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‘Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game?’ – Ark Nova Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. That had to have been multiple takes when he ate that egg right? there's not way they didnt break when they did it.

  2. Love seeing these collaborative reviews again, always a joy to see thank you susd

  3. "Who are you talking to?"
    "I don't know. I've never been sure."

  4. I guess boardgame channels are just about eating eggs now.

  5. Surprised you didn't mention how to end it, not taking your turn or ending a whole is something id like to see more of. Good idea.

  6. How many takes on eating the egg? I really hope it was more than 1😂

  7. Love it when two SU&SD reviewers work together!

    And I think Matt is on to something at the 14:30 mark. One of the things I really like about Terraforming Mars is that you can build an engine that is light with plants and fish and scrub brush, or you can go dark with nuclear weapons and drug-fueled metropolises and indentured servants. It makes no difference mechanically but it really adds to the flavor of the game.

  8. I like that in the SUSD cinematic universe, the most common recurring character is Matt in a sleeping bag being a worm. I hope this never changes.

  9. Echoes a lot of my sentiments about the game after about 60 hours.

    BUT I play solo, and so the swinginess of the score is trivialized while all the juicy choices remain.

  10. This review felt like it had a more natural dynamic between you two, which i really enjoyed! Felt a bit less scripted, even when doing that insane egg bit.

    I feel like Matt's take at the end was less of a case of the game being optimistic and more of a pessimistic reading of the thematic implications in a mechanic from a clearly clumsy but vibrant game. The game already has a hard time engaging you in a more breezy and thematic mood to face so many moving pieces, to present even more friction in order to correctly represent political implications feels self-defeating

  11. imma be honest, I don't remember anything after seeing tom eat an egg (from his good friend)

  12. Brilliant! Watching this first thing in the morning over a cup of coffee really put a smile on my face 🙂 Thanks!

  13. Something in me is dying every time the inside of an egg gets into direct contact with playing components made from cardboard 🥺

  14. Agree that with some nice illustration work, this could have really popped visually. As it is, the photographs are "a bit naff". Some of the photographs are terribly chosen too. Eg, the frilled lizard doesn't even show it's aforementioned frill!

  15. Mechanically, this looks like a cross between Civilizaton: A New Dawn and Terraforming Mars, two of my favorite games!

  16. 1990's Zoo Tycoon is a classic. So much fun.

  17. What's with the gun by the doorway?

    edit: Okay, I see where it's used at the end of the video.

  18. Tom's insanity reaches new levers
    … levels …

  19. 7:30 – I am surprisingly glad there was plastic involved for the egg-drop.

  20. how many eggs did Tom have to eat because you both burst out laughing?

  21. I can't understand how everybody seems to don't care about the fact that you are putting animals in cages. I know zoos were cool when we were kids, but come on, it could have been an animal shelter or something like that. And to be honest, not seeing anyone pointing this out worries me.

  22. Great review. Thank you. On the theme, there is something naturally sinister about zoos anyway isn’t there? People especially, very young kids, walk around a zoo looking at the animals failing to really acknowledge the bars or the glass they are staring through. Or later we shake our heads disapprovingly of the bars and glass screens, while failing to acknowledge why some of the animals in the zoo are endangered in the first place (where is the bin so I can throw my Pringles pack away). My god a walk around Sea World gave me chills, and I would still class myself as semi ignorant!! But I admire the fact that the game tries to bring light to how a zoo can work for a positive purpose, having said that I like the idea of a future expansion that has you making difficult moral decisions. Overall I love the game, and respect the views in this video. Thanks again.

  23. i actually yelled when tom slurped that egg
    zoo tycoon is something ive been deep into, so ill have to at least try this one if i get the chance

  24. Great review and makes me want to play the game. As an aside, your 'elephant in the zoom' issue of pulling a lucky card to score big points is why I was unsatisfied with Isle of Cats, having scored 14 points for a complete fluke pull on my last turn in that game and seen other people do similar.

  25. Interesting game… completely terrible art… way too complicated game mechanics for me to even consider it…. but also… seems like a great game..

  26. Omg the egg… I was laughing and freaking out a little at the same time…

  27. Do you.. have.. ANY IDEA!?!.. how relieved I was when I saw the plastic wrap?! Jesus Christ y'all. My heart can't take this.

  28. They went through two dozen eggs trying to nail that one shot

  29. Very impressed that Matt managed to not break down completely when the egg-consuming happened. Wonder how many takes, and eggs, it took

  30. When I heard this was just terraforming mars but a bit different I knew it wasn't going to be anything.
    Charming theme though.

  31. Nice to see you boys doing these reviews together. I missed the duo-dynamics.

  32. Not since The French Connection have we seen such a bold ending: gunshot – fade to black!

  33. so happy to get to watch a double review in person. the zoom stuff and single is great but I love watching everyone play off eachother it's what has made SU&SD itself since episode 1. be safe love ya'll

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