is truly awful. Calling something "not a game" just because it's not your preferred genre is insanely hurtful to the hobby with its gatekeepy elitist bullshit.

  22. I know it sounds weird, but it's a roguelike game. There is no game if you only play it once, but the gaming part emerges when you play it multiple times to unlock stuff that lets you score more points. In that sense, it is more gamey than any other "beat your own score" solo/competitive games… If this isn't a game, then Hadrian's Wall isn't either.

  23. Somehow, I still always lose. That might be a personal issue though. Dorf is great.

  24. I will kill time on the pc game occasionally. I might want to play the music if i do play the cardboard game though

  25. I like the idea of this as a tactile solo activity akin to a jigsaw puzzle but without the terribleness of doing a jigsaw puzzle. Maybe after I've played all the epic campaign games I have and need a new solo thing to look at and feel bad about.

  26. It really should be called Dopamine Romantik!

    I treated myself to it in mid July as a late birthday present and I haven't stopped playing it since. It's rapidly become my new favourite solo game, second only to the small but mighty Sprawlopolis.

    The repeated dopamine hits as you complete those chained tasks, one after another, after another are just such an amazing feeling for an AuDHD brain like mine!

    Something that you didn't mention, Efka, is just how ridiculously easy it is to setup and play another game! It takes less than two minutes to wash shuffle each of the three sets of tiles on the table, make neat piles – don't forget to put three landscape tiles back in the box! – and you're all ready to go again.

    It is very much a game but yes, it gives you the same feeling as sitting around a table and working on a jigsaw puzzle but with just a bit more of a boost, a bit more teeth and a bit more interest overall, yet it's also so, so relaxing.

    It's for playing outside in the garden on a long, hot summer's evening, like today, or perhaps later in the year, with a cup of hot chocolate and a cosy armchair.

    It doesn't offer confrontation, nor aggression, nor combat, nor a fight to capture the most resources, nor a capitalistic race to make the most money – but we get enough of all of that outside in the real world! Instead, it gives us a simple escape to rural idyllic tranquility for a all to brief 30 – 60 minutes.

  27. I watched you play Dorf on Twitch many moons ago. Then my German friend (I am a US guy in Germany) bought Dorf the boardgame, and now I am sad because he only plays with his wife. I want to Dorf. 😢

  28. I wasn’t super interested in this game until this video lol.

  29. In short, I double win, because an NPI review is a win, of a game I cannot lose.

  30. I always thought this game was about seducing actor Stephen Dorff. Thanks for setting me straight!

  31. I enjoy the video game. It’s cool. It’s chill. Wasn’t interested in the board game until this review. I think you nailed it so thanks. Dorfimg actually seems appealing to me for some reason now.

  32. The self-directed incentives and regular "unlocking" of new stuff based on achievements really marks this one as a video game adaptation. Like video games are uniquely expected to just hold random stuff behind barriers to make it last longer in a way board games usually aren't. much to think about

  33. Just happened to be watching this with my son Cahlen (pronounced Colin) and he thought HE was being talked about. 😂
    Really awesome video. We haven’t checked Dorf out yet, but this video made me want to

  34. Sooo… what is in this little boxes?🤔

  35. Sounds like a perfect game to play with my 6 year old, but on my own I'd most likely prefer literally anything else.

  36. Honestly, I feel like I'm getting much more out of a traditional jigsaw puzzle at just half the cost – or even at no cost if you just keep swapping puzzles with other puzzle-people. And they are also much better to play cooperatively, as everyone can work on their own corner of the puzzle. And you get that feeling of achievement when you complete it.

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